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*She’s Manipulative, Violent and Uncontrollable says Director accused of Domestic Violence.*

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*She’s Manipulative, Violent and Uncontrollable says Director accused of Domestic Violence.*

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A Director at the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Mr Nuraini Olalekan Onikoyi, who was recently accused of ordering his househelp to unleash their domestic dogs on his wife as published on the guardian newspaper on 12th December 2022 debunked the accusations has being baseless, unrealistic, and Spurious.

According to Mr Onikoyi, the story was cunningly published with intentions to destroy the good name he has built for over 30 years. “it is true that we have been having issues in our marriage and as a matter of fact i have filed for a divorce which is yet to be resolved by the court. “ He added.

While relaying the story, Mr Onikoyi said “On the night of 30th November 2022,  Mr Clifford (My P.A) released the dogs from their cage at 7:24pm (this has been a normal practice for over 2 years we’ve had the dogs) for security after every member of the house must have entered.

Unknown to him that my wife, Mrs Emily Onikoyi had gone out again.

“I was having my dinner when i heard a sudden cry for help, I immediately rushed downstairs and noticed the dogs have bitten my wife, I immediately rushed her to the nearest hospital while putting on just singlet. I asked Clifford what had happened and he said he saw When Madam came home while he was washing the car but he didn’t know she had gone out again before he released the dogs. “I thought everyone was inside already “ he added.

Four days after the incident, on the 4th December 2022, Emily’s Illegitimate son, Darlington Eguriase brought an unidentified man in military uniform to the house to attack Clifford by stabbing him until he found a way to escape and lock himself in a room while covered in blood.

“These dogs have been living with us for over two years, I adopted them when they were just 6weeks old and Emily sometimes feed them herself especially during festive seasons”, what happened was unfortunate and surprising, and it is unusual for dogs to directly attack a familiar face the way she was Mr Onikoyi added.

I have the CCTV footage of all these happenings in the house including how Emily was attacked by the dogs which has been presented to the DPO and was still under review before Emily’s Family members forcefully went to discharge her from the hospital were she’s being treated and also took the children without any information of their whereabouts.




Emily is manipulative, violent, abusive, uncontrollable, and dishonest. Mr Onikoyi continued, I had seen some red flags before legally marrying her but I overlooked them and loved her regardless.

When i met her, she told me she had just one child which I didn’t consider a problem because i also had a child too at that time, until I received an anonymous call of her having 3 Children which i felt betrayed and sent her packing for 7 months, after receiving several calls from friends and her family members pleading that i take her back, i eventually forgave her and took full responsibility of all her children including sponsoring their education and even allowed them live with us.

At any little misunderstanding, she threatens to beat and deal with me. Infact, several reports were made at lgbogbo Police station. In one instance when we were writing out our statements she threatened me with acid and the IPO quickly called the attention of the DPO to the threath right there in the police station.

This made the DPO transfer our case to the gender unit of the Lagos State police command. As usual, She again exhibited wantonness in the Domestic Violence unit by stripping herself naked in the presence of the police officers and this act angered the officers a lot. The officer in charge of Domestic Violence was to charge our case to Court but l pleaded because of the consequences of the case she was being charged.

Also, In 2014, she went out with her friend Meg who was then a nurse at the general hospital in Ikorodu with my car after which she claimed the car was snatched from her at gun point after being drunk but she was able to carry her handbag and phones. Her claims seemed suspicious because the car tracker was immediately removed from the car.

These and many more has been the order of the day since i married Emily, it has always been a rollercoaster of troubles even when i try to manage the situation, she’ll always come with even more.

During the 2021 Eid il Filtri holiday, Emily went to my children’s boarding school, Federal Government College Odogbolu, Ogun state and met with the school principal with claims that i was not their biological father and I shouldn’t be given access to them which made me proceed into having a DNA test, while also displaying her nuisance in the presence of the school principal (Mr Amos Akinpelu). All these were recorded by the school principal on a video and promised to release it on court order.

She has also on several occasions physically assaulted me and my staff which were always being reported at the police station.

Emily has always behaved as though she’s mentally deranged and I seriously think she needs help

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