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Kemi Otekaiye Colloraffi is artistically known as Nkan Eleduwa or her stage name Nkan which rings a very loud bell in the Nigerian entertainment sector. Nkan is the leader of Ditoko Band and she is a lady endowed with multiple talents in the artistic entertainment space, who skilfully chants, sings, acts and dances on stage in early days in the entertainment industry.
She is an epitome of complete creative entertainment. She has been doing this since her growing up years as a child and she is still immensely talented in arts till date. Nkan discovered very early in life that she was gifted but she did not know the channel which to pass through. However, she was motivated into the Arts as a child when one of her neighbours, a woman sang a beautiful song and immediately fell in love with it. She rendered the song and another person told her she will make a music star in the future. Fast forward, Nkan joined a group called Black Image where she was really discovered and anchored any music that comes with the stage drama and dance drama, whenever the group has a performance.
On her parents supporting her career at the beginning, her father was actually a good dancer who challenged the King of the world beat himself, King Sunny Ade when Nkan was just five years old. So, obviously her father was very supportive of her music career because he was always playing the likes of Comfort Omoge, KSA, Ebenezer Obey’s music and he even go further by inviting his friends to come watch his daughter dance to Comfort Omoge or King Sunny Ade’s song where she will come out behind the curtain and dance herself to stupor because she did not see that as a performance then. She was then called ‘kokoro’ by her admirers, majority of whom were her father’s friends who admire her dancing talents so much. Though, Nkan lost her father at a relatively young age of around 10 goin to 11, he supported her talents very strongly giving her enough confidence.
Nkan also acknowledged her father’s support after her performance at the Silverbird Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant many years back. She remembered his support after performing for a very large crowd at the event. She also acknowledged her mother’s supportive roles as well. So, her two parents have been there for her and even though they are no more but they are still there with her in spirit because she knows she can’t be where she is today without God and with them, her parents being her guiding angels, watching over her and propelling her forward.
Nkan learnt music and entertainment through the process of her long years on stage. She never went to any musical school to learn. It was an inborn thing and all she had to do is stay focused in the sector to be more knowledgeable about it all. Her stay with the Black Image and being the lead vocalist really helped and she is also highly talented. She picks her key easily and begins to learn the more she performs and the more she finds herself on stage. Learnt the bases of Keyboard.
Currently, Nkan is a Nurse practitioner but she is an OND holder in Business Administration from a higher institution in Nigeria and she also did several professional courses in Marketing. She is also taking some prerequisite classes in Nursing currently.
Nkan, came from a family of five and she had two younger ones. Unfortunately however, Nkan is the only living soul of her family generation and automatically became mother to all the children left behind by her late siblings. One of those children is graduating from the University while the others are doing great in their own academic rights. Like said earlier, her father influenced her into singing though she has this natural instinct and passion for singing in her and also, Paul Uwagbae who was also the artistic director of Black Image then, for more than 20 years ago, he has always been encouraging Nkan alongside the CEO of Black Image then :”Olaniyi Tompson Tabi. “So, I can only say that my dad encouraged me a lot and with the fact that music is an inborn thing with me, I have always loved to sing and that is what I know how to do best. I have been in the game for years, though I have to take some breaks to take good care of the kids my siblings left behind. I took over these responsibilities over a decade ago so that they can be well structured.” She was quoted as saying.
If Nkan is not into music today, she would have been a medical doctor which her father had planned for her to be right from her childhood. So, she seems to be fulfilling the father’s wish as she found herself back in the medical line as a nurse.
Nkan is a beautifully married lady who has quite a lot of men flocking around her with some of them opting for a relationship, but as a married lady, she knows her boundary with them and she maintains an artiste/fan relationship with everyone of them. For her, a star must know how to manage anyone that comes around her.
Nkan has done one album produced by Kayode Samuel in 2005, Music of Our Ancestors and the next one coming out soon is called Broda. Broda is a song that ministered a lot to Nkan, inspired by when she was going through a process of healing after surgery and the part that her husband did really means a lot to her and when received a call from Oluwatoyin M. Ojeyomi (Papa Tee) who said she is the only one that can give a good voice to that song.
So, she has done one album and four singles. ‘Music of our Ancestors’ produced by Kayode Samuel in 2005 was her first album, her first single was ‘Revolution’ and the second one was ‘Get More’ which she didn’t release until after 11 years, that was after ensuring she took good care of her siblings’ children and make sure that they can stand on their own. Get More was actually a gospel song she did during a convention theme with the same name and had great impacts on the people. Next was ‘Mr. DJ’ and after that is the latest one ‘Broda’In this track, Nkan celebrates men as an epitome of greatness filled with love and care, an institute that orchestrates the beginning of a new being to humanity.and its going to be released on father’s day.
Nkan realized that the only musician that appreciates men is Luther Vandross. She sees her husband as her broda, as her partner, gist lover and indeed, partner in everything. She also sees him as a father figure who advises her and she listens to him, so she dedicates the song to all wonderful men outside there. Men who stood by somebody they love, somebody they cherish. My husband is also one of the best influencer who encouraged me after we got married, propelled me that the world wants to hear my music and that is why we had to go back to the studio and he encouraged me to release ‘Get More’ which I have done a long time, then he pushed me again to record ‘Mr. DJ’ into my musical career back, he is pushing me right now to release an album. and that is why I will suggest to get married to someone who will support your dreams and not compete with it or discourage you.

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