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TB Joshua Lives On 2 Years After His Death.

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TB Joshua Lives On 2 Years After His Death.
















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The Founder Synagogue Church Of All Nations SCOAN Late Prophet TB Joshua Lives on Two years after his death as the members gathered to remember his legacies.

Candle Light Service was held to commemorate the life and time of Prophet T.B Joshua.
In an interview conducted members spoke extensively about his legacies.


According to one of the members who identified himself with tears in his eyes described the late prophet TB Joshua as a humble man.
Prince Tunde Olanipekun.

My name is Tunde Olanipekun, a Prince in Arigidi Akoko where the Pastor comes from in Arigidi Akoko where the Pastor here came from.


” I am here in remembrance of a great man. Tomorrow marks the second year anniversary of his death, and we have a candle light procession as part of a week-long activities to remember him.

” If I would not mince words, first of all, I would not like to refer to him in the past tense, because we still feel his presence among us.


” He is a man of God personified, he is a gentle man, a passionate man, a kind man, a generous man, I have never seen that kind of man before.

” Somebody like me, I am not a poor man, but when you meet Pastor T.B Joshua he always want to give you something to take away.

” Unlike the many people, who want to take from you? Each time you meet him, he is looking around to what can I give to this man to go away with, in his life time, all the spiritual items are given to us free of charge.

” Whereas all these things are sold in other religious organization I don’t want to make mention.

” I remember him for his sympathy for other people, he always put other people ahead of himself as a matter of fact if you ever give him something, and he will want to give you something back in return.

” He is always looking for somebody who is in need, he was not a patient person but also looking for what to do, so he is almost 100 percentage of the time busy.

” As a pastor, I have the privilege of having a close relationship with him, having hailed from the same town, Prophet could call you anytime of the night 3:00am, 4:00am and you will hear him saying “uncle hope I was not the one that woke from sleep” that gives an idea of the time he may likely have to rest.

” I emulate his Christian virtues, he was a great teacher , he left no one in doubt, so when you are sinning you know, you know you are sinning, his sermon were simple, deep and educative.

“And with this, you are not left in doubt where you stand in or with God because it is not a question whether I am doing right or wrong, he will let you know, what is right and what is wrong.

” But sometimes, you imagine where he is getting this type of deep teachings from, I have a heap of his sermon that I treasure, and I still remember most of his quotable quote that enhance good living.”

Also Speaking, Bishop Stephen Ogedengbe ,said , that,” I am the Presiding Bishop of Wisdom Chapel International world Wide, And to the glory of God, Prophet T .B Joshua is from my state, Ondo State and from my community Arigidi Akoko.

” Well the servant of God, is one born into a generation will don’t have such human being in any century and in a particular generation and generation unborn Prophet T.B Joshua is phenomenon and being a servant of God who comes from an humble background, he has been able to define to us, that the lord Jesus Christ was born in manger and he was able to move from Nazareth to Jerusalem and that is the story of Prophet T.B Joshua.


” I know that the Prophet when he was alive, he touched so any lives and he even touched the life of my community.


” Prophet T.B Joshua spoke about the future, as a matter of fact, he speaks about the future today and the man of God in Synagogue that will know started his ministry early enough and call it Synagogue of all Nations, when those around of him were just friends and neighbors that was a Prophecy that was not common.


” Synagogue Church of all Nations and many Pastors even all around the nation Nigeria does not understand what he was talking about.



” Because the church before him are community churches, church of the environment, tribal churches, family churches, ethnic churches.


” But Prophet T.B Joshua comes with a church of Nations, to Nations, not only in Africa but across the globe but if you know the way the ministry started it is unbelievable.


” Particularly, in his Nation Nigeria nobody takes him serious, they believe it cannot happen because no one has ever done it not even in America, not even in Asia, not even in Europe.


” What he did in Africa, particularly in Nigeria was able to be exported to other part of the world in his life time.


” As a minister and as a prophet, so describing Prophet T.B Joshua in one language is not explainable because his life was a mystery, and this is the mystery we are still celebrating today.

” Because his life and legacy can never die, because Prophet T.B Joshua is like an Octopus who spread all over the nations of the world. So my experience with him, is so wonderful, I remember in the year 2000, we are on this mountain with my wife, and I came with my little children.


” The elder one was getting out of college, planning to enter institution and the prophet took my wife to one side, and he said madam, do you have Jewelries and my wife was astonished and he said sir, what is going on?.

” So the Prophet said, you know what, I am saying it now in the presence of your husband any jewelries or gold that you have is less important today.


” But sell them, and send your children to the most quality school, school that are not just common, don’t send to just local school, even if it means going abroad, let them have quality education, gold and silver is nothing.

” But is bigger than gold and silver is education, that memory never left my wife till this moments, as a matter of fact this morning when I was about coming here, he still remind me that reminanssance of the Prophet’s words. The word never left her, and she took to the world and before you know it, we have our daughter and son two of them are ding PH.D and we also have our last born who is studying in Philadelphia in the United State of America.


” This is the product of the advice Prophet T.B Joshua, the man who understand education, but never started his life with education. A man who understand a studious life and the benefits of serving God, and give the best quality to knowledge.

” Look at his creativity as manifested in his the building of church, in the mountain design, we have never seen anything like this anywhere in the world even in Jerusalem, the structure of this mountain Is not existing anywhere so there is no copy anywhere.

” So what you find on this mountain and on Prophet T.B Joshua mountain has not been seen anywhere, so it cannot be an idea of man. The Bible says, no one can received anything, except it is given from heaven. So prophet hear from the lord, and his world is still relevant till to day.

” Well the experience I have the Prophet T.B Joshua, was that he was able to achieve his dreams by making sure that this church the Synagogue of all Nations is not a tribal church, is a national, continental and intercontinental church.


