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Home » Imo Guber: Uzodinma should withdraw from race -political stakeholder

Imo Guber: Uzodinma should withdraw from race -political stakeholder

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Imo Guber: Uzodinma should withdraw from race -political stakeholder




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As the campaign for Imo State governorship election kicks off, a political stakeholder in Imo State, Chief Nick Nwankwo, has called on Governor Hope Uzodinma to withdraw from his reelection bid in the November poll.

According to him, the call had become imperative because the governor has run the state aground, adding that Imo has not had it so bad, especially in the area of insecurity, and cannot afford to endure another four years of Uzodinma’s ‘misrule’.

Nwankwo, who said he was highly impressed by Senator Athan Achonu, the gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party, LP, in the election, bemoaned the stories swirling around the Aku Ruo Ulo proponent.

He said Imolites see Achonu, as the real hope and has become the focal point of the electorate, hence different contrived stories.

One such story is that Achonu is fronting for Governor Uzodinma after collecting $1 million from him through former Governor Ikedi Ohakim.

However, Ohakim has since denied the story but it refuses to go away.

Nwankwo dismissed the allegation, describing it as an orchestration of the opposition, who are afraid of Senator Achonu.

“There’s no iota of truth in that story,” he said. “It is a concoction of the opposition to rubbish the good name and chances of Achonu. Those who believe that lie do not know Achonu. What is $1 million to a person like Achonu?

“Wherever the rumour is coming from, it was cooked up by Achonu’s opponents, who are inferior to him in this race. Thank God, Ohakim, who was alleged to be the courier or middleman, has debunked the story. If he was not involved, it means that nothing like that happened since he was supposedly the linkman.

On why the rumour persists, Nwankwo went philosophical, saying: “You don’t cast stones to a barren tree. It is only a tree bearing fruits that children cast stones at. Achonu is not the only candidate in the race. It is instructive to note that Uzodinma and the All Progressives Congress, APC, are having sleepless nights over him. They have sponsored lies against him and plotted to split the Labour Party in the state.

“However, whether they like it or not, Achonu is unstoppable. Go round the state, his name is on the lips of everyone. No propaganda, no rigging, or violence can stop him. Uzodinma should start packing his bags to return to where he came from. He has succeeded in ruining Imo. Let history and posterity judge.

Nwankwo insisted that Achonu would win the election.

He said: “Achonu is in the race to win and he will. He is not fronting for anybody. He doesn’t need Uzodinma’s money for anything; maybe Uzodinma should go and collect even $2 million from him and pull out of the race. Imo people have had enough of him.”

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