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Journalism as we know is a noble profession and journalists have a duty to use this profession to rebrand Nigeria through positive reportage, that is, there must be collective effort deployed in projecting the good image of the Country Says Mathew Ibadin

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Written By Dedeigbo Ayodeji

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A Security Guru Mr  Mathew Ibadin who presented A -day workshop for Media Practitioners on Security Reporting,.

Ibadin made this declaration at A -day workshop for Media Practitioners on Security Reporting , organized by the National Association of Online Security News Publishers,at Golden Gate Ikoyi  ,area of Lagos State Southwest Nigeria.

The Media/Journalism on National Security Reportage

Journalism as we know is a noble profession and journalists have a duty to use this profession to rebrand Nigeria through positive reportage, that is, there must be collective effort deployed in projecting the good image of the Country.

There is what is called National Security which must come first in every reportage.

This is the time for every journalist to celebrate Nigeria and we must practice the kind of journalism targeted at rebranding the country and not chasing out investors.


Do you think that crimes are not committed in other countries?.


The difference is that crimes that concern National Security are shared with Security Agencies and not made public, this is so in order not to drive away Investors, development or put their country in a bad light because of their love for their countries.



This means that there are information not meant to be reported, especially matters with National Security implication and also resist the sharing or reporting of fake news.


So, in Celebration of the World Press Freedom Day, we will be asking ourselves what is/are the causes of insecurity in Nigeria?.


Some causes of insecurity include:
Lack of Strong Institutions


Based on the current Constitution, it is not easy for any government since democracy to succeed rather, they are trying and doing their best to solve the challenges confronting the nation.


Many times, in the cause of Journalism, journalists are exposed to risky and dangerous work environments such as hostile aggression, physical Attacks, police resistance and other forms of harassments and it is pertinent that the society understand the pains taking nature of this noble profession.


Punitive measures must be enforced against all forms of hostile aggression to journalists during lawful discharge of their duties.


Elections are fast approaching, what is/are the roles of the media?.


Investigative journalism is an integral part of information gathering where victims and/or eye witness reports give a clear and factual account of incident or situation for proper reportage in order to avoid misinformation and unintentional fake reporting.


It is equally important that information is verified before disseminating, publishing or reporting them.

Journalists must use their media might to ask the National Assembly to pass a law that prohibits elected government official, appointees from the use of Generators, solar system and other alternatives to generate power for use except the National power source (Electricity).


Nigeria have continued to experience epileptic power supply and in many parts of the country, none existent supply, while those who use power occasionally, pay exuberantly for it.


The lack of Electricity/Power supply have forced many investors and companies to relocate to other countries thereby putting millions of able-bodied youths out of employment, caused inflation of commodities and ultimately, increased the crime rate.


Past and Present Governments have spent Billions of Naira in trying to fix this challenge all to no avail because the government, the Elite, Appointees can easily afford other alternatives to the National Electrical Power Source.


It is high time that Practitioners of this noble profession (Journalism) use their professional pen to change the narratives.


The Media must push for a law through the National Assembly that prohibits senior government officials, Appointees and other senior public holders from using Generators and/or other alternatives to National Power in their Offices and homes.

Having Constant power supply is not rocket science. It is time to demand for it and have it so that investors and Artisans who have been negatively affected and chased out of business can return to their businesses, increase employment opportunities, production and ultimately, grow the economy.


With constant power supply, I can assure you that the rate of crime will drastically reduce as millions of our youths will become gainfully engaged.


Education: Journalists/Media should ask and demand that the National Assembly pass a law that prohibits Elected officials or appointees from sending their children/wards to private schools/Institutions but public schools and institutions because they are public officials.


A typical example was the intended strike action by the Nigerian Local Airline Association due to the high cost of Aviation Fuel and which was suddenly called off because it will negatively affect the activities and life of the Elite, the Politicians and government and expose them to the dangers, insecurity experience through land travels.


The government, the Elite and the Politicians were quick to resolved and compromise with the Airlines But have failed to resolve and find a long-lasting Solution to the unending faceoff with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), simply because most of the Government officials and Politicians have their children/wards schooling outside the Shores of Nigeria and have very little or no concerns for the education system here.


The Media must continuously highlight on the education system until it becomes competitive and sit side by side with foreign education systems.


We must demand the removal of State of Origin from the constitution and replace it with State of Residence.


The state of origin which is currently in the constitution has caused a lot of division and segregation amongst citizens and must be tackled head-on.


The Media/Journalists should be asking for Local government policing and not state because crime is locally perpetrated.


An example of local policing can be seen in the United States of America and other countries where community policing is decentralized and controlled by their mayors or governors and these individuals take responsibilities and are accountable for matters affecting their community.


Security votes should be allocated and given directly to the local government chairpersons to help them fund security services within their local governments. The Chairpersons accountable for ensuring that the funds are spent as necessary.


Hospitals: Journalists Must push to be enshrined as an Act, a law that prohibit all elected government Officials and Civil servant Appointees and their directors from using private hospitals or traveling abroad for medical treatment rather they and their family members are to use public hospitals and if the need arises to travel abroad for medical attention, such individual must resign his/her appointment or position.

Journalists (media) must continue to push for these positive changes as enumerated above, through their noble profession.

The above are areas of demand that must be in place for growth and development to take place.


These are some of the things that the media should be talking about and pushing for.


The Issue of National Security is such that requires all stakeholder’s collaboration.


The government security agencies must work in synergy with each other, the Media and the public to ensure and promote local or grassroot information gathering and passed on where National security is threatened to the relevant government security agency for prompt action as necessary, while the agencies are allowed carry out their roles and responsibilities without fear or favor.


The Media must protect the interest of these security agencies and Vis-visa.

We must be open to form and translate a new people Oriented, progressive and friendly constitution for the benefit of all Nigerians because the current Constitution is long overdue for total change as it obviously can no longer deliver on the expectations of the citizenry.

Again, I want to call on the current Senate President (Ahmed Lawan) a silent achiever to please look into the new Terrorist Act because it is not timely as all measures for this to work effectively are not in place yet.


From a personal experience as a kidnapped victim about 6 years ago on my way to Benin, just after Okada, I was kidnaped by Ijaw youths and my family paid a ransom for my release after I had spent 4 days with the kidnappers.


If you ask me, the people to be held responsible are the state government, the Commissioner of Police, the Department of State Security and the Local government of that community and until these people are held accountable, the families of kidnapped victims who pay ransom for the release of their loved ones should not be punished or harassed in any way for saving their loved ones.

I think that these are burning issues that the media should hold the government accountable for.

I also suggest and advice that the heads of all Government security Agencies set aside a day every month, possibly the last Mondays or at their discretion to meet with the public with genuine security concerns unrestricted in order to gather first hand security information within and around their communities of service and also build strong bond (Public Relations) through these interactions.

The National Security Adviser, the Minister of Defense, Inspector General of Police and the Service Chiefs have been remarkable and commendable so far in the fight against insecurity, however more is expected in finding a long-lasting solution.

In Conclusion, journalism irrespective of the type or method must remain a positive tool in rebranding and repositioning the Nation, Journalism must become a tool that brings diversity together. It must be used to bridge any/all gaps of miscommunication or misinformation.


The media must become the watchdog of the citizenry, the mouthpiece of the common man as the society is looking up to the men and women who have dedicated their lives and resources through journalism in upholding our fragile democracy.

I am aware of the challenges that you face daily in the pursuit for Transparency, Equity and Justice and ensuring that the right information get to the people by discharging your roles with utmost professionalism and I can only pray and hope that our efforts will not be in vain.

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