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The alleged rape case involving a popular Nigerian Cancer Care advocate

by admin

The alleged rape case involving a popular Nigerian Cancer Care advocate

Written By Dedeigbo Ayodeji

Posted By Town Crier News Nigeria

Published By Fitness Network Communications

Dr. Femi Olaleye, who is being accused of sexually violating a minor.

Parents,Concern Citizens,adults as regards to very important and rampant issues in the country now settling a gender violence including domestic violence.
This particular case we believe that the high level, high profile covering up for a very bad case.

Addressing the Media Bar. Adeshina Ogunlana read that,

” It is with great dismay and sadness that we have gathered to discuss the “executive rascality” with which the Nigerian Police and the Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence Response Agency have treated a case of rape of a minor Miss O by one Dr. Femi Olaleye.

He added that , ” It is evident that this 2 government agencies have treated and continue to treat this case with kid’s glove .

” It is puzzling that a case of this magnitude which has been reported since 19th of March, 2022 is yet to be charged to court even with a plethora of evidence before these agencies including a confessional statement by the alleged offender.
Miss O was given shelter by the doctor and his wife after the demise of her late father, with a promise to give her a better life only to turn her into a sex slave for a year and nine months, and a threat that she will die if she ever tells anyone about his dastardly acts.

” We are wondering why a case that was investigated since March didn’t go to court immediately. An aide to the governor of Lagos State has also allegedly been fingered as the brain behind the non prosecution of Dr. FEMI OLALEYE.

He Stated that , ” This same person called to intimidate the Rapid Response team of Lagos State when they were called to provide security for the survivor and her guardian because the INTIMIDATION and threats to their lives became unbearable.

” It is trite that the Lagos state government has zero tolerance for any form of gender based violence and it is baffling that a Lagos state political aide paid with tax payers’ money should be the one trying to aid the allegedly offender in his bid to scuttle justice?
Let it be reiterated and emphasized that Child sexual abuse is a crime in lagos state and not a family matter!
For the record this is not the first time Dr Femi Olaleye allegedly would be doing something like this.

” The offender has committed similar offences it in the UK where he used to live before he was arrested and deported back to Nigeria.

” We have lots of evidence at our disposal to prove his long record of perpetuating this crime.

” We have reasons to believe that there are a lot of other victims which include minors, young school leavers , fresh graduates and even some of his patients!

” Nigerian children deserve to be safe but with the likes of Dr Femi Olaleye, a known philantropist and Lagos socialite, are they really safe? If someone so respected can be found doing these actions, whose children will be next?

“We therefore demand the immediate arrest and prosecution of Dr. Olaleye who has used his position as a trusted medical practitioner and a cancer advocate to perfect these crimes, we also demand an immediate investigation by the Lagos State government into unveiling the political character behind the curtain who has been playing the drums that the state agencies have been dancing to and has prevented them from prosecuting the offender since March, 2022.

” Thirdly, We call on the Nigeria Medical Association to investigate these alleged offences by a respected member of their association and if allegations are found to be true to immediately withdraw his licence as such people should not be found in a noble and respected profession like medicine.

In the same vein, we are empathise with and apologise to all the victims that Dr. Femi may have used his position in the society to take advantage of and also intimidate into silence.
Finally we want to thank our friends in the press who have remained partners in progress and used their ink to bring to fore the ills plaguing our society.

” We also want to thank the Lagos state government which has repeatedly proved that there are no scared cows when a crime of this nature is reported.

We want to appeal to all the people that Dr. Femi Olaleye has used his position ,and his Office to intimidated to be silent .

Please kindly come out

I want to inform the victims who had been intimidated to come out.

Don’t continued to be intimidated,your silence only helped the offender.

Please come out to say your mind

We also want to thank the Lagos State Government which has proved that their is no secret,thout when the kind of this nature is reported .

We want to encourage Lagos State Government to maintain in consistency in the pattern of frustrating and preventing and taking to task and to justice Offenders sexual predators.

Let it be known today that we shall continue by the grace of the almighty God.

We shall continued to be the voice of the voiceless of the Conscience consciousness society.

” In conclusion, let it be known today that we shall continue to be the voice of the voiceless and the conscience in a conscienceless society.

” We say no to rape and exploitation of the vulnerable.” He Concluded

The Petition which was Signed by
Anthonia Ojenagbon
Tonia Bruised but not Broken ,Mr. Adeshina Ogunlana
RAMBINBA ,Snr. Legal Counsel ,AdeRonke Oyelakin ,Bimbo Odukoya Foundation ,Toyin Ndidi Taiwo-Ojo
Stop the Abuse Against Women and Children Foundation ,Ebenezer Omajelile
ADVOCATES FOR CHILDREN AND VULNERABLE PERSONS NETWORK ACVPN,Ronke Oyelakin Child Protection Network lagos state, Adebimpe Adebara
Piece of my heart Foundation , and Dr. Nimi Ekere
Smile and Shine Foundation

Also Speaking Ebenezer Omajelile , chief Operation Officer for Advocate for Children and Vulnerable Person Network (ACVPN), said that,” well we have so many concerns prosecution of alleged sexual predators in Nigeria,and this case should not be an exceptional.

