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Olu of Ibasa, Calls on Gov. Sanwo-Olu, Lagos CP to intervene Over The Deadly Cult war in his Domain

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Olu of Ibasa, Calls on Gov. Sanwo-Olu, Lagos CP to intervene Over The Deadly Cult war in his Domain







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The Olu of Ibasa, Ijegun-Egba Land in Satellite Town Lagos State, His Royal Majesty, Oba Afeez Oriyomi Shittu, has called on Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Lagos State Commissioner of Police, CP Abiodun Alabi to pay attention to insecurity and cult killings in the communities.

The monarch disclosed this at a joint traditional meeting and press briefing at the Kabiyesi’s palace on Thursday, November 17.

The Suspects


The Kabiyesi, who was represented by Baala of Ibasa, Ijegun-Egba Land, Chief Olanimodi Oni Abayomi, alleged that this deadly group over the years engaged in killing, raping, and robbing of innocent residents both day and night.


According to the monarch, many have in the past years fled from their houses in different locations across the community for safety due to this group’s frequent attacks.


“We gathered here this morning for a purpose which is the security of lives and property. We are appealing to the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Lagos State Government and our Local Government here, Amuwo-Odofin/Oriade including the Police and other security agencies concerning the aspect of insecurity in the above communities.

He said the residents have been troubled by the deadly activities of cultists, hoodlums, area boys and thieves across the different locations in the communities to the extent that nobody can sleep with two eyes closed.

“Worried about these unpleasant experiences, the residents made a very strong step when Oba Shittu ascended the throne two years ago. It yielded positively with the assistance of the Lagos Police Command to arrest some of these gangs. Some of them are still in Police net for investigation and interrogation.”

The traditional ruler said their greater surprise now is the rumour going round that some people suspected to be their godfathers are lobbying for the release of these hoodlums and cultists without prosecution.

Community leaders

“We heard a rumour going underneath that some powerful people are lobbying for the release of these hoodlums and cultists without trial. These are the people that have caused havoc in the communities. We thanked God that some of them have been apprehended and those in the custody should not be released because their return to the community will be very brutal, they will continue with their attack if they are eventually released without proper trial.

“We are appealing to Governor Sanwo-Olu, the Local Government Chairman, Police and other NSCDC and security agencies to assist the residents to apprehend these gangs in their hideouts. They have many jungles across the communities where they smoke both bits of hemp, and drugs and perpetrated their heinous crimes in the night,” he added.

The monarch said all the traditional chiefs, Community Development Association (CDA), Community Development Committee (CDC), Community Youths Association (CYA) and local guards have been mandated to collaborate with security agencies to provide useful information that will guarantee the arrest of these gangs wherever they are hiding.


Taiwo Olayiwola CSO Olasunloye said ,that “The arrested Cultist should not be released,they should be prosecuted “.

Also speaking, Abiodun Sunday, representing Iyaloja General Alhaja Tawakalitu Kolawole, the Iya Oja General Oriade and also the Iya Oja Ijegun Egba,Ibasa Satellite Town.

” Am very happy for the Opportunity giving to me to say one or two thing today, because the Cult guys almost cuts hort my life , they tried every means to make sure they kill me ,but I thank God their is government,this is gun shot on my leg another gun shot on my body.
So I’m thanking God today that I’m alive to witness all these today and I’m even among the people that made the effort that for them to be arrested.

” They will come to the market harrassing the market People on broad daylight demanding for money they did not work for.

” They disturbed the market.

Whenever the market men ,and women left their home for market,they will go and willay them and robbed them of their belongings including money.

” Some of the the market women Will be gang raped by some of these cult guys.

” We know most of them , some one like Walata ,he is on the run , we know what they can do ,they can turn day to be dark,they do not care they can send people to their early grave within a twinkle of an eye because they are always with gun.

” Some of these guys even killed Police Officers on duty.

” Some of the guns recovered from them are for the Nigeria Police.

” We need Justice from the government.

” We the entire communities Ibasa,Oriade, Olasunloye, Satellite Town, begging federal government to prosecute the cult guys.

Also Speaking Alebiosu Nurudeen , the Asoju Oba of Ibasa Kingdom , said, that ,”I’m a victim of the cult guys.

” My House was vandalized.my Car was vandalized.

” The following day about five of them came to my house with gun.

On December 2018 ,they shot a boy on my street and killed him, which Umaru was involved with two other boys, which they were telling me ‘ near me ,near death with gun ‘because they all know me Umaru was residing in my Street,he is among those that was arrested now.

” Apart from that if they arrest them today within 3 -4 day you will see them on the street jubilatting that they have been released ,the reason why we want justice to take its due course is that all these people don’t deserve to stay in these our noble communities,they have terrorized the communities so much ,they don’t care if the person is an adult or a child ,they don’t know when they see you with cash,Phone,or Laptop they collect,and if you failed to surrender everything to them the will injure you ,some people who are not fortunate they kill them.

” Unlike this my brother seaitted here beside me ,his cousin was shot dead by all these boys.

” We are appealing to all authorities,from the IGP ,DIG , CP ,and all other securities apparatus they should come to our aide.
We want these boy to be taken to court and let justice take its due course on them.”

