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Culture and Traditions:Ogboni,Sango,Obatala,Obaluaye,Marks 10 Years Coronation Ceremony of HRH Oba Alaige Of Orile Age

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Culture and Traditions:Ogboni,Sango,Obatala,Obaluaye,Marks 10 Years Coronation Ceremony of HRH Oba Alaige Of Orile Age


Written By Dedeigbo Ayodeji


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The deities of Orile Orile Agege was on Tuesday staged a performance to mark the 10th Year Coronation of His Royal Highness Oba Ambaliu Hakeem Agbedeyi, Alaige of Orile Agege Kingdom.

The event which took place in the Palace of Alaige of Orile Agege Kingdom,area of Lagos State Southwest Nigeria

The event was a colourful event.

The Obatala worshippers which was led by Yeye Omitunmise, staged their dance performance with the Arugbas with heavy loads on their head.

The Ogbonis (Oshugbo) who also approached the stage with Apena to demonstrate the cultural dance display.

So also the Obaluayes, demonstrated their dance display.
The Drummers (Sakara) who also approached the stage to grace the occasion.

Speaking with HRH Oba Ambaliu Hakeem Agbedeyi .The Alaige of Orile Agege Kingdom ,said, ” We started this event yesterday which is going to last for 7days before the 10 years Coronation Anniversary kicks off.
Before the Anniversary date we must do the necessary things in Orile Agege Kingdom.

He added that ,”Yesterday when we started,we started with the Drummers who came to play for me in the Palace.

” Todays own event is the Olorisha’s which is the deities turn which we all witnesses there performances.

” Whatever you are doing just make sure you do it right.

” I was just working never knew people were Observing me.

” What I thought I was doing as a secret has finally been exposed,never knew I can be awarded today I didn’t know them from anywhere.

” What I’m trying saying is that whatever is what doing at all is what doing well.
Whatever you are doing just ensure you do it right.

” I don’t know who will be watching me, which I have always be using as a message to all my people.

” We should always good examples.

” When we do good we should not expect everyone to see us.

” But people that we still see you will still see you.

” But the one we are doing is just to make sure we put things in a proper shape,that is what those who came to present me award were all talking about.

” My perfectness brought about this Awards.

” Talking about the insecurity in Nigeria.

” In the years back though the Security Agencies are trying.

“But they can be assisted in one way or the other through the Native Doctors with there ancestral Power .
There are powers that can be used to render Gun useless.

” When you shoot it,it will make no sound.

“At times when you shoot it will destroy,but people that owns the Ancestral Power died with it,they did not hand it over to the youth, because they will misuse it.

” Because if the Ancestral Power is handed to them,many of them will turn to Armed Robbers ,but few people that are still alive will be compelled to take oath .

” He will also be monitored.

“Just like what happened here today was a surprise to me .

” It caught me unaware, never knew I will be awarded today.

“That is how they will also be monitored.

He Stated that, ” I was just doing my own within my rein to enable them talk good about me.

” Where God has positioned me.

” That is why I keep telling them the truth to ensure they do good.

” There are goodness where they did not put their mind.

” To speak on Culture and Traditions.

“Yorubas was created with Culture and Traditions which can never be erased.

“That is why we are demanding for Holidays from our Government.

” Why we demand for Holidays is the deities which you did not introduce to the Children.

“With a time it will die.

” When it’s perishes it is gone forever.

” This issue I just talked about is the religion.

” Be you Muslims or Christians .

” When a Child is suffering for not worship the deities of their Family and he saw a truthful Prophet,after much prayer ,the Prophet should be able to see solution to his problem through revelation should be able to send the Child back to his hometown to go and meet his or her family,to go and ask for the type of deities their family worship.

” By the time the Child gets to their hometown and constructed the Oracle ,it will revealed to them what the Child will do and as long as the Child did what the Oracle ask him or her to do definitely there will be solution.

” Why we are demanding for Holidays is for our Youth to Observes the deities even if it is a day they will visit their family to know about their family lineage.

“They will not surfer and be wondering around the town.” He Concluded





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