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Ejigbo LCDA Commemorates 2022. Tree  Planting Exercise In Lagos

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Ejigbo LCDA Commemorates 2022. Tree  Planting Exercise In Lagos


Written By Dedeigbo Ayodeji


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The Vice Chairman of Ejigbo LCDA ,Mr . Ayodele Ayodeji Sunday, Planning a Tree been accomplished by the representative of LASPARK 

The Executive Chairman,Ejigbo LCDA ,Mr. Monsurudeen Oloyede Bello,ably represented by his Vice Ayodele Ayodeji Sunday was yesterday led the Executives , legislative, management and staff of Ejigbo LCDA to commemorate the year 2022 annual Tree Planting exercise held at Iyalaje , Estate,Ejigbo ,area of Alimosho Local government,a suburb of Lagos State Southwest Nigeria.

The guest are the Vice Chairman of Ejigbo LCDA Mr Ayodele Ayodeji Sunday,leader of the Council Mr. Olanrewaju Akinbowale , Secretary to the Local Council ,Dr. Paul Fregene , Supervisor for Environment Mr . Sodiq Adebisi ,Mrs. Salami Temitayo HOD Environment,Mrs . Famuyiwa Abiose Ruqwyah Representatives of the Lagos State Parks and Gardens (LASPARK).

Representative of LASPARK Planting a Tree

HOD Environment Mrs. Salami Temitayo said in her welcome address that ,” what you give back to environment, environment will give back to you.

” We all knows that functions the reason why we should plant Trees even not just July,14 alone ,you can plant Trees in your compound,you can plant it anywhere around you.

The Leader of Ejigbo LCDA,Mr . Olanrewaju Akinbowale, planting a Tree been accomplished by supervisor for environment,Mr. Sodiq Adebisi 

What are the functions,why are we doing this?.

If you plant Trees it will curb erosion ,if you plant Trees we will be able to maintain the Ozone layer together with the root .

” It prevents danger.

There are several advantages in planting Trees.


” If you plant Trees that environment where you planted that Trees will be conducive.

” If you plant Trees it beautifies the environment.


” So that is why there is need to plant Trees.


” There are different types of Trees,at least you can see the one we bought today they will be wondering that why is it that we want to plant it near the place.

” It is just to beautifies it.

When I came here this morning I was saying in my mind that I wish this place was painted and by the time the Trees are growing it will look as eve as you are in Olive garden .


” So let’s try and endeavor to plant Trees today.

Another important notice is that we don’t cut Trees without the authority of LASPARK.


” You want to fall a Tree they must be aware.

They will even educate you the reasons why.

“Do you want to fall a Tree,no we don’t,just don’t,it is under the law so God will help us



Mrs Famuyiwa Abiose Ruqwyah representative of Lagos State Parks and Gardens ( LASPARK) said in her keynote address that,

” It is with a great sense of gratitude that I welcome you all to this year’s Lagos State Tree Planting Day celebration. This annual event symbolizes our shared commitment to support the survival of humanity.


” For over a decade, the tradition of tree planting across the state has contributed to building a greener and healthier environment. This year’s occasion is no different and should be seen as yet another way to express our love for nature and promote a balance in the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations.

Photo Caption  from R- L Vice Chairman of Ejigbo LCDA Mr Ayodele Ayodeji Sunday,leader of the Council Mr. Olanrewaju Akinbowale , Secretary to the Local Council ,Dr. Paul Fregene , Supervisor for Environment Mr . Sodiq Adebisi ,Mrs. Salami Temitayo HOD Environment,Mrs . Famuyiwa Abiose Ruqwyah Representatives of the Lagos State Parks and Gardens (LASPARK).


” This year’s theme: “In Harmony with Nature” remind us of the need to protect our relationship with nature. Our gratitude to the diverse species of living creatures including trees tends to be forgotten in our busy lives as we take for granted the interdependent web that sustains human life with clean water, food, oxygen, fertile soil, climate regulation and more.

“In spite of positive progress on policies, science and technology, the alarm related to the health of our planet is ringing very loudly to announce that we must go into emergency mode; no city or country in the world is immune from the adverse effects of climate change – we are witnessing food and water insecurity, rising temperatures, weather extremes, natural disasters, economic disruption, conflict, terrorism and in our own dear state Lagos, floods from anthropogenic activities.


” It is estimated that the costs of adaptation continue to rise and ecosystems cannot keep up with our demands.The gap between what we need to spend to adapt and what we are actually spending is widening. Indeed, Tree Planting is now regarded as a lifelong investment that has a surprising potential to positively impact ALL 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


” Dear Lagosians, the environmental crisis did not begin globally; it began locally. One of the most important aspects of rearticulating human development is to be fair to nature and other living beings. We cannot be developed unless our lives become reconnected and in balance, cooperation and harmony with nature.


” It is worthy of note that climate action is now mainstream in our sectorial policies and plans. With the Lagos State Climate Action Plan (2020 – 2025), our administration is serious about incorporating climate-friendly initiatives into everything we do as a government. The Climate Action Plan encapsulates the state’s vision for combating the challenge of climate change and achieving the ultimate goal of a zero-carbon Lagos. There is growing awareness among the citizenry about the need to rethink the way we live and consume, as well as the roles that each of us can play to make a difference.


” As we forge a 21st century architecture of environmental health that harmonizes natural resources with health and prosperity, tree planting will continue to play a starring role. Trees being a lifesaving investment empowers communities to increase green spaces and create opportunities for future resilience, broadly interact with nature and its resources and be more sensitive to sustainability issues.


” While the government is expected to lead the process, success will depend on concerted efforts by all stakeholders. There is clearly no more time to waste if we want to restore hope for the present and future generations; nature must be at the heart of development, and all of us, as societies, companies and individuals must make conscious effort to live in harmony with nature.


” On this note, I want to applaud the General Manager and Staff of Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK) for their remarkable commitment to make this day a success.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to flag off the year 2022 Lagos State Tree Planting Day. Thank you for your attention”. She Concluded



Executive Chairman of Ejigbo LCDA Mr. Monsurudeen Oloyede Bello popularly called Obe ably represented by the Vice Chairman of Ejigbo LCDA ,Mr . Ayodele Ayodeji Sunday, said in his remark that,”  Today , Ejigbo LCDA joins Lagos State in Commemorating this year annual Tree Planting Anniversary with the theme “In Harmony with Nature”


” This year theme adequately captured and addressed some of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals .


” It’s no more News that the planet earth has been so degraded with various forms of pollution of which air pollution is the major causes of some life threaten communicable and none communicable diseases such as tuberculosis,cancer ,eye impairment,skin diseases,etc,it is also major causes of climate change with it’s consequent on the environment as global warming,abdominal growth of pest of medical importance, flooding,food insecurity and threat to global peace and security.

In other to save life and avert these aforementioned problems the easy and natural panacea is to inculcate the habit of tree planting within our neighborhood.


” The importance of trees can not be overemphasized,this is because trees gives off oxygen that we all required to breathe and absorb the carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide.


” Tree is a means of beautification and improving the aesthetic condition of the environment.


” Tree help to reduce the amount of storm water runoff thereby reducing

Lastly tree could also be used for treatment,like mango tree,orange tree,dogoyaro tree.” He Concluded

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