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GROHE, ULDA Partnership: Train Plumbers, Unveils State-of-the-Art Facility

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Grohe, a leading German Sanitary fittings manufacturer in partnership with Universal Learn Direct Academia, (ULDA), a famous building and construction trades institute in expanding its GROHE Installer Vocational Training and Education (GIVE) Programme for young students have unveiled its newest State-of-the-Art training facility in Lagos.

Gbola Oba, Visioner/Director Strategy, ULDA, on Thursday expressed his excitement as Grohe adopted the plumbing department at the launch of GIVE training facility that is expected to equip and train Nigerian youths in plumbing careers in the sanitary industry whilst upgrading the skills of already existing artisans in the field.


According to him, “GROHE supports for the plumbing department in creating a State-of-the-Art training framework by installing modern training facilities and providing learning material and experienced technical trainers is worthy of being celebrated. A lot of money, professionalism, and time have gone into bringing today into reality.

“But as the mother of ULDA, and knowing that the whole essence of ULDA is about skills and enterprise empowerment of an average Nigerian young star/ artisan; for us is another cause in celebration because we thought we are going to be left alone at it and now international brands are shaking hands with us.

“I just want to use this opportunity to pass the most important message, not only for today but the most important message of ULDA to the Nigerian youth community. We respect the fact that as a Nigerian young star, you’re disillusioned because the opportunity are limited.

“We respect the fact that as a Nigerian young stars want to “japa” (travel abroad), but even if you want to “japa,” the place you want to “japa” to, you need some marketable skill so that you can quickly and easily harness the opportunity that those will give you, ULDA is a platform where we are ready to engage you in the process of equipping yourself to play as a glatico in the world” he said.

Speaking to Town Crier News Nigeria, Christopher Penney, Leader, GIVE said the Program is aimed at equipping young talents with skills for the sanitary industry, and helping many young persons attain a better life.

“The State-of-the-Art facility, established in partnership with ULDA, is expected to train youths on how to install, maintain all our products for a successful plumbing career in the sanitary industry. They will learn, have written and practical examinations to do, give them an internationally recognized certificates and from there, hopefully when fingers crossed, we would like to help them with job placement and work experience placement while upgrading the skills of already existing artisans in the field,” he said.

Yemi Oresanya, Head of Department Plumbing, ULDA could not hide his joy as he talked about Covid-19 and other challenges that served as delayed impediment to the realization of this new milestone; which is first of its kind in Nigeria.

“Eight years ago, I ventured into plumbing as a practicing builder, all nice and fine buildings have zero plumbing. That promoted me move to South Africa and acquired more training as a plumber. By virtue of the training, the visioner pulled us experts together and we started ULDA.

“This will boast the gamut of unemployed youths that want to go into the plumbing trade. I want to tell anybody that cares to listen; plumbing is one of the most lucrative constitutional trades you can ever get. I can tell you for a fact that many graduates are missing out, in fact, whatever you studied, especially in science, just come and train as a plumber, you will earn more than what you can think because there’s a huge market, there’s no replacement.

“The old ones are going and no one to replace them. If you know what you’re doing and confident, you will be doing superlative work with the presidency or other dignitaries. Imagine being a plumber in the President’s residence, do you know what it means? One good thing about plumbing is that when you want to collect money, you collect in bulk”.

He also called on women to take up the trade to change the narrative saying “I want more females to come into this venture and I want to be the person that will produce the first internationally acclaimed female plumber in Nigeria. Let’s give females the chance; I want more ladies as we have in the carpentry and furniture industry. I want to see superlative ladies doing fantastically okay in plumbing”.

Universal Learn Direct Academia, ULDA, is a famous building and construction trades institute offering courses in construction, carpentry, blocks, bricks, concreting and finishes, domestic plumbing, domestic electrical, steel fixing and site supervision.

Engr. Olawumi Gasper-President of the Board, Engr. Babatunde Faleye-Dean of School and Cofounder, Alhaji Lukman Lawal Garu, Lady Joy Shittu, Kehinde Ekisola, amongst other management team were also present at the event.

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