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Home » How Witches Dealt With Me For Acting As Their Member’ – Nollywood Veteran

How Witches Dealt With Me For Acting As Their Member’ – Nollywood Veteran

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How Witches Dealt With Me For Acting As Their Member’ – Nollywood Veteran

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How Witches Dealt With Me For Acting As Their Member’ – Nollywood Veteran



Popularly called Iya Gbonkan, Margaret Bandele Olayinka has featured in many Yoruba films as a witch

Popular Yoruba actress Margaret Bandele Olayinka aka Iya Gbonkan has claimed she was severely dealt with by witches after her role in the movie ‘Koto Orun’.

The veteran, who is well known for playing the role of a witch in most movies, said they used to come to her every other night around 12 midnight compelling her to join their fold.

But the 64-year-old thespian noted she always refused their request because according to her, ‘shedding and drinking of blood wasn’t in her lineage’.

However, Iya Gbonkan speaking in an interview with U & I EvergreenTV stated that the attack from the witches became worse after starring in ‘Koto Orun’ stating they beat her one certain night and almost destroyed her face.

She particularly appreciated God for preserving her through all the attacks due to her honesty.

She said: “Witches always come to me every night around 12 midnight. I’m very courageous, even what will scare me, I always endure it.

“There was even a time they beat me in my sleep to the point they dented my face. At that time, the father of my child was still alive. They tried to initiate me that I should come and join them in shedding and drinking blood but I resisted their attempt that it’s not in my lineage to do such.

“It became terrible after I acted ‘Koto Orun’ when we acted ‘Koto Orun’, everyone had a terrible encounter. I wasn’t just the only one but God vindicated me because of my honesty. I would have died during ‘Koto Orun’ because I went through a lot.

“I didn’t just start acting but since God said he would uplift me through that means I gave myself to it.

The movie, ‘Koto Orun’ (1989) is the work of the late Ajileye and Olori Abioye and it’s one of the most widely-seen Yoruba movies of all time.

It was set in the pre-colonial era where a certain village was besieged by witches who torment the villagers at will.

Although, the evil witches are often confronted by the good ones, referred to as “aje funfun” (the white witches) in the movie, it wasn’t enough to rid the town of these evil ones’ infestation.

However, in response to the plight of the people of the village, the gods promised them a saviour who will be delivered by one of the kings wives that will conquer the evil witches.

So the witches, including the king’s first wife, came up with schemes after schemes

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