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Home » Nigeria Army Pulls Out 24 Retired Generals of the Nigerian Army Medical Corps * 2 Major Generals 22 Brigadier Generals Across the Country*

Nigeria Army Pulls Out 24 Retired Generals of the Nigerian Army Medical Corps * 2 Major Generals 22 Brigadier Generals Across the Country*

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Nigeria Army Pulls Out 24 Retired Generals of the Nigerian Army Medical Corps * 2 Major Generals 22 Brigadier Generals Across the Country*

Nigeria Army Pulls Out 24 Retired Generals of the Nigerian Army Medical Corps

* 2 Major Generals 22 Brigadier Generals Across the Country*


Written By Dedeigbo Ayodeji



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Inline with the directives of the Federal government/civil service commission which prompted the Nigerian Army celebrated ICONIC Heroes of the Nigerian Army who fought the war and served in different capacity as Two Major Generals and 30 Brigadier Generals namely Major General IBJ Okeke (RTD),Major General A Kigbu , Brigadier General CB Wanda RTD, Brigadier General RCE John RTD, Brigadier General KT Archiving RTD, Brigadier General SE David RTD, Brigadier General SE Aliu RTD, Brigadier General,ST Olasupo RTD, Brigadier General MA Abdulahi RTD, Brigadier General NAA Hussaini RTD, Brigadier General A Dada RTD, Brigadier General JUO Bassey RTD, Brigadier General NAE Okeji RTD, Brigadier General AJ Enogela RTD, Brigadier General FN Mbibi RTD, Brigadier General TAY Ibrahim RTD, Brigadier General PD Yusuf RTD, Brigadier General K Salawu RTD, Brigadier General NA Abdurahim RTD, Brigadier General FO Pearse RTD, Brigadier General ETO Adebayo RTD, Brigadier General AL Onovo RTD , Brigadier General AF Omotosho RTD , Brigadier General JC Mbibi RTD, Brigadier General FD Gyang RTD, Brigadier General EB Ajayi RTD, Brigadier General FIT Ariori RTD, Brigadier General TA Adelanwa RTD, Brigadier General ANChujor RTD, Brigadier General QA Ahmed RTD, Brigadier General AO Ibeokoye RTD,and Brigadier General CA Thomas Retired from service.

The event which took place at the 65 Battalion Parade Ground Bonny Camp, Victoria Island Lagos.


However the atmosphere was glamoured , converged with family and friends and other senior Officers and send them forth from the Nigerian Army.

The retirees couldn’t hide their Job while they expressed optimum satisfactions during and after the service year.

Addressing the newsmen Reviewing Officer MAJ GEN IBJ OKEKE (RTD),said that,

” I feel greatly honoured to be invited as the Special Guest of Honour and Reviewing Officer of the pulling out parade of myself and 22 other fellow retired NAMC Generals.

This occasion, though coming over 3 years since most of us retired, marks a befitting end to our meritorious service to the nation.


I am glad that the COAS and the Ag CM found it necessary to find a way to appreciate the services we rendered in the 35 years or more that most of us put in.


It is also an indication that the Nigerian Army and in particular the NAMC still value the age-old customs and traditions of the NA and value team contribution to the service.


Today’s event is therefore our valedictory parade and is a day of mixed feelings of joy, nostalgia, a little sadness and deep thoughts.

We thank God and we are happy for the privilege to retire from service in good physical and mental health. My remarks today will convey my gratitude and thoughts on this pivotal occasion.


Retirement from service is a normal event. From the day military personnel is enlisted or commissioned, the clock starts ticking and ultimately ends when one has completed his years of service, or due to age or health reasons.



It is most honorable to retire voluntarily rather than compulsory retirement or other ways.


It is note-worthy that all the Generals being pulled out today retired voluntarily and with  relevance of NMS as a source of much needed manpower and the need It is disheartening that the that the school should be supported.



current HTACOS makes it difficult or almost impossible for an Ex-Boy who trains as a doctor to rise to the rank of a one-star general. If the situation remains, I and Maj Gen A Kigbu (Rtd) may unfortunately end up being the last Ex-Boy doctors to rise to Maj Gen or even become the Corps Commander Medical. It is my earnest desire that a solution be found, so that Ex-Boys can aspire to be doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals in the Army without the prospects of a gloomy future.


The Nigerian Army Medical Corps is one of the most highly specialized and cherished corps in the Army. I am proud to have served in this corps and to have contributed in giving it the pride of place it deserves.