” I was with him till year 2000, when he shared this dream, this mountain was like this, and he was speaking about this mountain.

” Believe me honestly, when I was here we have some local boats. It is path of what we used to here, we also have some foot path some goods will almost fall into the water.

” Prophet T.B Joshua said a time will come that his place will be like a parish and everything will be working, I will never forget this experience because what he said that time looks impossible, but today, it is a reality. So the design of this mountain, that is the Architectural design and the kind of design that I don’t even know how to explain it and a lot of prayers taking place here and a lot of testimony have taken place here. So this are miracles that cannot be explained.
Another thing about the Prophet, is his impact in our village and community I will never forget his impact.


” The community was in darkness about six local government in Arigidi Akoko, all the Southwest and North West of Ondo State and Prophet T.B Joshua came and bought more than twenty transformer for the community, build the road for the people and transformed their lives.


” He also goes to the old people and begin to bless their lives, his charity is contagious you can be closed to Prophet T. B Joshua and not live a life of giving, because he gives with love, he gives without expecting anything in return.

” So the highest impact he made, and transfer to everyone is the ability to give, which made everyone around him to follow suit

Another Participant from the U.S who pleaded anonymity ,said that, ” with my wife Precious but we are living in Ghana right now. It very difficult to described him, he was a gentle man touching the lives of many including us, and he makes a huge difference in the world.
He is made a remarkable impacts in the lives of people, including my life and that of my wife.


” I think the most important thing to me is that, if there is one of the mega churches I know about that helps people, that is the needy, the poor, the old and the young then his church is actually doing it perfectly.

” Most of the Mega churches I am familiar with in the world don’t do that so that what’s made originally love the church, they also shaped people’s thought.

” Yes he said it all, but let me add mine, he changed my life and deliver me from the spirit of prostitution.

” Then he made me know how to love the people, before now I am a fighter when I see people I like to fight. He also makes to know how to love people, give through this I myself and my husband used to visit the orphanage, the old people every month.


” There is no perfect explanation in explaining how he has changed my life, but all I can say is that he transformed my life. Because, I don’t even know before, neither do I go church, but through Synagogue of all nations my life was transformed.

Dr. Vincent .  a consultant Rheumatologist in the highland of Bahamas, and I lived in the Bahamas in Nassau and I have been practicing for over fifty years.


” I have been a member of Synagogues Church of all Nations since 1992, infact my mother was a member and my children’s are also members and there is a lot more I can say about Prophet T.B Joshua, but I will just say a little bit.

” He is a Prophet of the most high God, He was a faithful servant, and a willing servant of the lord Jesus Christ his master. When you talked about the legacy of Prophet T.B Joshua, it involves a lot of good things.


” Look at the structure of the Synagogues of all nations the church he built from straches, with its members.

” The church today is and edifice in Nigeria or anywhere else. Infact to me, the Prophet is like was like an Architect, a planner, to me it is just amazing that someone can put up such an edifice such as Synagogue Church of All Nations.

” When you talk about legacy, you need to talk about human being, that is women and men are the legacy of Prophet T. B Joshua the members, everyone who has heard his messages one way or the others they will influence others, others too who watched Emmanuel TV, listen to his prayers, see the work that he does.

” All these all part of what we consider as part of his legacy. People always called him a philanthropist , but I would say he was a philanthropist of a different degree, there are many philanthropist in the world, but his own kind of philanthropist is a philanthropist of love, the love of Jesus Christ that emanated from him we all remember that he always says , you do more for others than for yourself.

” My experience as a member of the church for over two decades ago, ha been wonderful, through the Prophet T.B Joshua I know Christ the more. And get the all the benefits that I should get for knowing Jesus.


” That is my summary for that, rather than just pinpointing.

” There are many things I have emulated from him, since he passed to glory and one of it is the act of giving, helping those who are in needs, that is the most important. Also, loving your neighbors as yourself may be you practice the same religion or not you don’t, even those who hates you no choice but to forgive them.



Bledine Nyoni  a retired Government Official from Tanzania. Said , that ,” I am here today, to celebrate the life of Prophet T.B Joshua, Prophet T.B Joshua is my spiritual father and father for all Nations.

” The Prophet will be remember for many things, however, been a Tanzanian I will say he was a man of the people.

” He want to see everybody doing fine and been able to manage their lives.

” I vividly remember that time, the first time I came here I wanted to join him to do the work of God, and from there I started working for God in the church. He was also a person that travelled with all over the world.

” Like South America, he went to Corinth all over the world, but anywhere he went he always put the community first in helping such community.

” Although he went there for the work of the lord, but also helped the community around there, he was a man of the people, he was a man who cares about the life of the people around the world.

” He left a legacy, in every country he went to, he help such nations and my nations was one of such nations and I remember Prophet T.B Joshua gave some millions, during our first government, when we finish the election, he came to pray for our nation and also prayed for us during the inauguration of the Tanzania.

” He also helped many people in the Northern part of Tanzanian, specifically the “Masia people. There are a lot of things that can be said about him, but he was a man of the people.


” Working with him, I realized he is a humble man and he got me humble, he was a man who cares about the people, he is also very concern about the minute details to ensure that things work out the way it ought to work.

” He is my mentor, and I am who I am today because of Prophet T.B Joshua and he is also a mentor of many people land if you saw me coupled of years ago, I was a different person, but today my way of thinking has changed a lot because of what I learnt from T.B Joshua.

” He was a man who loved people, he was a man who will do a lot of things you ordinarily will not expect a man of his status to do.


” He will sit and eat with the normal people on the street, he will help them, and he will know when you need help without necessarily telling him.


” So he was a giving person, so I have learnt form him that every single thing giving me, I should share with the people and God will give me more .

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