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Nigeria Will Divide Into Multiple Nations If… – Murphy Adebare, Topaz Gardens

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…says his dreams are potent weapons

By: Dedeigbo Ayodeji

The Cheif Executive Officer, Topaz Gardens Limited, Murphy Adebare has given indication to the fact that there is the possibility of having multiple Nations sprang from Nigeria sooner than expected except urgent things are done to salvage the situation.

While addressing a cross section of the press recently in his office, Murphy, who had explained that he saw that coming in his dream observed that he hardly dream and when he does, the outcome is always positive.

He reiterated that the last time he dreamt was about five years ago hence he is calling on the federal government to take proactive steps to remedy situation in the country before it snowball into a monster that cannot be handled.

Murphy further stated that he saw in the dream that in Cable Network News (CNN) congratulating the Yoruba nation.

He explained, “I had a dream that some nations will spring up from Nigeria very soon. I saw nations. If Nigeria government is not careful or take time, I swear, this dream will come to pass.

“I hardly have dreams. The last time I had one was about five years ago. When it does happen, the consequences is always grievous and positive.

“I saw some nations sprang up from Nigeria. I saw nations. If Nigerian government doesn’t take time, I swear with my life, this dream will come to pass.

“I saw in CNN that they were congratulating Yoruba nations. Federal Government has to take very proactive steps to deal with the situation. What I saw is not cheery.

“Some people might say that this is political. No. I’m not in any political party and I don’t want to be involved in party politics because I have never liked politics.

“I decided to call the media and reveal it to them so that it can be in the public domain. We must find a way to end this senseless deaths and forcing people to return to their God.

“Honestly, Nigeria government is not fair to the people. Our population is our strength and the government is not taking advantage of the population. We should stop deceiving ourselves because a nation that does not have a competition can never grow.

“To co-exist, Nigeria must go to its regional system so that there will be competitions. Nigerian government should learn from the Arab world. Their society is highly competitive hence they are able to sustain their country. As a country, we cannot grow like this and expect a good and economically robust system,” Murphy stated.

He further added, “In a country where everywhere is virtually unsecured and people’s lives not safe and armed robbers are running mad and killing people while the Police is busy blaring siren, what do you expect?

Speaking on Oduduwa nation, “I’m neither a Pastor nor Iman but let me tell you that what I am telling you will come to pass.

“My previous dreams came to past. I was about three years old when I dreamt that I would became a Managing Director of a company. That was my first dream in life. It has come to pass. I had several other dreams including that of Coronavirus that happened recently.

“I had it many years ago that somebody close to me died of the disease. Realistically, the person actually died of Covid-19. I didn’t even know it would be Coronavirus of this magnitude. I thought it was just some form of disease. Funny enough, I told him to be careful.”

“If my local government Chairman refuses to work in his local government, I cannot go and meet him because he doesn’t live within the local government area. Nigeria government have to bring the government to the common man, the government is far away from the common man that’s why we cannot fight.

“Can we trek from here to Alausa to meet the Governor? The government is far from the people and it cannot work, we should not take government far from the people.

“For me to have this dream, it may be one, two years or later but this dream will come to past. I’m telling you the honest truth you will bring back this thing and play it to my children. Oduduwa Republic is a divine intervention from God and there’s nothing they can do to it,” Murphy reiterated.

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