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NAOSNP National Security Conference: NSCDC Talks About Critical Issues Surrounding Security Threats in Nigeria

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NAOSNP National Security Conference: NSCDC Talks About Critical Issues Surrounding Security Threats in Nigeria












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Lagos, Nigeria – In a significant gathering of security experts, journalists, and dignitaries, the Special Guest of Honour, Commandant Usman Ishaq Alfadarai of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Lagos State Command, on behalf of the Commandant General, NSCDC Dr Ahmed A. Audi delivered an insightful keynote address at the NAOSNP National Security Conference and Awards 2023. The Commandant addressed the audience on the theme “UPTICK OF LETHAL WEAPONS AS SECURITY THREAT: ARM-FULL, HARM-FULL IN NEW DISPENSATION,” highlighting the pressing security challenges faced by Nigeria today.

The event witnessed the presence of notable individuals, including Dr. Solomon E. Arase, Chairman of the Police Service Commission and former Inspector General of Police, who was scheduled to deliver the keynote address.

The Commandant General began his address by expressing his gratitude to the advisory board members and planning committee of NAOSNP for extending the honor of being the Special Guest of Honour. He also acknowledged the presence of Dr. Solomon E. Arase, emphasizing the importance of the occasion.

The primary focus of the Commandant’s speech was the critical issues surrounding security threats in Nigeria:

Small Arms Proliferation and Illicit Weapons: The Commandant expressed deep concern about the proliferation of small arms and illicit weapons in the country, pledging to tackle the issue through intelligence-driven operations, partnerships with relevant agencies, and public awareness campaigns.

Pipeline Vandalism, Bunkering, and Oil Theft: Recognizing the economic significance of Nigeria’s oil and gas infrastructure, the NSCDC has dedicated units and strategies to combat pipeline vandalism, bunkering, and oil theft. The Lagos State Command, in particular, plays a crucial role in this effort.

The Commandant detailed the strategies employed by the Lagos State Command:

Community Engagement: The Command works closely with communities to raise awareness about the dangers of pipeline vandalism and bunkering, encouraging citizens to report suspicious activities.

Intelligence Gathering: A dedicated intelligence gathering unit collects information about pipeline vandals and bunkerers, facilitating targeted operations.

Technology: The NSCDC embraces cutting-edge technologies, including drones and satellite imagery, to monitor critical infrastructure, identify, and track criminals involved in pipeline vandalism and bunkering.

Collaboration with Other Security Agencies: Close cooperation with other security agencies, such as the Nigerian Military and the Police, is vital in addressing these crimes effectively.

The Commandant General highlighted the achievements of the Lagos State Command in 2023, including the arrest of over 40 suspects and the recovery of stolen products and apprehended boats/tankers involved in illegal activities, which contributed to a reduction in pipeline vandalism and bunkering in Lagos State.

He also emphasized the importance of proper disposal of recovered firearms and ammunition to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

The Commandant also expressed his commitment to the safety and security of Nigeria, linking economic security to the successful protection of critical assets and infrastructure. He commended NAOSNP for providing a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders and looked forward to productive discussions during the conference.

The event concluded with high hopes for a safer and more secure Nigeria, as stakeholders from various sectors engaged in discussions and shared insights and experiences to address the complex security challenges facing the nation.

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