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Home » Step into the unusual in 2023 – Rev. Paul Chikwem urges Christians

Step into the unusual in 2023 – Rev. Paul Chikwem urges Christians

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Step into the unusual in 2023 – Rev. Paul Chikwem urges Christians




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The special December edition of Papa’s Move, a programme hosted by Rev. Paul Chikwem Head Pastor of Christian Pentecostal Mission, CPM, Egbe Branch, and Supervisor of Area B branches of the church, may have come and gone but the ripples are still felt days after.

The night was quite awesome, as several programmes were serenaded to entertain the mammoth crowd of worshippers.

The expansive stage on the church premises in Egbe, Lagos, was well-lit with Christmas lights. MC Mugabe compeered the event and did justice to it. Mega, the comedian, was also there as well as Praise Channel, Minster Senu Sax and Seun. The singers took turns leading the people through soul-lifting praise and worship sessions. They kept the people on their feet most of the night, as they danced and praised God. Different song groups also performed, including the children, youths, women, men and the Papa’sMove choir, who were bedecked in shimmering red apparel.

Of particular interest was the drama presentation, which frowned at the mode of Christmas celebration. It noted that people were more interested in celebrating and entertaining themselves, leaving the essence of Christmas out of what they do. It emphasised that Christmas should be an occasion to draw close to God and please Him, instead of the wining and dining that characterise the festivities.

The atmosphere became charged when Rev. Chikwem, mounted the podium.

An amazing worshipper, Chikwem brought down God’s glory with his characteristic worship of the Almighty. Then he talked about stepping out of the usual to the unusual. He told the audience to look beyond the rice and other material things to be shared but to focus on contacting God and stepping into the unusual.

Citing Moses, who led the children of Israel out of Egyptian captivity, Chikwem posited that he died because he wanted to keep doing the usual.

According to him, Moses smote the rock whereas God told him to speak to it. But because Moses was used to striking with his rod, he did not understand what God wanted and so hit the rock. Moses wanted to continue doing the usual but that’s not what God wanted.

Chikwem further said everything God created was by the spoken word. Moses was used to his rod and died because he refused to speak the word; God killed and buried him. However, when God appointed Joshua as Moses’ successor, He instructed him to meditate upon the word, not the rod, day and night. He wanted him to step out and do the unusual.

The man of God added that Moses died because of occurrences in his family line. He was destroyed by the same thing that killed his father, anger. He was a descendant of Levi, who had killed a man in his anger. So, Moses also killed a man, an Egyptian, out of anger before escaping to the bush in Egypt. And because he was provoked, he chose to strike the rock instead of speaking to it, as instructed by God.

Chikwem lamented that Moses, who had defeated marine demons, even as a child, was eventually destroyed at the point of entering the Promised Land by the problem of lineage. He prayed that no member of the congregation would miss their breakthroughs.

Speaking further, he explained that Joshua was mandated to dwell on the word of God, which is indestructible, adding that God holds the heavens by the word of His mouth; the word of God is infallible till the end of time.

Hundreds of souls trooped out to surrender their lives to Jesus when the altar call was made.

The service ended about 5 am but even by 8 am, the gifts were still being shared. The expectant beneficiaries were so many more bags of rice had to be procured for them.

It was indeed a glorious event, as the people danced and praised God all through the night.

Papa’s Move is a monthly programme that is held on the 22nd of every month in 2022 but from next year, 2023, it will be held on every 23rd of the month. The December edition is usually special, as tagged because it is an occasion to put smiles on the faces of many widows and the needy and ensure that they have food and clothing to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

Rev. Chikwem has been hosting this programme for about ten years with the support of partners, such as Mackog Investment Nigeria Limited; Chisonic Investment Nigeria Limited; Chief & Lolo Uche Igwe; Emy success Equipment Ltd; U.C Favour Ventures; IK Don Ventures; Sir & Lady David Ogbodo; Ezedinanwata Oil and Gas, among others.

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