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The emergence of blockchain technology has given rise to a new hype of technological innovation, which certainly could add value to numerous aspects within several industries.


The event which was held on January,25 2022 at Radison Blu GRA ,Ikeja,area of Lagos State Southwest Nigeria.

The Cultural dancers performing at the event 

The event was a colourful event.

The event which lasted for over eight hours

According to Ambassador Stephen Eko: “We are about to share with you something that is unique; something that has never been there, even though some of us thought we know what it is but I will tell you at the end of the day we would be glad that you made it to this epoch-making event and you will be glad that you attended this event.”

Ambassador Stephen Eko during his welcome address 


He expressed gratitude to
the CEO, Suki Chen, who came all the way from Singapore.

Eko added that there are multiple ways to earn money on Streakk without promoting it.

He threw more light on the processes.

1. Earning from the Idle Cryptocurrencies in your Streakk Wallet.
BTC 7% P.A.
ETH 10% P.A.
USDT 14% P.A.
DOT 16% P.A.
BNB 15% P.A.
This is the earnings that come from the validators integrated directly into the streakk wallet.

2. Earning From Buying a Streakk Node Infrastructure.

A streakk node gives you about 3 ways to earn.

It increases the percentage profit on your idle Cryptocurrencies (this is depending on the node you buy).
*SHARED NODE* $100+ +2%
All purchased nodes are valid for 7 years.

Get STKK tokens worth Node amount (Unfreezed after 100 weeks)

Get 2% of node purchase amount weekly as stable passive income over the next 100 weeks. That’s 200% total.

*Watch this 6 minutes video linked below:*


Streakk is a Cryptocurrency project founded by Suki Chen with the aim to shape the future of finance by maximizing the potential of cryptocurrencies. It aims to help users earn interest on your crypto holdings without having to give up custody funds – in the simplest way possible.

The Streakk Ecosystem comprises the Streakk Wallet, the streakk integrated node cluster, the Streakk coin and Streakk is built on the 3rd Generation blockchain Technology.

*The STREAKK wallet*
The Streakk wallet is the first of it’s kind, which enables you to earn interest on over 20 different cryptocurrencies – all without giving custody of your funds.
The Streakk’s Wallet stands apart as the most advanced wallet with which you can earn crypto.

Streakk has integrated multiple validators, or blockchain verifiers, within the wallet itself, so you earn interest on your crypto without handing over custody of your funds.

*STREAKK Integrated Node Cluster (INC)*
Streakk’s revolutionary Integrated Node Cluster (INC) technology is a network of Validators integrated into the streakk wallet. As a result, Streakk is not forced to depend on a single Validator. Streakk runs its own Validator Node as well to earn block rewards while lowering the risk of slashing. This technology delegates the crypto only to the Validators providing the highest rewards. Streakk’s innovative INC solution means its members can earn generous interest by staking the crypto in their wallets without handing over control of their funds.

*STREAKK Blockchain Technology.*
Streakk is building a 3rd generation blockchain network with a low and predictable fee of only $0.0001 per transaction. With transaction cost being one of the major hindrances for governments, big corporations and central banks looking to implement blockchain on a large scale, Streakk offers a super fast and secure solution. This not only makes Streakk the fastest blockchain, but the only Blockchain focused on financial transactions.

He also made reference to a YouTube video that could be accessed with the following link:

*RANK ROYALTY BONUS (UP TO $4,000,000).*
These are monthly payments made out to you upon the attainment of a Designated Ranks on the basis of the cumulative sales volume on three branches of your Structure (40% on 2 branches and 20% on 1 branch).
It is paid every month for 4 months.