One of his own caliber as I speak that so many people are closed him ,I have been receiving calls that this man actually examine them and

They also questions the integrity of that service they rendered.

We are not going to accept this anymore where we will continued to see predators running from one place to another

The Customary Court had been taking back to the Local Government so if they have this issues that those people can act on , everybody will be on the same page with a zero tolerance.

I don’t think where adult will see a child in his compound who has not Offend them using dangerous weapon with the child no poisonous nothing, because they robbed you apology for that.

Is not the child that robbed you .

You almost killed the child and you still manage to go to the police station to make a report because somebody challenged of that why are you doing this to your Child.

We want to increase the number of survivor to come out.

Also Speaking Bar.Toyin Ndidi Taiwo Ojo ,stop the Abuse Against Women and Children Foundation,said that,” This morning we got a report that Dr.Femi Olaleye had been arrested and detained at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) Panti.
When it comes to the issue of judiciary,I know that people who are not lawyers,tends to see the real advent of Justice but you have to understand a lawyer is for strained to deal with fact , because we have to be able to understand that no matter the level of crime you might have been alleged on.

We have been notified that he has been arrested,we want to thank the advocate too notifying when it’s come to the issue of gender or any other crime

You have to understand that a lawyer is for strained to deal with the fact.

Also Speaking Dr. Nimi Ekere , Smile and shine Foundation,Clinical Psychologist, Certified Licensed said that,” I have never attended the kind of a brief before.

” But this issue closed to my heart ,but unbelievable is just obviously closed to my mind.

” To think that Remi had been trying to talk to me about this issue for some months

” I remember she invited me to an event International Women’s Day .

” She did not meet with me,all she keeps telling me is I will see you,and we never spoke.

” Three months later she called me again that I want to come and see you which she never did.

” She will call me I missed he calls and I call her back.

” What she will only tell you is that I will call you back! I will call you back!!,and which she never did.

” Just few weeks ago I realized that what she wanted to tell me wasn’t easy.

” So when she mentioned it to me I reached to her husband because I know him

” I asked him questions,he said ehn, which I have to tell him I read this in Anthony’s Wall.

” He now said that is his wife that is trying to bring him down.

” I said which of your wife I thought that marriage ended years ago.

” He said no! no!!, is darling Remi.

” I told him that if she is trying to bring you down please Clare your name because this allegation is too much .

“So I called Remi she now gave me a load down .

“I told her if you were not the one talking to me and giving me this kind of information I will not believe it no matter where I read it from,no matter who told me I will not believe it if you were not the one giving me this information.

” So I went back to the husband he said one thing.

” In fact that is the major reason why I’m here.

” Dr.Femi Olaleye told me that if he had followed up with me when he consulted me in 2015.

” He even reminded me of the year,I did not remember.

” He said if he had followed up with me,he would not have broken up to his wife.

” So he remembered he consulted me 2015 and as a Clinical Psychologist, Certified Licensed.

” If he had followed up with that Clinical Assessment,a lot of things would have been thrown out because I went to check my email and I saw that were listed out for him to take and if he had taken those test I would have interviewed him.

” I would have done what is called In take interview

” I would have know more about him,apart from hello ,how are you professionals, relationship apart from Cancers training that I think.

” If he had done that assessment we would have picked it up.

” I would have stopped this thing from happening, unfortunately it has happened,and I’m here to tell men ,if you have issues say it.

” Seek help , please seek help is left for the Court to investigate and proved him guilty with all the evidences leveled against him.

” With all the things his wife sent to me apart from videos, messages, documents, please I’m not a legal practitioner.
I’m talking about mental health issues the victim is traumatized,it doesn’t take a lawyer to prove that somebody is traumatized that’s my job.

” I won’t say what’s traumatized are,but I know she’s traumatized the lawyer would now proved that whatever happens to her is legally wrong and prosecution would take place and stuff like that.

” Apart from from the victim being traumatized,from mine assessment the Children.

” Two young Children are also traumatized by what you have done.

“Your wife is an adult she is traumatized.
So please whatever legal means .

” They should make sure the man is brought to book.

” If that is done the Children can move around freely.

” As I speak the Children I spoke with never wanted to return back to Nigeria.

” They don’t want anything to do with us.

“As I say us I mean us as an adult,and us as Nigeria, because they don’t know whom to trust that’s why I’m here.

” I’m talking about minus who are traumatized his legal children,a biological children a niece In-law that child is old enough to be his daughter she’s also traumatized,his wife is traumatized,so I’m doing therapy section for people who on a normal have no business been traumatized.

” The judiciary should do their work and allowed we the gynaecologist to do our own work.

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