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Home » Ojuelegba Trailer Mishap: Another Ignored Prophecy Of Primate Ayodele Comes To Pass (VIDEO PROOF)

Ojuelegba Trailer Mishap: Another Ignored Prophecy Of Primate Ayodele Comes To Pass (VIDEO PROOF)

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Ojuelegba Trailer Mishap: Another Ignored Prophecy Of Primate Ayodele Comes To Pass (VIDEO PROOF)

Written by Abdullahi Zaki

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Published By Fitness Network Communications


Being a Muslim gives me the liberty to criticize men of God especially prophets in Nigeria who claim to foresee events before happening. I have always thought they are not genuine especially Primate Elijah Ayodele who releases prophecy almost everyday.

I have always perceived him as an ordinary noise maker who pays journalists heavily to publicize his fake prophecies not until some of his warnings that I personally noted came to pass.

As a sport lover, I wanted the super eagles of Nigeria to qualify for World Cup so as to spite Ghanaians who have been in supremacy battle with Nigeria in almost everything, even things as little as jollof rice. Based on my interest in this qualifier game, I came across Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on the match and I heard him said Nigeria will lose the match if Musa is allowed to play in the match, what a prophecy!. Just as everyone would ask, what has God got to do with football? Is Musa Nigeria’s badluck? Infact, when Coach Austin Eguaveon brought in Musa, I was happy because it would be an opportunity for me to criticize the man of God but unfortunately, Nigeria lost the match as the man of God warned. We may feel God isn’t interested in sports but the spiritual controls the physical, the disobedience of the coach led to the sacrifice of Nigeria’s victory.

After this, I checked on some of the prophet’s old prophecies because I follow him a lot even on his facebook pages just to find ways to criticize him. In my checks, I found a video of him asking his church members to pray against a trailer falling off from a bridge and killing people. The video was recorded on the first Tuesday in March 2022 during a prayer programme. I didn’t believe that it will happen at all but to my greatest surprise, news making rounds yesterday confirmed that a trailer fell off from Ojuelegba bridge, landed on a car and killed people, sadly.

While I was still trying sympathize with the victims, I remembered the video of Primate Ayodele leading a prayer against this incident from happening, I felt really baffled because it could have been avoided if the relevant authorities didn’t ignore the prophetic warning in that prayer. Some may say the accident should have been averted since prayers were made but faith without work is death, there was a warning already, it is left for the authorities to work on averting it, prayer can only reduce the danger but if work isn’t done, it will definitely happen.

I know the government isn’t a lover of Primate Ayodele because he speaks the truth to them but for the sake of humanity, can’t they just listen for once? This man isn’t asking you to give him money or contract, is your work that difficult to do? The act of ignoring the prophecy of this man of God simply shows the wickedness of this government because whatever happens can never affect them but innocent citizens.

Before fuel suddenly became scarce, Russia VS Ukraine war, Crisis in South Sudan, increase in price of diesel, dollar exchange rate, the bomb attack on Abuja-Kaduna train, Kaduna Airport, the kidnap of some of our emirs etc, Primate Ayodele prophesied them and just recently, I have also read his prophecy on the new chairman of the APC, Abdullahi Adamu, this is consistency. He has been throwing out prophecies consistently with courage and not like other Daddy GOs that speak in parables. Before Anambra election, he said 100 million APC members will not give the party victory, we saw how it happened.

If at all the government doesn’t want to invite or be friends with the prophet, for the sake of humanity, let them listen and follow his prophetic warnings.



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