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“Let Me Pass” simply means a way to success – Prophet Anene Nwachukwu

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“Let Me Pass” simply means a way to success – Prophet Anene Nwachukwu

Written By Judith Dedeigbo,and Praise Anabelle

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Prophet Anene Nwachukwu of Rhema Deliverance Mission Inc. In an Exclusive Interview with our correspondent, bears his mind on the word of God and the state of affairs

* “Let Me Pass” simply means a way to success, way to succeed, way to progress, in an

While the program is a divine program that came with divine instruction from the lord we discover that if the believers are tooted frustrated and many of them don’t know which way to follow a lot of enemies are standing between us and our miracle and you know that to me, about 6-7 years ago I put up a program called to let me pass, is up to 10 years now.

so my people can cross over every year numbers 21:21-23 is where the text is taken from Israelites said to king Sihon, who plot their way to the promised land, let me pass through our land we will not take our water, will we not eat your food allow us to go and Passover Saul paused their passage so that they will not enter the promised land Israelites said no whether you like it or not we must pass.

They killed him and they were able to pass so what we did today so anybody standing against the door of our success testimonies that have been crushed from next Sunday we will great testimonies.

I know they died because they must, yes I am a man of God that believes somebody must die, yes, before you can ascend somebody must descend so today passed we are in the second quarter of the year, the second half and the second half of every match is an amazing winner we can be using but second half can be cancelled and give you 5-w it happened to Nigeria in 1989 the Saudi Arabia against Russia so is still happening today that Amite is passing away sir let me pass is unique and dynamic.

program and prophetic what will it inform the white?

well the lord said to me every first Sunday in July every year as we rounded up let me pass the first week of every July and on Sunday everybody must appear on white which shows that as your passing we shall manifest and become glorious but people look at us, we shall be unique if you look at the service is very unique everybody appears on white not like cele white but immaculate white because cele everybody must be on the gown but some people are on suit some on t-shirt me on agbada as the chief priest of the reamer, so everybody who appears today in the white, he/or she road are already shining that is the significance.

Oracle, when you were preaching you said something about what is happening in the country in terms of leadership, they have looked from the north, east, and south and there is a place they have not looked at what do you mean by that?

I always say it in the book of Mathew 2: the bible says, the star appeared in the east and the wise man came from the east they went there in Nigeria’s political equation situation you will discover that the north they have ruled.

For years and we have no result the south-west they have ruled and yet no result, the south they have ruled and yet no result the only side that has not ruled is the south-east so if you have tested before the three comers of Nigeria remaining one comer it means that these time around everybody should focus on the south-east because if you look at PDP today the reason south-east is being marginalized, neglected and insulted by the current president and administration is as a result of south-east supporting Atiku in 2019 and because south-east supported Atiku, we are paying for it. No appointment in NNPC, it is an 80% ordinance in the government architecture. There was no south-east man in the security apparatus of the country no south-east man was there and when you look at the whole thing, it is not only partialization it is wickedness the same Atiku who we supported in 2019 to pay back, PDP wanted to show it to south-east Atiku blocked with dollars. It was a dollar encounter the same Atiku who was supposed to show his benevolence at least is a payback time now went and blocked south, east people
from today the bounding and now he has come out who a hell in south-east or south would vote PDP is not possible and always easterners have their blood vote to the glory of God.

Peter Obi has declared and he told me personally that we will contest it to the end but on party primaries and you will discover today he has gotten the ticket and we are believing The God that very soon every day in Nigeria will be obedient,

You said 2023 there’s going to be bloodshed what is your advice to people and children of God prophesying bloodshed is putting in a sign 2023 is made or mar?

Buhari came in as a general he promised the North Eastern People that he will end Boko haram.

I can assure you that insecurity today is the worst ever in Nigeria.

Sir, I want to ask my last question concerning Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, what is your say or reaction to him?

Pastors and the Rhema Deliverance Mission Inc Church Deacons and Deaconesses 

Tinubu is not a bad person, Tinubu is a good man, take for example he has helped many people to come up and become somebody politically he has been the secret behind Lagos state electoral strength okay and Tinubu as he is contesting for the presidency I can assure you that if I have my vote to cast I will cast it for an easterner, but if there no easterner contesting, then, as a southerner I will vote for him but the south is the first and nothing against it.

Accapella Singer of Rhema Church Choirs
So sir, what is your take on the saying that the way the Ohaneze came out and kind of gave their support to Ndigbo.

From L-R Prophet Dr. Anene Nwachukwu,and Pastor Mrs Nkiru Nwachukwu 

Ohaneze said he will support the Igbo man let me say this, there is no permanent leader in Igbo land that I don’t know of and they are no leaders that don’t know me as well.

Congratulations receiving anointing of the holly spirit 

OHanaeze Ndigbo president or Igbo presidency and the way it is, nobody is looking at it that way but we believe that God will do something in Nigeria don’t forget let me prophesied this they will use some Igbo people to frustrate the effort of Peter Obi because our people are good in tackling their own. Look at David in the Bible, even in his family in 1 Samuel 1:6 David came out to fight goliath it was Great Oracle prophet Dr. Anene Nwachukwu Ministering 
His elder brother Eliab told him you naughty boy why are you here in Micah 5 vs.7—9 a man’s enemies are members of his household even though we have household enemies we believe Go for define intervention.

The instrumentalist

sir, there is a permutation that structurally peter obi is not there to grab the presidency come the 2023 election. What is your take on this?

Rhema Church Choirs ministering

There is something that just happened in the Philippines the son of the former president who abstained from the poll a must early came to the contest he has no structure nobody knows him the boy came out and brought out his manifestation to the people. people bought the idea there was a revolution in the Philippines and the election was conducted the guy won.

The Church Congratulations 

He came from abroad to contest and people fell in love with him because they were happy with what his father did but so but enemies removed him from office and he later died so because of that they said his father was a good man he must be a good person because every end produces after his kind he won the highest structure.

pastor Mrs. Nkiru Nwachukwu Ministering 
Peter obi needs are god man structure fails the structure that bought Osibanjo to power as vice president was it not Tinubu who was the one that fought against winning the election, the ladder you need to climb is god, step by step you will overcome.

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