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ADAM pleads Support for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu 2023 Presidential Election Race

by admin

Dedeigbo Ayodeji

Aarebirin Hon. Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba Leader/ Founder of Asiwaju Distinguished Ambassadors Movement was on Wednesday pleaded support for Asiwaju Bola Hammed Tinubu 2023 Presidential Race.
The event was a colorful event.
The event which took place at Excellence Hotel, Ogba, a suburb of Lagos state south-west Nigeria

Aarebinrin Hon. Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba Holds newsmen in her remark that, “We are here today to sensitize you about the upcoming event tagged”, “My Asiwaju Story” quintisential Leader second to none here with me and some of our members on the movement from different of the country, but as for us we know life is about choices in making those choices these are consequences and especially at this time in our country as we were all thinking transitioning unto the next face some of us came together and fill the time is now.
We have been on this journey quite a while knowing as good followers that we have a leader that is truly second to none.
You know when we talk about leadership at one point you must have been a good follower.
So when you have a leader that you know is a leader of leaders a pathfinder, Nation Builder, Human Capacity Developer, and for us in Lagos state.
One thing that we are so proud of, a friend as to say everywhere you go you talk about them so when you get to Lagos you say this is Lagos.
And for us Lagos is like no other place and we fill a lot of the things that we are enjoying in the state of excellency that is our leader who believe His Excellency Personified.
As for us we are starting now to tell the world we need look known for others.
We have found in our leader, our National Leader. His Exellency, Asiwaju Dr. Bola Hammed Tinubu, is a leader that all of us can truly be proud of.
So my Asiwaju story two things I want to talk about.
Asiwaju simply means the “first” and ADAM been the first man,. I happened to be a Christian, I mean when we talk about how God created the Heaven and the Earth, we know that we started with a man and a woman and as it is done he was like prophet finishing so Asiwaju Distinguished Ambassador Movement, we are Ambassadors that believes in this great country, that we know our leader been one of the most tribalized Nigerian that you can find.
When think of peace stability, as we go on with all that is been thrown at us in this country now based on anticident and record on what he has done is that as a former Governor of this great state or as a most distinguished senator and in all that he has been all these years as a true Democratic, creating a very very flourishing enabled ground for some of us to be able to grow up and you know what ? , to whom much is giving much is also expected we can say that Nigeria, we really need to get that leadership 2023 is not time to play games, is not time for trial and error, we want someone with proven track records someone that is accepted all over, some one with truly great impact with that there is no Nation above the Nation of humanity, some one that we know the reason why is in it. Really is about the people and so many times he has gone out of his ways to prove that it is beyond personal interest. It is about this great country.
So we all need to stand and stand tall and walk together believe in this land.
We know that our leader says Nigeria has all that it takes to be among the best country in the world. But most times maybe we need to be reassured that all the potentials and all that we need is all needed loaded with in us. So unleashing those potentials is what we know our own National Leader about taking that bold steps is what we are waiting on him.
I know he has shown interest but we are waiting and we are saying we are ready anytime we know that definitely Nigeria will be better at it.
My Asiwaju story is a Naetic of positivity and Asiwaju been that first. ( In Yoruba Asiwaju simply means First) and for a lot of us were saying there is a bit of Asiwaju in all of us waiting to emerge, waiting have been the best as citizen Nigeria.
Some of us think so many things are not the way the way it should but definitely we are not where we used to be. We have all that it takes to be better but definitely with the right kind of leadership we say I mean for our party, the ruling party is the party that we all believe as the true been that all that we need in this great country.
When you look about the guideness memorandum what the party stands for promises made.
I know this dispensation is not over, but Nigerians we will be happy and we will even be happier for that continuity of great and mighty things that we know in the coming years we will be getting from our incoming President, so we have two event for that day is the medical outreach, medical and eyes clinic.
I know some people have asked my why the vision and eyes clinic whatever, but two things stands our leader right when he talks about the logo, you will know the vision, the Glasses known as (jigi Bola) and then the breaking the chain logo that is logo and we just thought that yes let take one of this project as a give back show love, is all about love of our people.
He is saying our community matters to us and later in the day we would be having symposium Award, musical and inspirational moment to say that we know we must believe to achieve the great goal in this country.
Around that event that day there is still going yo be a pointer to why we believed that our National Leader His Excellency Dr. Bola Hammed Tinubu is simply the best choice that we can have as pur incoming President in 2023.

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