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Distress Calls: Gaidam Reiterates Importance to Police Response Time

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Distress Calls: Gaidam Reiterates Importance to Police Response Time













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The Minister of Police Affairs, Senator Ibrahim Gaidam has reiterated the need for the police ecosystem to collectively address the issue of response time to distress calls by Nigerians to enable citizens to enjoy the safer environment in the country.

Gaidam made the disclosure via a statement signed by Bolaji O. Kazeem, and made available to the National Association of Online Security News Publishers (NAOSNP).

The statement, NAOSNP learnt was made by Gaidam during the official briefing by the Ag. Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Egbetokun for the Honourable Minister, Senator Ibrahim Gaidam and Hajia Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim at the Ministry’s Headquarters in Abuja.

The Minister said this can be achieved through the effective use of technology, inter-agency collaboration, the building of mutual trust, and proper management of information. By working together, we can enhance national security and create a safer environment for all Gaidam stressed.
To enhance our response capabilities, Gaidam said, we need to establish a standby force of at least three units of the Police Mobile Force in each state command. This will ensure a rapid and effective response to unforeseen incidents.

In his words, “Community engagement and trust building should be emphasized as well. The police force must actively involve the communities they serve, fostering a sense of cooperation and partnership. By enhancing coordination between Federal, State, and local law enforcement, we can create a unified front against crime and ensure a more effective response.

He added that to tackle the diverse range of criminal activities, they need to establish specialized units that can address each type of crime. This will require comprehensive training and capacity building programs for our officers and investing in technology for surveillance and crime prevention will greatly enhance our capabilities in maintaining law and order.

“Effective intelligence gathering mechanisms are critical for proactive crime prevention. We must establish robust systems to gather and analyze intelligence, enabling us to stay one step ahead of criminals. Strengthening cooperation between the police and the judiciary is also essential to ensure the smooth administration of justice. Gaidam stressed.

He pointed out that, several specific areas of concern require their immediate attention noting that they must establish a clear mission and vision for the police force, aligning our goals with the aspirations of the Nigerian people. We must also focus on strengthening police leadership and accountability, as these traits are vital for the efficient functioning of any law enforcement agency”. The minister noted
Gaidam emphasizes the need to establish mechanisms for monitoring police conduct to maintain high standards of professionalism and ethics through the use of body-worn cameras and dashboard cameras in operation vehicles adding that it will ensure that the rights and dignity of every citizen are respected at all times.

In his words, “We will not tolerate indiscipline within the police force, and discipline must be observed by all officers, regardless of rank or cadre. This platform serves as a crucial opportunity for fruitful discussions and the exchange of perspectives on formulating a robust working plan for the Nigeria Police. As someone who has served as a Governor and Chief Security Officer of one of the most embattled states affected by Boko Haram for over a decade, I understand the urgent need for police reform by global best practices in policing to ensure public safety.”
The Minister of State, Hajia Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim stated that the presentation of the Inspector General of Police was holistic and forward-looking which will be very helpful as the Ministry crafts a way forward towards achieving renewed hope policing agenda of Mr. President which is very ambitious. Working together as partners in progress would enable us to achieve it.

On community policing, she pointed out that it aligns with the thought of the Ministers which is critical and everyone must key in with it to enable increased confidence of the citizens in policing as we are working for them, which requires a lot of reforms and cooperation of the stakeholders. Intelligence-driven policing is not negotiable and the police force must be seen as a technology-driven organization this requires ambitious investment to implement. Imaan stressed.

In his presentation, the Ag. Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Egbetokun congratulated the Ministers for their appointment adding that the entire police force is excited about the choice of Mr. President and has confidence that the day ahead would be very good for Nigerians.
He briefed the Ministers on general operations, challenges, and general internal situation in the country as well as presented a template for the Ministry to generate policies for the police ecosystem in the country,

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