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Umahi’s Ministerial Appointment Will Unlock a Radical Infrastructural Revolution in Nigeria- Eze

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Umahi’s Ministerial Appointment Will Unlock a Radical Infrastructural Revolution in Nigeria- Eze

Urges Tinubu to Consider His Achievements as Governor of Ebonyi State and Assign Him Works Portfolio









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Erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP) and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to consider assigning the Minister of Works portfolio to Ministerial nominee from Ebonyi and former Governor of the southeast State, Sen. (Engr.) Dave Umahi.

Recall that the APC chieftain had in a press release on 30th June, 2023 titled, “Ministerial Appointment: Umahi Will Unlock A Radical Infrastructural Revolution in Nigeria if Called Upon To Serve…” called on the President to appoint ex-Governor Umahi into his cabinet as Minister of Works despite his position as Senator.

According to Chief Eze, “with the retinue of landmark achievements particularly in infrastructure, recorded in Ebonyi State, under the immediate past administration of Sen. David Nweze Umahi CON., as Governor of Ebonyi State, President Bola Tinubu must beam his searchlight and look inward to discover the capabilities and professional competence imbued in the former Governor which he said are what is needed at the moment to save Nigeria’s crumbling infrastructure and ignite a rapid growth that will help the country catch up with the rest of the world.

The APC Chief said his advice on the matter of who heads the Ministry of Works is paramount and should be heeded given that Senator Umahi displayed superlative practical performance and his credentials in infrastructure and related developments in Ebonyi while he held sway as Governor consolidates his position as a performer cum leader in structural engineering.

Highlighting some stunning infrastructural records to the credit of the former Governor, Chief Eze noted that aside building sixteen flyover bridges, Sen. Umahi built an international market with modern facilities that is large enough to be ranked the biggest in West Africa.

The State Ecumenical Centre which sits and prides itself as the best in the country is a model for it’s contemporaries. The former Governor also built a modern shopping mall – the best of its kind in Nigeria to boost modern trade and commerce and improve local economy. He constructed thousands of kilometers of roads and drainage systems with concrete overlays that meet every engineering standards, turning the state into a construction site throughout his eight-year term.

Eze emphasized that one administration whose times and legacies will continue to resonate in the memories of men is that of Dave Umahi, 2015-2023, whose eight-year reign transmogrified Ebonyi into an evolving economic hub of the eastern region and earned her the status of the fastest developing state in Nigeria.

Further offering his opinion on the present state of Ebonyi, Eze noted that the state and her people owe the development that has permeated the nook and cranny of the entire enclave to former Sen. Umahi, whom he described as the vision bearer and father of the new Ebonyi state.

According to the party Chief, As Governor, Sen. Umahi created direct and indirect jobs for thousands of youths and improved the livelihoods of families through his unparalleled drive for development which is yielding a multi-sectoral result and widening the scope of the state’s economy.

The King David University of Medical Sciences, his brainchild has since taken off and would help stem the tide of medical tourism amongst Nigerian elites. The University will serve a crucial role in providing manpower and bridging the gap in Nigeria’s ailing health sector.

Eze who took a tour of the Ebonyi International Airport highlighted that the Airport was also initiated and constructed by the administration of Umahi as one of the wonders his administration.

Named after one of the greatest son’s of South East and one time Senate President of Nigeria Senator Chuba Wilberforce Okadigbo, he said the airport is built and adorned with facilities of international standard and is carefully crafted to launch the state on the map of world tourism, transnational trade and commerce aside the domestic, regional and international air businesses it offers to commercial airline operators and sundry investors in the aviation sector.

Through his sterling performance as Governor, Ebonyi, the hitherto underdeveloped and backward state in Nigeria has set the pace and is already taking the lead in the aviation market.

These and more formed the reason why the party Chief is recommending Sen. Umahi as the next Minister of Works to quickly breach Nigeria’s infrastructure deficits.

Governor Umahi who is immediate past Senate Deputy Majority Leader recently celebrated his 61st birthday. Eze wished him better and greater years ahead as he makes his presence abound at the centre.

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