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GMYT Fashion Academy Boss, Kelechi Oghene Harps On Excellence, Says African Fashion Most Vibrant

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GMYT Fashion Academy Boss, Kelechi Oghene Harps On Excellence, Says African Fashion Most Vibrant












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The MD/CEO of GMYT Fashion Academy, Lekki, Princess Kelechi Oghene has described African fashion as the most vibrant and colourful in the world, while also adding that her fashion establishment will not rest on its oars in remaining a leading player in the highly lucrative beauty industry.

The owner of the foremost fashion institution well-known for its giant strides in the fashion industry evidenced by the training and creation of new generation of fashion entrepreneurs made this assertion on Thursday in her engagement with some selected journalists at her Lekki office in Lagos State.

The fashion enthusiast said:

“Nigerian outfits make us stand above the rest of the world and indeed our fashion is quite colourful and diverse. The styles are so numerous as the designs and fabrics. For example in festive season or at high profile gatherings, you hardly find five persons with same outfit or colour, it is not mono-directional. This is part of what we teach at GMYT Fashion Academy, Lekki, and that is why we are unique and our students excel after graduation having perfected their craft and I can assure you this is a fact that cannot be controverted.

“Studying fashion at GMYT Fashion Academy, Lekki Lagos literally means students will learn about all aspects of the fashion industry, including broad technical skills and an understanding of the industry itself, including its historical development, current trends, and contemporary issues surrounding fashion today, such as ethical sourcing, manufacturing and distribution.

“Despite our numerous milestones in what we know how to do best in the last 18 years of our existence with over 120 awards across the globe, we have refused to rest on our oars and as such have remained a melting pot of cultures responsible for inspiring generations of city-dwellers and vibrant African youths who are optimistic of becoming productive and most sought-after entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.

“As a very modest outfit, we don’t like publicising our feats and milestones as a fashion academy of standard amongst others with topnotch services, but those who have interfaced with us in the beauty value chain could attest to our accomplishments. Meanwhile, these individuals with positive thoughts usually confirm that our environment is conducive for learning and assimilation with well behaved and understanding facilitators.

“GMYT sees Fashion as a big part of the city’s life and we impressively have long history of offering the prestige of belonging to one of such modern institutions that can be categorized as couture in terms of quality, satisfaction and efficiency.” she said.

The Nigeria couture queen also spoke about the corporate social responsibility of the fashion power-house which is essentially driven at lifting Nigerian youths and making them achieve their dreams.

She added:

“In reality and from the testimonies we often receive from our stakeholders GMYT is at the top ranking when it comes to fashion training in Africa. Our lectures standard are world class. We put into consideration the fact that every student learn at different pace. Our instructors literally come down to your level and encourage you to be the best you can be at any point in time. They use industrial sewing machines for all their classes.

“As part of our corporate social responsibility drive, we have a foundation which gives out scholarships to students who can not afford to pay their fees but are passionate about fashion business. Every last Friday of the month, the school organizes ‘Fabric Week’ where students get to create and showcase their beautiful works. On these days also, the school brings in accomplished entrepreneurs who are doing well in their respective fields to train and lecture the students of GMYT Fashion Academy. So far, beyond cutting and sewing you will learn about fashion business in its truest reality. Princess Kelechi Oghene noted.

The alumnus of Harvard Business School in her interactions with the seasoned journalists further stated:

“Another virtue we strongly ingrain in our students is discipline which we consider as top priority, we don’t allow late coming, resentment, or any form recalcitrant attitudes and this often leads to better performances in them and helps them to stay on-task while with the teacher, limiting distractions and improving the flow of information and learning. On no condition do we lower our guard nor comprise the integrity of our standards as well as our policy thrust.

“Yet, we still cautiously maintain a balance by making our students form veritable association where their interests can be favourably championed, the platform is also being used to offer fruitful ideas to the management for necessary action. This focus translates well into life outside of school, helping students maintain high standards in every area of life for the greater good of the society and that is our cutting edge at GMYT.

“We also have very impressive alumni list that we can always be proud of anytime. We focus on maintaining relationships with our past students. This has led to the school holding critiques and workshops when necessary. We maintain robust corporate partnerships with all our numerous stakeholders and it’s empirically clear that students of GMYT have strong career prospects.

“It may also interest you to know that we are known by some as the MIT of the fashion world, where we offer programmes in fashion design, business, marketing, illustrating and styling etc. GMYT is also making strong steps toward becoming a world-leading and notable fashion school not just for the elites but for every Nigerian youth desirous of excellence.

“I can reliably say that our tuition is highly subsidized for both local and foreign students, making the fees affordable, yet with bespoke quality of world standard. We also encourage our students to be proficient in English language with an experimental and avant-garde approach, so as to be in synch with our unique academic marketing and technology modules which are second to known. With our in-house highly skilled facilitators and instructors, our students can also enjoy online lectures with hitchfree experience and undisputable quality delivery at all times and that is our unique selling point.” Princess Oghene stated.

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