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Don’t underestimate prison inmate they are useful says DCP Lizzie O Ekpendu

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Written By Dedeigbo Ayodeji

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The Deputy comptroller of the female medium correctional centre Kirikiri prison DCP Lizzie Ekpendu , was recently advised Nigerians not to underestimate the prison inmate that they are useful to the nation.

DCP Lizzie Ekpendu Dancing with one of the Inmates

She made this made this declaration at her Office in Kirikiri Correctional Centre Apapa Area of Lagos State Southwest Nigeria.

The event was a colourful event.

In her address to the media she said, in her remarks that, “we are doing this today because first of all I want to appreciate God for the time I have spent here in the Female correctional centre.
“As a wonderful female teacher with my daughters they called inmate that one day it will become an annual thing.

Inmates Choir Performing

“They have all become nice praying for me consistently.
“What more does a mother do is to come for her children, love her home, be patient, be tolerant.
“As I always say that the average prison officer which they called correctional is a mother, a daughter, psychologist, a Nurse, a mid-wife, a pastor, is an Imam is a whole package that is who a mother is.
“Mother is a patient teacher, because that is the way God created us.
“I’m totally blown away today God gave me this idea to do this.
“The main reason why I decided to put up this is that we have been practicing for 3 months every day practice.
“The reason why I decided to put this show on is because I always want my daughters to feel confident in themselves.
“I want them to feel that they are beautiful they are not condemned ever, (the prison inmate chorus) though I’m not Igbo actually, but I married to Igbo, but as they always say in their own language that there is nothing here that every single person is agile means sound.
“So when we remember that we are sound with the coaches everything around us at the end of everything is six fit down we will take nothing.
“We can only remember the day we were born, the person we didn’t know gave us a birth.
“They will die a total stranger ones you gave us a birth. So what is the world are we staying?
“Why are we hiding It is unique time today for my daughters to show the world that behind this world there is what we called wives material.
“My daughters are beautiful and if you are looking for a wife. So I want to put that confident in them by letting them know that been behind here doesn’t matter as far as we have God a lot that could be the best thing ever so also the second part of the beauty competition has never happened anywhere in the facility in the one of the staff which will be taking part of the competition. It doesn’t mean that you are wardress that doesn’t mean that you are non.”
The winner of the Beauty Pageant Competition for the Female Prison Warders are as follows:
Miss catering Section
Mrs. Ann Enny Oduh 2
2nd Position

Sociology Section
Mrs. Esther Azu
3rd Position
Rechargeable Fan with cash gift

Miss. Store Contestant is the winner
Mrs. Hellen Torty
Miss Female Correctional Beauty Pageant
Miss C3
3rd position

2nd – Runner up
Miss Aso Rock inmate
Category 2nd position

Winner inmate category
Miss Chidima Ojukwu
House A2 position

Other side attractions are the Inmates Choirs, Popular Musician, Prince Wadada,DJ among others.

A Correctional Officer who said though I’m not permited to speak with the press said “,though all artwork ,including the Costumes use for the beaut pageant were all the handwork of the Prison Inmate.

The sow it themselves.”

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