$5000 Sales Volume
$50 monthly × 4 Months
$200 Total Reward
$10000 Sales Volume
$100 monthly × 4 Months
$400 Total Reward
*Sapphire 25*
$25000 Sales Volume
$250 monthly × 4 Months
$1000 Total Reward
$50000 Sales Volume
$500 monthly × 4 Months
$2000 Total Reward
$100,000 Sales Volume
$1000 monthly × 4 Months
$4000 Total Reward
*Diamond 💎*
$250,000 Sales Volume
$2500 monthly × 4 Months
$10,000 Total Reward
*Double Diamond 💎 💎*
$500,000 Sales Volume
$5000 monthly × 4 Months
$20,000 Total Reward
*Triple Diamond 💎 💎 💎*
$1,000,000 Sales Volume
$10,000 monthly × 4 Months
$40,000 Total Reward
*Crown 👑 Diamond 💎*
$5000 Sales Volume
$50 monthly × 4 Months
$200 Total Reward
*Royal Crown 👑 Diamond 💎*
$5,000,000 Sales Volume
$50,000 monthly × 4 Months
$200,000 Total Reward
*Vice President*
$10,000,000 Sales Volume
$100,000 monthly × 4 Months
$400,000 Total Reward
*Senior Vice President*
$30,000,000 Sales Volume
$400,000 monthly × 4 Months
$1,200,000 Total Reward
*Global President*
$50,000,000 Sales Volume
$500,000 monthly × 4 Months
$2,000,000 Total Reward

He explained these to mean percentages of the company’s global revenue (profits) of the company, paid to partners who have attained a certain rank.
Every partner who has attained the designated rank, qualifies to receive a share of the percentage profit due that rank.

*Sapphire 25*
2.5% of Global monthly Profit shared to partners (on this rank).
*Diamond 💎*
5% of Global monthly Profit shared to partners (on this rank).
*Crown 👑 Diamond 💎*
7.5% of Global monthly Profit shared to partners (on this rank).
*Vice President*
10% of Global monthly Profit shared to partners (on this rank).


There are several other ways you can earn money from promoting and growing the Streakk. They include the following:
1. Level Bonuses.
2. Rank Royalty Bonus.
3. Global Lifetime Pool Bonus.

These are Unilevel bonuses paid on new member node activation and you can earn up to 15 levels deep.
However, each level is opened by a new activation on your first level, therefore to open all 15 earning levels, you need a minimum of 15 members who will activate their nodes in your first level.
Level (1) – *15%*
Level (2) – *10%*
Level (3) – *7%*
Level (4 & 5) – *5%*
Level (6 & 7) – *2%*
Level (8 – 13) – *1%*
Level (14 & 15) – *2%*

*Shared Node Price List*
This node gives you additional 2% per year earnings on the idle Cryptocurrencies in your Streakk Wallet.

*Dedicated Node Price List*
This node gives you additional 5% per year earnings on the idle Cryptocurrencies in your Streakk Wallet.

*Dedicated Node Pro Price List*
This node gives you additional 8% per year earnings on the idle Cryptocurrencies in your Streakk Wallet.

He noted that once you purchase a Node, *the equivalent of the money spent is returned back to you in Streakk coin (STK)* which is frozen for 100 weeks and unfrozen after the 100 weeks elapses, at that point you’ll get the STK coin at the current market value which would most likely be higher than the time you were given the tokens.

Once you purchase a Node, you start earning USDT daily which amounts to 2% per week (of the amount you paid to purchase the Node). Eg if you buy a $75,000 node, you’ll be earning 2% of $75,000 = *$1500 per week ($214.3 per day).* This money will be paid daily for 100 weeks making you earn 200% of your money back over the 100 weeks.
You don’t need to do anything to earn this money, once you buy a node you start earning it automatically.

Finally, once you purchase a node, it *increases the earning potential of yours Streakk Wallet* (depending on which category of node you purchase).
Shared nodes give you a 2% increase.
Dedicated nodes give you a 5% increase.
Dedicated nodes (Pro) give an 8% increase.

CEO Suki Chen said in his remark: “I traveled all over, countries, cities and I have spoken in a number of engagement meetings with vulnerable people from different countries all over the world. I have CEOs, I have government officials, ministers, cabinet ministers who do openings for me. I have never had comedians do an opening for me today. There has never been a dull moment in my life, most especially in the life of Streaks itself.
“Here we are in Lagos Nigeria.
I know Nigeria is the biggest country in Africa. Certainly, this is not the least of all places in Africa; its has been an amazing Journey
I want to share with you how we started, East Africa, Kenya.

