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Encomiums as Achonu, Imo LP guber candidate storms Lagos again

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Encomiums as Achonu, Imo LP guber candidate storms Lagos again












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For the second time in one month, the Labour Party, LP, candidate in the November 11 governorship election in Imo State, Distinguished Senator Athan Nneji Achonu, SANA, has stormed Lagos in furtherance of his meet-the-people engagements for the epic electoral battle.

His train on this second visit was longer, including his deputy, Hon. Tony Nwulu, the Achonu/Nwulu Campaign Organisation Director General, Engr. Chime Nzeribe; Chief Innocent Okeke, Southeast Zonal Labour Party Chairman, Kenneth Ahanotu, Labour Party National Youth Leader; Barr Callistus Ihejiagwa, Imo State Labour Party Chairman; Capt David Mbamara, a fellow contestant for the LP ticket during the primaries, who spoke on behalf of the other contestants, throwing their weight behind Achonu; Labour Party Chieftain; Hon George Ilechukwu, Hajia Usman, Lagos State Labour Women leader, Chief Dan Onwu, Chief Uche Nwokorie, Dr. Pascal Odigbo, among several other chieftains.

Ahead of the announced 1 pm event, hundreds of Imolites in Lagos defied the rain and thronged the massive hall of Villa Park Hotels and Suites in eagerness to hear the ‘General’, Achonu is fondly called roar.

Indeed, when he came, he roared and gave the people the assurance that the ‘Take Back Imo’ project is ‘Athanable’.

His arrival was heralded by the Imo State women, who welcomed him with a special love song, praising his suitability for the onerous task of restoring Imo State to its former glory.


Lagos State Labour Party members led by their Public Secretary, Bunmi Adesanya, were on ground to identify with Achonu’s expected victory in Imo State.


Speaker after speaker called on Imo people and every South-easterner to rally round Achonu in the battle for the salvation of not just Imo State, but also the entire Igbo land from strange elements whose intention is to subjugate the people.


The DG of Achonu-Nwulu Campaign Council, Engr. Chime Nzeribe, said: “I came out of Owerri today in a hurry because of armed robbery attacks going on till date. It is going on in all the towns. People are in crying mode. The current Imo State governor has become Pontius Pilate of our time. Imo State has gone back to the dark ages. No security, no progress. Removal of the governor is non-negotiable. If this is not done now, perhaps, all of you may remain in Lagos for safety, which is not what we want.”

Adding his voice to Nzeribe’s lamentation, the Imo LP chairman, Barrister Callistus Ihejiagwa, said: “With tears, I came to Lagos to express displeasure with what is happening in that state. All the investments, human capacity development and everything that make the state enviable have collapsed. We came to ginger you to come down and chase the dragon out.”


Kenneth Ahanotu, the Labour Party National Youth Leader, urged the youths, who were instrumental to the emergence of Hon. Tony Nwulu, the proponent of “Not too young to rule” bill at the National Assembly, to also vote for him this time, adding that the combination of Achonu and Nwulu would make a big difference. He noted that Achonu’s investments in Imo State are there for everyone to see.
The South-east Zone Labour Party Chairman, Agumba Innocent Okeke, enjoined all Imo citizens to team up and recover Imo State from decay. He warned that the state would turn into a desert if this is not done urgently and right now.

According to him, Imo State is deserted because of hardship and impunity by the current administration. He noted that despite the hardship in the eastern zone, Imo is more tormented than other states.

The Labour Party Deputy Governorship candidate, Hon. Tony Nwulu expressed optimism that the new victory wagon would zoom into the Douglas House to take over government. He boasted that victory for Imo Labour party in the November election is sure, that not even their antics can stop it.

The one-arm General, Senator Achonu, psyched up the people, asking: “If all Igbo in Lagos are asked to leave, where would they go? Is it the same Imo State that is not in peace?”

He also cited the envy that the hard work and success of Igbo people arouse in their host communities, who mark them out for attacks and destruction, and surmised that the best thing to do under the circumstance remained for them to return home and invest.

