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Imo Guber: Do not be afraid, I’ll protect you – Achonu, LP candidate assures on security

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Imo Guber: Do not be afraid, I’ll protect you – Achonu, LP candidate assures on security














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The campaign train of Senator Athan Nneji Achonu, the Labour Party candidate for the Imo State gubernatorial election in November has taken the state by storm.

It is now moving from local government to local government, following the LG-wide flag-off of LG-wide campaigns on Wednesday, beginning with Aboh Mbaise.

The unprecedented mammoth crowd that trooped out to hear the ‘One-Arm General’, as Achonu is fondly called, was unprecedented. He did not disappoint them either, as he reeled out mouth-watering promises.

Major on the list of what he said bordered on insecurity, which he said he would tackle headlong.

Donning a military camouflage, he took the eager crowd back to his days in the Biafra Army, even as a small boy because of his love for his people. That move cost him an arm.

According to him: “I am wearing military camouflage. I started fighting at the age of 10 when I joined the Boys Company of the Biafra army. I am a warrior. I vowed that I would rather carry it with my head instead of bullets to kill my relatives. However, it did not consume my head; it only took one of my arms.”

Achonu lamented the wanton killing and destruction of property in Imo State and vowed to secure and defend the people if elected.

“I can never allow anybody to waste the Igbo blood we fought hard to secure during the War. I cannot watch my fellow man spilling Igbo blood; it cannot happen in Jesus’ name. Why then did we fight if we are now the ones killing ourselves? It is of no use. Mothers are now watching the children they laboured hard to carry for nine months in the womb wasted like chickens.

“I will never accept that. I must stop him whether he likes it or not. He must leave by force. However, I pity him because no land can shield him. I really pity him. No land can hide him. Orlu has witnessed so much bloodshed; it is unspeakable. Traditional rulers who speak out are silenced for doing so.

“Let nobody be afraid; I have kicked him out already. Come out and vote en masse. After voting, he cannot take it from me. He is not capable; he only does that to the people he can intimidate.

“He has remained sleepless since I came out. He accuses me of collecting money from him. Others claim that they are Labour Party candidates after collecting money from him to go and talk nonsense.

“You don’t dare Agu Otu Aka. I will wipe away the tears of Aboh Mbaise. The man that collected your son’s mandate, I will break his hands and retrieve it in Jesus’ name.”

Yesterday, Achonu and his team defied torrential rainfall and stormed Ngor Okpalla LGA.

Interestingly, despite the poor weather conditions, a huge crowd of Ndi Imo still came out in solidarity with the Labour Party and its authentic candidate, Achonu, and indicated that his message, which revolved around the same theme of hope and a new dawn resonates well with them.

Achonu wowed Ngor Okpala people with his great plans for the people.

“As a private citizen, I brought a transformer to Ngor Okpala.
I built a health centre in Ngor Okpala. I will build Ulakwo – Local Government headquarters road.

“Ngor Okpala is the gateway of Imo State hence needs rapid development and infrastructure
You don’t rule Igbo people but rather you serve them. I will serve Ndi Imo. I will uplift Ngor Okpala market to become an international market. I will build an industrial processing zone in Ngor Okpala. I will upgrade Sam Mbakwe Airport to become a cargo hub.”

Achonu also promised to build a campus of the Imo State University in Ngor Okpala.

Again he reiterated his resolve to tackle the insecurity challenge in the state, vowing: “I will ensure the bloodshed in Imo State stops. There will be no more shedding of blood.”

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