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You are not a Christian because you believe in God – Pst Pat Mbatojuo, PIBS lecturer

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You are not a Christian because you believe in God – Pst Pat Mbatojuo, PIBS lecturer

Written By Anthony Iwuoma

Posted By Town Crier News Nigeria

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Pat Mbatojuo, a lecturer with the Pentecostal International Bible Semiary, PIBS, of the Christian Pentecostal Mission, CPM, Lagos, has said merely believing in God is not enough to qualify one as a Christian.

The man of God made the clarification at the launch of a book, ‘The Christian Identity: Who is a Christian?’ authored by the Rector of PIBS, Dr. Donatus Emmanuel UN.

The book was written to address the identity crisis, confronting today’s believers.

Mbatojuo, who reviewed the book, noted that there are lots of misconceptions about the real identity of a Christian.

He said: “It is so amazing and heartbreaking that people all over the world do not know or understand who a Christian is. People suppose that once you have attend a church, you become a Christian. This is a great lack of the knowledge of the Christian faith, as one is not a Christian simply because he believes in God, as the devil and demons also believe in God. Hence we are called in the Christian faith to do more than mere believing. The book is expository and insightful. It is also self-explanatory for the easy understanding of everyone. It is well-researched and well-backed up with relevant Bible verses.

“The author defined who a Christian is. He gave various insights into the understanding of discipleship. This is not just a book, but a compendium of 12 books in one volume. It is made up of 12 chapters and each chapter is a book on its own. The book informs us that as Christians, there is an enemy within us and it helps us to identify the enemy and how to deal with it. Each chapter exposes new facts that you never knew as a Christian. So, it is a must-read for everyone.”

The author of the book, hinted that the book expatiates the attributes of true Christianity.

He added a strategic analysis of how people misunderstand a believer and a church goer to be a true Christian and the benefits of maintaining a good relationship with God.

Chairman on the occasion, Mr. Obiadozo, described the presentation of the book as historic, adding that the “book is a panacea to the great confusion in the minds of believers and unbelievers as to who a Christian is; what qualities he should posses; his peculiar character or distinguishing features from a divine perspective as opposed to popular understanding and belief. The book is no doubt an eye opener to the body of Christ and the world at large.”

Dr. Emmanuel said: “The burden in my heart for mankind motivated me to come up with this all important book. It came to fruition through the help of the Lord, who told me in 1991 to separate myself for Him. I want to state emphatically and unequivocally that we as Christians are not called to religion, but to faith; a faith that will lead to a perfect end and eternal bliss. The book teaches us the process that makes one a Christian. It is the process of discipleship, the great commission of the Master and our great omission as we now make members instead of disciples, who will become Christians.

“The book teaches us that Christianity is not religion, but relationship with God, which begins at the point of our new birth. Religion is the impossible road to God, which men try to take which should be avoided in order to look unto God and call upon Him for us to be saved. A Christian is born of the spirit and of the water, filled with the spirit, led by the spirit, and worships God in spirit and truth.

“A Christian knows that he belongs not to this world that will pass away, but he belongs to God, and awaits the coming of the Saviour Lord and Christ. These and more can be found in the book. My sincere appreciation goes to all CPM spiritual state leaders for the great work they are doing for the Lord. I dedicate this book to the Almighty God.”

For Ngubo, Chancellor, Maranata University: “Dr. Donatus Emmanuel is a good man. I wish him all the best. Everyone has spoken constructively well about him and all that was said about him is unarguably the fact. I recommend that the book is used by anyone, who desires to know the truth about Christianity.”

According to Uche Ezeagwu said: “The author is a man with leadership distinctions and a preacher of righteousness. He is a prophetic revivalist teacher, a man with divine principles. He has been a minister of the gospel whose life and service to the cause of the gospel have been an inspiration to many. He has been a blessing to the body of Christ. The book gives insights for those who are confused and perplexed about what Christianity is. I highly recommend this book to everyone.”

The launch of the book at Ibis Royale Hotel, Ajao Estate, drew a large assemblage of eminent personalities, including Prof. Emeka Ngubo, chancellor of Maranata University, Lagos; Uche Ezeagwu, David Edochie, Ikechukwu Ugwoke and Pat Mbatojuo, among others.

They all agreed that to be a Christian, one has to emulate the life of Jesus Christ in order to have dominion in their endeavours and live a purposeful life.

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