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The member of the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Shina Peller has officially declared to run for the Oyo North Senatorial seat in Oyo State.


He made this declaration at ‘the Big Conversation’, a conference held by Coalition of Progressive Nigeria Youths holding live at Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.

With this, he has also declined to run for presidency as being urged by some youth groups nationwide. He said: ‘We shouldn’t be carried away as young people with individual ambitions.


We must stay focused. I am still focused on the paradigm shift of power.


We will have and propose to the party that the young people are ready to change the course of Nigeria and they should be allowed to do so.’



Hon. Shina Peller urged more youths to run for legislative positions across board.

Speaking at the event Hon. Shina Pellet ,said in his speech,that ,”I am just returning back to the country today from a trip to Saudi Arabia for the lesser hajj which commenced during the Ramadan.


During this period many Nigerians have visited Makkah to ask to become the president, senator or house of Reps..

prayer point is for God to give us a new Nigeria where peace and justice shall reign regardless of what I become.

” I thank you all for attending this auspicious event which is very important in our lives as youths of this great nation.


You will all agree with me that our country is at a critical stage where we cannot afford further mistakes.

This is the time we have to do things differently from the common norm.

We cannot continue to do things the same way and expect different result.

” Nigeria is going through the most turbulent period and as a generation we must come together and make a bold demand for a stake.

There are more young people in the world today, and with the existence of technology and internet,  an average of 18yrs old in Nigeria is competing with his or her mate in South Korea, Germany, UK and the rest of the world.

So, for Nigeria to be more prosperous young people must be given an opportunity to define the future of this country.

In as much as I align myself with the yearning of young nigerians for a young president asking me to throw my heart in the ring. I Possess the quality having the character, Competence and Courage…

”  The clamour for me to run for the office of president and senate has recorded mixed reactions because our problem in Nigeria is the fact that we focus more about our individual self instead of “us” so what many would see is Shina Peller wants to become a president and also a senator.. He doesn’t know what he wants.. For clarity these clamours originated from various groups based on how I have impacted their lives.

The majority of the Northern Youths clamoring for Presidency are the ones I have trained within the last 2 years through the Lead Generation Initiative…. While back home youths that have benefitted from my leadership of succession planning as identify me as the game changer of our local politics.


The party Chairman of my LG who is the former Youth Leader is here present, my zonal Youth Leader who was the youth leader of ward 8 of my LG and also the present youth leader of my Local Govt who was ward 5 youth leader are all present here today.


What I have come to realize is a great leader makes sacrifices and also make most difficult decisions to enhance the lives of his followers.

With God all things are possible.


I am not overambitious and also won’t shy away from responsibility when they arise.

” In as much as Nigeria is due for a paradigm shift of power we must not be oblivious of our current political system where we elect our president through indirect Primaries by few delegates determining the fate of millions of party members… But it doesn’t mean to loose hope.

” This is the time we must stay focused on our aim of achieving a new Nigeria and don’t get distracted by individual aspirations, we must work together as youth and put our feet’s on the ground to be given an opportunity to decide the future of this country.

My interest  has always been to work towards achieving a new Nigeria that works for everyone and not a selected few regardless whether SP runs .




The Big Conversation (Points)

Don’t vote based on promise but making demands that will favor the youths in creating opportunities for competent young people  that we need to form  the system that Nigeria needs to function properly




Thanks guys for this idea.

” I want you to know this is not about me, but about us and about time.

” What I need from you guys is the commitment, money won’t be my problem In Sha Allah.

I have several ventures before politics and of which you know is Quilox  which has practically become the biggest nightlife brand in Africa since 2017 and waxing stronger till date.

Although Quilox is presently shutdown for Ramadan and will return to business next week..

” These gathering is a gathering of competent young people seeking to clinch our party ticket and I am confident it.

”  3cs Character, Competence and Courage

” Great leaders make tough decisions, make difficult sacrifices and take responsibilities when such situation arises to enhance the lives of the people around them.

” Lead Generation


I am not oblivious to the fact that persons of interest are donating to further this cause, however, the reality of our political system where delegates decide on the fate of millions makes the yearnings of the youth even more difficult.

” System failure and the important of a systemic approach to Nigeria’s problem.

” This is not about me but the next generation – I have always been committed to building a new generation of leaders.

”  As young and credible people, it’s about time we make strong demands from our party.


We must bring our negotiation strength and skills to the table even as political party primaries fast approach.




Check Olajide’s message

People are suffering too much

100m Naira Price of forms


” I must first of all start with thanking the various Youths groups that are clamoring for me to run for the position of President and also the ones clamoring for me to run for Senate.


The two offices are forms of elevation from where I currently serve my people as a member house of Reps.


There are 109 Senators and off course one Presidents, and the responsibility of both offices differs.

” I say a big thank you to the various Youth groups clamoring for me to run for Presidency as such actions can call the attention of our party leadership to the important need for a young, energetic, distabilized and dynamic person that is successful in both the private and public sectors to run the office of the President of our dear country, Nigeria.

” However, we are at a very crucial moment in Nigeria, and I believe electing who runs for the office of the president for our party should not be limited to individual aspiration but a collective efforts of stating important factors

“Importance of Peace”.He Concluded

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