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Glo to help businesses with non-core operations   

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Glo to help businesses with non-core operations   
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Telecommunications services provider, Globacom, has unveiled a strategic business solution, “Glo Outsource Pro”, which lets organizations focus on their core skills while outsourcing some of their non-core operations. This approach improves productivity and lowers expenses while also improving customer experiences.
The “Glo Outsource Pro” enables companies to delegate specific operational activities, such as customer support, finance and accounting, IT services, human resources, and supply chain management to Globacom, which will pull its expertise, technology, and economies of scale to optimize processes and deliver high-quality results that will have a favorable effect on their business operations, Globacom explained in a statement.
According to Globacom, the purpose of the offering is to “assist companies in maximizing cost-effectiveness, boosting productivity, and improving effectiveness in the marketplace by helping them look after some non-core sections of their business so they can focus on their core activities.”
In addition to efficiency and cost savings, “Glo Outsource Pro” encourages technical advancement, competitive advantage, and increased marketability.
Organizations can outsource their outbound and incoming call center operations, inbound technical helpdesk, social media management, planning-related data mining, and general back office support to Globacom through the “Glo Outsource Pro”. “Teleprospecting, customer campaigns/onboarding, retention campaigns, collections, sales campaigns, etc. are some of the areas it will help them with,” Globacom stated.
It noted that large and medium-sized corporate enterprises in the following industries are most suited for the offering: banking, energy, oil and gas, FMCG, manufacturing, distribution, utilities, internet service providers (ISPs), logistics firms, MSME, etc.
Glo is positioned as the best source of creative solutions and maximum value for businesses of all kinds in the new business management offering. Businesses that sign up for it will be able to realize their full potential, leading to cost savings, operational excellence, and unrivaled customer experiences, the statement continued.
Businesses interested in the package reach out to Globacom via email at corporatecare@gloworld.com or by phone at 200 (Postpaid) or 08050020200.

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