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Fashionistas Rate GTCO Fashion Weekend High,Hope to Return Next year

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Fashionistas Rate GTCO Fashion Weekend High,Hope to Return Next year








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On Saturday November,11 2023 ,Town Crier News Nigeria witnessed the opening of the 2-day GTCO Fashion Weekend and spoke with some of the Fashionistas who attended the crowd pulling event.
Below are their responses:

Alice, what can you say about the settings?

Ans: Okay, one thing I know for sure is that Nigerians always come out looking good and they did not disappoint today at all.

And the set up is actually very clean. They look very organized and I am happy to be here.

What can you say about how people turn out today in different styles of clothes?

Ans: You can see people dressed in Nigerian attires. Everybody is funny, yeah, with their styles.


Tell us more…?

Ans: Everybody is here
and they seem like they are individuals in their outfits and it is very beautiful to see.

I am very excited to see everybody. Everybody looks very good.

How can you rate the performance of the GT crew?

Ans: I would say it is 6 out of 10. The only problem is outside with parking lots and everything.

It is hard to get in and out.

Now, if you invited again next year to this event, would be willing to come?

Ans: I will definitely be here. Thank you very much.


Tell us your name and your designation?

Ans: I am Oshobo Peter and I am a designer.

What can you say
about what the GTCO event of today?

Ans:I am coming for GTCO event for the first time after being a designer at Lagos Fashion Week.

So, I just wanted to see what it looks like and see what difference it gives from Lagos Fashion Week.
And I must say, the event is very, very packed, very full, I wasn’t expecting this and we are stuck outside.

We can’t go in to see the show I mean, it is good, I like it the vendors booths and everything, it is looking very nice and cosy.

Hope If you are also invited to come for this event again, Will you be glad to honour the invitation?

Ans: I was planning to come tomorrow but at this point I don’t know if I am going to come tomorrow.

Why? Traffic that we experienced while coming down and some sections of road are bad
and it wasn’t safe to come down of the camp, to walk down because of the boys that were gathering there.

So, I am thinking, should I come and experience one hour traffic just on this one street in this place.

You just said something and I said
it is a good program to experience.

If you know it is a good program and you can learn one or two things at least you should leave very early to beat the time…

Ans: That’s true, I left early because of the time I had in my
motivation, I wanted to get here so I started earlier than I expected. Maybe tomorrow I will leave earlier.

I can see people in different styles. So, also the settings.

What can you say about the settings?

Ans: The setting is beautiful. Fashion is actually moving forward as the people are.

I am very impressed.

What advice do you have for people out there?

Ans: People out there, stay true to yourself. Whatever you want to wear, the fashion will be clear.
Nobody is looking at you.

Thank you very much

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