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Teachers deserve respect, support, says Sen. Frank Ibezim

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Teachers deserve respect, support, says Sen. Frank Ibezim


written By Anthony Iwuoma


Posted By Town Crier News Nigeria


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The 2022 Teachers Day celebration may have come and gone but for the senator, representing Imo North in the National Assembly, there is no end to celebrating teachers.

Therefore, the lawmaker has charged the government and members of the public to proritise the welfare of teachers in the country.

According to Ibezim, who spoke on the heels of the just Teachers Day celebration, teachers deserve respect and support by all and sundry because of their role in moulding the destinies if men.

He said: “Nobody has amounted to anything without being touched by teachers. Although this year’s celebration was aptly themed: ‘The Change Of Education Begins With The Teachers’, however, considering the role of teachers, education does not only begin with them but also ends with them because whatever knowledge they impart on their students is what will guide them to whatever they become in life.”

The lawmaker called on the government to fulfill its obligations and promises to teachers, adding that good-spirited Nigerians should also contribute towards making teaching easier for the teachers.

“The government cannot do it alone,” he said. “I don’t agree that a teacher’s reward is in heaven. This may be true to some extent but it is also necessary for teachers to begin enjoying that reward from here on earth, otherwise, frustration could deter them from giving their best. Obviously, it the society that will suffer the consequences,” Ibezim posited


The lawmaker, who has before now shown commitment to improving the welfare of teachers in his constituency through cash donations as a measure to motivate them to do more, urged members of the public to deem it important to support the teachers in their locality.

“I call on all good-spirited Nigerians to assist the teachers in whatever way you can. You don’t need to be a millionaire before you could do this. All you need is to recognise the invaluable contributions of teachers and appreciate them. This shall encourage them the most.

“We all can ease the challenges teachers face by chipping in whatever we can to support them. This is a task for anyone, who has passed through a teacher at whatever level of education, or still have children or wards under the care of teachers.

“Who knows how many of us would have become hooligans and misfits today if not for the moulding influence of teachers. As we all know, the economic downturn in the country is harsh but a little help from all of us shall lessen the pain on teachers and encourage them in their all-important role in society,” the Lawmaker said.

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