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Don’t sell your PVCs to ‘political vampires’ in Imo APC -Concerned Imo Influencers warn

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Don’t sell your PVCs to ‘political vampires’ in Imo APC -Concerned Imo Influencers warn














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Concerned Imo Influencers, CiF, a socio-political pressure group, has urged residents of the state to resist the temptation to trade their Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state.

Speaking in a statement, the convener of the group, Ambassador Theo Chibueze, revealed: “Information at our disposal now has it that the APC government led by Hope Uzodima and his cabal are out to hijack people’s PVCs in the name of giving them loan or grant. He has mobilised his foot soldiers to various voting centres and wards for this action.”

Chibueze cautioned the people not to sell their PVCs no matter the amount of money they are offered because “the PVC is your weapon and power.”

“Keep and guard it jealously. Your PVC will throw him out of Douglas House by November. That’s the only weapon you have to vote in the set man, Distinguished Senator Athan Achonu.”

According to him, the governor has devised a programme in the 305 wards of the state aimed to collect the people’s PVC, under guise of giving them loans or grants.

“If you give out your PVC in this programme today, you have sold your birth right for a pot of porridge, Chibueze warned. “Endure the hunger and hardship because of your generation, your children and those yet unborn.”

According to the political activist, Concerned Imo Influencers has thrown its weight behind the governorship ambition of Senator Athan Nneji Achonu because they believe he has what it takes to dislodge the current “rudderless government in Imo State.”

“Imo State is in need of rescue from the almost four years of stagnation, bloodletting and wanton looting of scarce state resources.”

He addee that apart from campaigning for good governance in the state, Concerned Imo Influencers is a structure of likeminds with positive development agenda for Imo State and would go all out to
mobilise and influence the electorate across the state’s 27 LGAs to vote and enthrone a people-centred and humane government in the next dispensation.

The group, he said, has made it a primary objective to support Distinguished Sen. Athan Nneji Achonu to become the next Governor of Imo State.

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