Some people are going underground to beg for the release of these people

Also speaking, Chief Tolani Modiu Abayomi , the Baala of Ibasa Ijegun Egba Land representing the King His Royal Majesty Oba Afeez Oriyomi Shittu Adeyemi the Olu of Ibasa Kingdom Satellite Town , Said that , ” That question you are asking me still robust around what we have been saying as I’m sitting down here I’m representing the king ,the main thing that is germain in the heart of the King is the peace of these Community called Ibasa Ijegun Egba kingdom, anything that will disorganized,or distracts the peace of these community the King does not want it ,that is the reason why when he had that information some of these boys were on the run ,the King said we need to call the press,that we need to let the cat out of the bag,we need to let the world knows what we nursing under our roof ,that we should call on the government,that this the only means we can communicate with the government,that our community is not violent,we are peaceful good things are happening if not for all these cult guys that have come into our community.
99% of these guys are not from these community, though some of them were brought up here , they are not from this community.
“What we want to do for the government to come to our aide is to clean up the community,to eradicate cultism completely,we want to eradicate hemp smokers,we don’t want people taking illicit drugs, because all these act are leading to the act of robbery, raping and other dangerous act which government kicks against everyday.

“So if you see the community you will see make shift around the town selling all these illicit drugs and other dangerous drugs.
We want the government to come to our aide , because if those makeshifts can be removed the community will be at peace.

We have reported the case at Agboju Division,Area A Command ,Lagos State Police Command Ikeja ,Also Force Criminal Investigation Department Alagbon,and they have warn that let no one begs for anyone.
Anytime we call on the Police they usually respond to distressed call..
The main reason I’m here this morning is to give the message of the King.
The word of advise is that anybody that has been apprehended in act should not be released.

We want to he State ,and the Federal Government to take them to court and let the justice take its due course that is what we want and what we have been clamouring for.

We know they have know they have godfather that have been parading from one Station to the other to perfect their release,that is why we are calling on the government to be prosecuted.

The Chairman of the Local Government,she is a very nice person to our community, because anytime we call on her she use to come to our aide.

Last week we open a market,we sent for her and she was there for us all through in Ijegun Egba here.

Even if she is unable to come she must send a representative, the one that concern them they respond on time, at least they are not the one that will be going after criminals which is the duties of the law enforcement agencies,which they are working.

Also Speaking the Chairman of landlord Association Olasunloye Community ,Chief Emeka Nwadibe

I have been witnessing since last 2yrs ago
In the last two yrs ago was a thug of war

They threatened I vacated my house for almost 7days ,I went to Agboju Old Ojo Road to go and lodge in the hotel ,the threatening was too much ,my lovely wife almost run away to the east with my children

In this our community Olasunloye we still have about six to seven houses locked and they all run away to their village.

People are living in fear,we thank God for the new Kabiyesi, because when the cultists were disturbing the peace of the community,but when kabiyesi ascend the throne two years ago he has been up and doing to make sure peace is restored back to the community.
At least with the help of Kabiyesi we can sleep with our two eyes closed

There’s an area that control the whole of that place, Area M and there’s a police station in Igbose, even from the Ibasa…but very soon police post is going to come to Ibasa.

Kabiyiesi just came in two years ago and all necessary.. loca government is working towards it, Kabiyiesi is working towards it.

My name is Emze Akiru, the CDA chairman,… regards to the question asking that what the Chairman…when the whole area was so bad, we call on her and immediately she called the DPO of Agbokun, we have police post here, we have station at Agboju and they had been helpful, now they requested that government can not do it all that whenever we call them, sometimes they don’t have mobility then the chairman, that’s Hon. Ramota gave them two bike in order to assist police when the terror was too much, then again, the DPO held meeting with the PCRC that whenever we call them that they don’t have vehicle, that government cannot do it all then we out hands together including the elders, we bought them the mini Bus (Korope) that’s shuttle bus almost 2 point million and if you go to station, you will see it there, we wrote our name there and whenever we call them, they will respond, they try. Now, what we are begging for is those people that have been apprehended, because when they caught them, the women in the community were jubilating because they knew they will be raping their children, in broad daylight. They youths have tried because we accused them that they are the ones that causes the problems, then they met, they did their investigation and get those boys. We worked on it, since those boys have been arrested, the area is peaceful, calm. So then when we started to hear that those boys were about to be released, that is when the whole community including the chairman, the king now out head together that if they release those people, we are in problem, that’s what we are begging for.


The people in charge of this case are the FIB, IRT squad, they are the ones that stood on ground for us, if not, all these guys are terrorising even the police division can’t even handle them but we give thanks to the new DPO SK..he did a wonderful job and for all our own efforts because it’s not easy for police to come to community and arrest anybody without people leading them there, that’s our standing now because if they said they want to release them, let’s forget about the people that did not even show face, what about the people that stood up, that followed the police to their hideouts, how do you think these people will be, it will be a disaster. On January 24, 2021, I was shot, I have the injury, on August 24, 2020, my younger brother was killed but this sake group and now some people are saying they want to release them, who is evil between these boys and the people that want to release them. This community has been shut down in terms of business activities, there are some buildings that have no tenants on it because people are afraid to live there, because morning, afternoon and night, they will come, they will not hide, they will come to you, my friend give me the money you have including your phone, they will wipe off the money on your account so now they are expecting us to fold our arms and get them released.
Starting from the IG, the CP, the AIG to please stand and fight for us, let us get justice so it will not encourage that have it in mind of doing it, some of them are on the run even including my cousin, they are among them because…for somebody to come from outside to come and terrorize community without indigenes, they have been arrested too. If I can lead police to my cousin’s house to arrest them, what about them? The gang leaders are not from Lagos, it doesn’t concern them….tell me now, they want us to fold our arms and let them come out so please we are pleading to the whole Nigerians even people that have never been to this community that has one or two connections to assist this community, we are pleading to everybody to do whatever they have. They are not doing it for us, they are doing it for the unborn children in the community.



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