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Govt should involve monarchs in security matters -Oba Aromire

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Written By Dedeigbo Ayodeji


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His Royal Majesty Oba Abdulfatai Aremu Armoire has told Dedeigbo Ayodeji in an exclusive interview that Government should include Monachs in the Security Matters.
“My People Knows be to be a No Nonsense Man.

If you corporate with me in a decent manner I corporate with you.
But I don’t want criminal in my domain”.

He made this declaration in his Palace at Ijora Oloye, a suburb of Lagos State Southwest Nigeria


Can we meet you sir?

I am His Royal Majesty, Oba Abdul Fatai Aromire of Ijora kingdom in Lagos.

There is a kind of division among the people living in communities, What is the missing link to peaceful co-existence now in Nigeria?

Thank you very much. You actually mentioned it yourself that during time of our forefathers that there was peaceful co existence between Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo and other tribes. These Nigerian then lived together as brothers and sisters. Majority of people living in Ijora are Igbo, Hausa, Ijaw and and they are there. Even we have inter-tribal inter-marriages between us. The problem with us these days is money; some people don’t want to work for money before they are made. Everyone wants to make quick money and become a billionaire over night. During our own time, we don’t hear about billions but now all we hear about is above trillions. Even the budget of the Federal Government then was in millions, not trillions like now.

Another factor is that majority of our people are are not ready to work again.

You talked about the youth. Yesterday, I saw on the Internet in the eastern part, two young men went to the main road and bought potty and sat down and excreting inside the potty, guys of about 27 years of age and put their heads into the potty and were eating it. You talked about money, a lot of Nigerians don’t want to work. Is it that there’s no job for them to do or just challenges what is happening?

A lot of people want to belong and all of them want to be Yahoo, which is Internet fraud. Why? Nobody wants to work now because they don’t believe in the peanut the government wants to pay at the end of the day. Yes, how much does government want to pay you? People are shouting there’s no employment, employ them and see if they really want to work.

What is the cause, is it modernisation that make our youth not to want to work again?

What I see is that I think, it’s the fault of the parents. When your child starts doing wrong and you look at the footstep of your child and is going against the laid down rules, you have to call him to order. Let him sit down the child and talk to him. How many parents are doing that now? Is there time for that? There’s no time. Before now, our parents used to have time for us, where we are asked to be cautious of what we do. Our parents used to tell us not to spoil their family names. There is no more culture. We don’t have time.

Parent of today caused much of what is happening today. When you send your son to school, as a parent, you dont monitor the friends your son is walking with.

What is the solution?

The Federal Government has to involve the traditional rulers because we are at the grassroots. If anything happens in my domain now, I have some people I call intelligent informants that will tell me and the person will call the local government chairman and from the local government chairman to the governor. But I dont think the traditional rulers has any role to play now unlike that time that everybody would come to the palace. There’s no room for traditional rulers anymore and that is what is affecting us. If government is not doing that, there’s no way this problem can be curbed totally. I know almost everyone in my domain because of the structure. I will know the landlords and the landlords will know their tenants and there will be effective communication. So, we should not just say we have traditional rulers; they should be empowered. They should be included in the system. I am a no-nonsense king. Everyone knows me. If my son misbehaves, I will call the police to come and arrest him. I won’t allow him to spoil my father’s name.
How many people can do that? I laboured so hard to become what I am today. I was once a warder in Lagos. I worked with the maximum prison. I trained myself and sent myself to school. I lost my father early in life. So, it’s the parents that are causing these problems. You just let your children loose without guidance and you will now be blaming the government. Stop blaming the government; blame yourself.

You just talked about the blame game now, like what is the gain?

How much is the salary of a graduate? Maybe N150,000. Can a Yahoo boy collect N150,000 from government? Somebody who is earning millions on weekly basis.

Even the money his grandfather has never held in his hands before, he is holding it. And will finish it in one week. The truth is that a businessman will not waste money that way. We are just blaming the government that they did not do much for us, how many of them are ready to work.

What do we do to convince our people to apply for these security job?

Yahoo job is yahoo. Let me tell you, students who are still studying are doing yahoo. The parents have to be very careful. My son who is still schooling bring a car to my house, I tell you he and that car will rot in jail.

Ijora used to be very volatile before that made it almost impossible for people to sleep with their two eyes closed, but now, there is much sanity in the land, how did you do it?

I am an action man that doesn’t take nonsense. If your son or daughter that is misbehaving in this place, and I didn’t see the son or the daughter, i will arrest you the parents and I will shock you that you must produce your son or your daughter before I will release you If otherwise, the policeman that releases you is in problem. The understanding is very high here now. About 20 years ago, people went to rob and they were living in this place. That was the time when OPC was still strong. When I learned that the both of them were armed robbers. I went out myself to their family. I went to their father and mother’s house. One of them was my younger sister’s son; she was trying to defend him tha he was not around and my informant told me that he was under the bed. I told him to come come out jeje before I killed him myself. He came out and I handed him over.

Now that you have this success story, what will be your advice generally?

The traditional rulers have a lot to do.
Let government call all the traditional rulers to a meeting to help check any form of indiscipline within our communities and across the country.
The landlord is privileged to know the schedule of activities around his neighborhood.

So, from that note traditional rulers can rule with ease. This will help us to know who and who is working and that who is idle and if there’s any suspicious move, informant in the area can be notified. The late Mustapha have discovered and arrested Boko-Haram around our area before, yes. And it was through the landlord on information gatherings. We worship together in the same mosque but every night about 12 midnight, they would drive out in big and exotic cars. Then I asked my security, who are those people? He told me they lived around this place and I pressed further to know the time of their arrival. He told me they would be back around 4:30 in the morning. So, I monitored them for like three days. Then I called the landlord to know if they actually filled forms before they parked in. Alas! He didn’t know; he only collected his money. They were the only tenants, no other tribe in the house except them. Later, I did not discuss anything with him again. Then I started watching closely until later I knew that they were Boko Haram. Then, I called Mustapha to come over and investigate and he came. The family seized the house because the landlord gave us false information.

What is your advice to the new police officers in Lagos?

The only advice is that all of us in Lagos, we miss former commissioner police, AIG Hakeem Odumosu. Follow his footstep; don’t compromise security.

What’s your view on the former Lagos governor, Bola Tinubu?

I am a supporter of Asiwaju. I said that without apology. He is an achiever of great things.

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