However, he noted that this would not be possible in the absence of peace and security, which he promised that his administration would restore in Imo State, and by extension the entire South-east region.

According to him, everything has gone so bad, and with the latest insecurity in all Igbo land, it became worse. He mentioned that with Gov. Alex Otti’s victory in Abia State, things would soon change for good in Imo State too.

Achonu lamented: “It is only in Imo State that there is security checkpoint in every few metres on the road. This is meant to prompt Ndi Imo to run away from their ancestral land. We have to do something. We have to come home and address these recurring challenges. Even the current occupier of Douglas House was not elected, but appointed by the court. So, he owes nobody anything. That is why he behaves the way he is doing now.”
Achonu charged all Imolites in Lagos who have their PVC to return home and deliver their polling booth as this will account to winning the election. “I am appealing to all our brothers in the bush to come out and vote, that there will be no need to runaway again,” remarked Achonu.

He reiterated his belief in local government autonomy, saying it will be among his top priorities to bring governance to the grassroots.

He said it was impossible for a bad person to come and operate in an area without the councilor of that ward knowing about the person. Local government chairmen are supposed to do a lot of work but they are handicapped because the governor pockets their money that shall be addressed by granting them autonomy.

“I shall declare an emergency in the power sector. Imo State has gas and with the law that states can generate their own power, I shall ensire power supply 24/7 in the state.

“I shall priotise making Sam Mbakwe Airport an international cargo hub in Africa. I had even approached Hope Uzodinma when he was Senate Committee Chairman on Aviation in this regard but he refused to be of help.

“The most important thing now is how we can drive out the killers of our children. The number of people killed since the APC government berthed in Imo is not recorded anywhere in Africa. It is an abomination. Those killed have parents and siblings. Many corpses are lying in mortuaries, people their relations don’t even know their fate. That is why I came to Lagos to solicit for your votes and support. Let us join hands and take back our state. The government is not my father’s or mother’s baby. Let us come together and take back what belongs to all of us.”

Senator Achonu also allayed the feeling of Imolites in Lagos who sought to know how he would be able to wrest power from the incumbent. He assured them that with their vote, it will be settled without much ado. Achonu enjoined all Ndimo to come home and vote out an evil regime that has besieged the state.

Speaking sarcastically, he advised the people to collect whatever money they are offered by the political merchants in power but urged them not to allow that from stopping them from voting for their freedom.

“It is your money; collect it but do the right thing. They are appointing almost everybody special assistants. But are they paying them? Such appointments are nice if the people are paid. I pray that they appoint special assistant from every household and pay them, at least, people would get money to feed. Sadly, salaries are not paid; pensioners are also not paid. They would organise sham exercises and declare half of the workforce as ghost workers in order to evade paying them salaries. This evil must stop.

“Their deception must cease. Because I said I would conduct local government election within six months of my administration, they now want to hold one barely three months to the end of the administration, what he failed to do in almost four years. They also say they are building seaports; have you seen any state building seaport before? They are busy spending state money constructing federal roads while state roads are in deplorable conditions; very soon the secret of what is playing out shall be unveiled. Some governor in the South-east was given a contract to dredge Calabar river, has he done it till date after many years? Buhari visited Imo State more than he did other states, yet he would not construct one federal road in the state. Seaport indeed! Is it the people that could not construct one federal road in Imo that will now support you to build seaport?”

Achonu harped on his Aku Ruo Ulo drive, saying he would not relent in its pursuit because that is the only route to industrialisation and development of the Imo State. He assured that people’s reluctance to come home and invest was due to insecurity but assured that once he is sworn in as governor, attacks in the South-east would stop because he would be coming to repair what had been damaged so that Imo people would have a home to run to when they are attacked elsewhere.

“I appeal to those in the bushes to come out. I have come to deliver Imo. It is not proper for Biafrans to be killing Biafrans. Come out of the bushes. Everybody knows their strength. I have come to collect from them what they took from the people and it must be done. That is the simple truth.”

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