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Funmi Modupe Connects Youths with The Book JAPA

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Funmi Modupe Connects Youths with The Book JAPA








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Lagos, Nigeria – As part of her contribution to the future of work, Funmi Modupe, author of JAPA and CEO of Schoolingyonda Consultancy recently unveiled a new book – JAPA at Laterna Ventures in Lagos. The educational masterpiece takes a critical look at a generation in transition, driven by the growing interconnectedness of a new world.

It was a colourful event with guests cut across the society ranging from captains of industry to young undergraduates, entrepreneurs, and members of the international community. The Book JAPA is focused on the physical and emotional transition people make when they travel, also offering valuable insights into the benefits of venturing beyond borders.

In the words of the Author, Funmi Modupe said, “My book is a must-read for students and their families, as well as anyone interested in the global shift transforming all aspects of life and humanity.”

She further stressed that the lifestyle of humans post-pandemic, school curriculums and the actual nature of work has changed forever. So there is a daunting need for individuals and organizations to unlearn while rethinking new ways to collaborate and solve problems in the society.   

Modupe is a dynamic woman who is passionate about young people and education. Also, through her personal experience and deep understanding of the complexities of transition, she was able to deliver a book that is both thought-provoking and inspiring.

Ademola Adelakun, a young computer science graduate from the University of Lagos, shared his experiences after finishing school in 2021. Despite job hunting for so long with very limited opportunities within the corporate and government institutions, he has resolved to “JAPA” to Canada for greener pastures.     


Funmi Modupe is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Schoolingyonda – an educational consultancy service with the goal to offer students personalised study thereby assisting parents and their wards to acquire opportunities abroad. Interested readers can also order The Book JAPA in different formats on Amazon or website via https://schoolingyonda.com/japa/ and join the conversation on social media to acquire new skills in the workplace. 

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