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SDP Governorship Candidate Alleges Threat To Life By Gov.Yahyah Bello

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SDP Governorship Candidate Alleges Threat To Life By Gov.Yahyah Bello




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A call has been made to the office of the Inspector General of Police,(IGP) by the gobernatorial candidate for the Social Democratic Party ,Alhaji Muritala Yakubu Ajaja, over what he calls threat to his “personal life,his Party and followers by the incumbent Governor of Kogi State,Aljaji Yahyah Bello”.

In his strong worded petition to the police top brass dated 12th July,2023,a copy of which was made available to our Correspondent, Ajaka said that he sees each day as a blessing from God.

Ajaka,s letter of petition was actually written through the office of Falana: Falana: Chambers, in which the petitioner stated that,since his nomination as the gobernatorial candidate for Kogi State in the fourth coming election,his person,the party and his followers have  been subjected to incessant threat to life, harassment and intimidation by the Executive Governor of Kogi State,Aljaji Yahyah Bello.

The petition read in part:
“Threat to life, intimidation, harassment,blackmail…by his executive governor of Kogi State,Alhaji Yahyah Bello against the person person of Alhaji Muritala Yakubu Ajaka…”

The executive governor of Kogi State,Alhaji Yahyah Bello,was alleged to have made life unbearable for him by using State apparatus to box him into a political corner by disallowing him to excercise his Constitutional rights.

Aljaji Muritala Yakubu Ajaka, said that,the Kogi State Governor,would not allow him to enjoy peace in Kogi State nor would he allow him ,his party and supporters to excercise their fundamental rights of peaceful assembly and association.

The petitioner said he had surreptitiously been waylaid by hoodlums ostensibly sponsored by the State in an attempts to cause him ,the party and his teeming supporters bodily harm.

Ajaka, consequently pleaded with the Inspector General of Police,to use his good offices to call to order,the alleged untowards activity of the executive governor with the view to allow peace to reign in the State.
“I am a man of Peace.The State belong to all of us.The development of our State is cardinal to any peace loving individuals.We can only develop our State when we all eschew bitterness.Together,we shall make Kogi great”,he said in a separate chat with our Correspondent.

Meanwhile,all attempts to hear out from Governor Yahyah Bello,were not successful as he was said to be too busy attending to astate functions.

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