Most of us being pulled out today labored and made sacrifices to see that the corps is valued. One thing I impressed upon my colleagues who were Commanders of various medical facilities during my tenure was to ensure that they leave the facility better than they met it and to leave a landmark project.


I enjoyed the goodwill of the then COAS, that resufed in the largest number of promotions to the Rank of Brig Gen during my tenure. It was also the period that the massive renovation, reconstruction and re-equipping of the tertiary hospitals by the then COAS began. We left a Corps that we can be proud of, with better infrastructure and equipment, though less so of trained personnel.




Tales of rivalry, acrimony, dichotomy and in-fighting that previously characterized the Corps were almost unheard of during my tenure. I gave everybody a sense of worth and importance that  unblemished records.


On a sad note. not all of us that started the job had the privilege of ending well or rising to the rank of General. Many have paid the supreme prize by giving their lives in the course of May God comfort their service and their memories linger with us.



families and grant them eternal rest.


It is pertinent to note that since a large number of us were retired almost suddenly in Mar 19, the process of voluntary retirement has been more streamlined in line with the HTACOS and everyone can now plan and anticipate the time of departure.


This process and the more regular payment of benefits has been making the prospects of retirement less stressful.


This process should be sustained in order to make life outside the military less painful.


My career in the military started 47 years ago when I entered the Nigerian Military School, Zaria as a boy soldier. NMS was the foundation of the process of molding young,brilliant boys to a future of service in the military.




We looked forward to becoming officers in those days and even when faced with discouragement such as delays in commissioning, we stayed and our patience paid off.


While not counting myself as the most qualified, I am an example of how patience, self- discipline, hard work, commitment to duties and especially the grace of God could take a lowly person to the top. Without ever lobbying for postings, promotions and other favours, I rose to the rank of Major General and Corps Commander Medical. As at Mar 19, when most of us retired, all the Doctors and Pharmacists of the rank of Brig Gen and above in the NAMC were Ex-Boys.



The eventual retirement of this class of highly trained and experienced staff left a big vacuum in the Medical Corps that is still difficult to fill.


This underlines the  encouraged increased productivity in the corps.


I wish to hereby thank my colleagues, staff officers, field commanders and every officer and soldiers of the corps for their goodwill, prayers, advice and support in making my tenure a success.


I am glad to note that the NAMC is still doing well, despite the younger age and rank at which the current leadership inherited Command.


I appreciate the Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen F Yahaya for continuing his support for the Corps and sustaining the pace of reconstruction and renovation of medical facilities.


I also commend the Ag CM for doing his best to maintain and improve upon the provision of quality care in our facilities. Recently I visited a few of our hospitals and I was elated to see some fine developmental projects embarked upon or completed by some field Commanders.


Like the agama lizard, I also nodded my head in fulfilment when the Commanders said that they were inspired to carry out these projects by the legacy left by some of us being pulled out today.


I enjoin the present set of leaders of the Corps to strive to work in unity and in cooperation with the Ag CM to keep the flag flying and not allow yourselves to be pushed around because of your rank.


Your excellent service delivery and competence will earn you the respect you deserve, notwithstanding your rank.


I congratulate my colleagues who are being pulled out today on your successful career.


The enthusiastic response to the invitation for this parade is a clear indication of the passion and love we all have for the Corps. Please let us take care of ourselves, keep fit, go for regular medical checkup, rest, eat well and remember our God. May we live long to enjoy the fruits of our labour.


COAS for the policy of re-engagement of competent retired personnel.



I and some of my colleagues here are still actively rendering services to the Army.


I therefore enjoin the Corps to cash in on the goodwill of the COAS and seek for more ways of utilizing the experiences and skills of more retired personnel. In order to improve on the manpower
situation in the Corps, I appeal to the AHQ to make the commissioning of medical personnel a regular, annual, predictable and sustainable event.


I also want to suggest that a pre-retirement comprehensive medical examination for potential retirees be introduced and funded by
the Army.


This will form a baseline for the continuity of medical care after retirement and reduce the incidence of morbidity and mortality
among veterans.

Afterall, one day you that are still serving will all retire and join us as veterans. So, you should plan well, improve your
skills and work towards a stress-free retirement when your time

The Chief of Army Staff, invited guests, my dear fellow retired
colleagues, officers and men of the NAMC, I hereby once more thank
you for this honour bestowed on us today. Well done for putting up
such a colorful parade for us. The memory of this day will linger long in
our minds. May the flag of NAMC continue to soar higher and higher.

I wish you all the very best in your endeavors and safe return to your
various locations.

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