CEO Suki Chen during his rark


“We started in Rwanda, we started in Uganda; we went down to Joanesburg, South Africa, followed by Ivory Coast.

“And funnily today, I was having breakfast downstairs. A guy came up to me and said, “I saw you in Abidjan.” I was surprised; apparently he was there for business and he is also here for business. He is from Cameroon. This is why I love going on a road trip because I get to make friends then I get to have people be part of a new family. This period of time is actually a very important period of time in my life because it is Chinese New Year. Never in my entire life, 52 years, have I ever missed a single Chinese New Year being away from the family and this is the first time in my life I am away from the family. So, now it is sad but it is also great because now you are my family. And it feels amazing when I was in Kenya I had new brothers and sisters, Uganda, Ivory Coast and actually in Nigeria and in Abuja. Nigeria is the only country that streakk visits two cities instead of one.
“Then secondly worldly our last visit because the street will be here more often than like all of us. It has been amazing. Lots of people came, had great discussions, met with government officials and with ministries. There are so many discussions, so many future collaborations and cooperation for us to do.
“Just East Africa alone is massive. I was even invited to meet with the prime minister but I had to fly but I was unable to. But we are rescheduling our meeting. We are going to do something wonderful here in Africa. So, before anything I want to start by telling a little thing about why streakk was created. You see, we started in 2019 we saw that there is a need where it is not just about financial institution.
“What does it do for financial institution? See it goes beyond financial institution you know streakk is all about the people this is a project that specifically name for the people we created a product that is just amazing it has incredible technology right now it is the world’s most advanced technology and you have it with you, you have it in your hand and guess what it is free to use. So, we started it because I know one thing that if you want to do anything right, whether it is creating a business, whether you want to build an empire you have to do right by the people you have to be able to give to the community.

“The same way when I started my businesses, when we started a hotel in Cambodia, we did not take a single cent from the profit; instead we built an academy where we had our team go to the villages to look for young men and women and we invited them to come over where we could host them, educate them and train them and work with the government. We worked with the tourists that came that could impact their skills into this academy.

“When we started streakk in 2019, we had something in mind; we wanted to build something the world cares about. You know, the wallet that you have right now has amazing technology. You know we have built it in such a way that it is now the top two most secure wallets for crypto currency in the world right now, which even outsiders have testified to. What I want to share today is why do we all need streakk.
1. Like I said, because we have the world’s most advanced technology, you can earn rewards without giving custody of your funds to anyone. You keep it to yourself too many times to many projects. When someone takes your funds you have no control you will give and then lose. It belongs to you but does not belong to you and you ended up with a nightmare because someone else too many people come her and give you a dream they tell you a wonderful dream they tell you the future then the next day you wake up with a nightmare but here I don’t want to talk about the future because the future is just a story.
“What I want to talk to you about is the present; what you can see with your own eyes; what you can touch and feel and you can see how it works and it works well.That is what you have right now; you can earn on all these block chains all the coins and rewards by simply having your funds delegated you earn the beauty of it.

CEO SUKI CHEN receiving Igbo Atire as gift

“A lot of you are familiar with block chains, with stakings. Many of you should speak to someone, who knows about it because I am not going to go at length about it basically you are doing staking your funds will be locked up for a period of time, the moment you do it you cannot have access to it basically until the lock up period is over but not at streakk because of our amazing technology.
“You can do it. No other technology, no other wallet, no other platform that will enable you or allow you to do that but here you can do it we have the world’s most advanced technology you are now able to do that. Streakk is audited and verified by Certk and Pilot Trust.”

Photo Captions members with CEO SUKI CHEN

Opeyemi Salako, a moderator and in-house member, said in an interview that: “Investing in Blockchain means investing in the technology behind it. Blockchain technology is able to improve or disrupt outdated systems in the banking, real estate, healthcare, supply chain management industries with trustless technology without the need of a third party. Again, not every company has the need to use Blockchain, but the ones that do, can benefit tremendously.”

Crowd at the event 

Ayodeji: For more information and further enquiry please contact

Ambassador Stephen Eko
+234 802 501 3847
08173725526 Opeyemi Salako



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