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CDSSJ 2023 AGM: Old Students Plan Biggest Get-together In Jos

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CDSSJ 2023 AGM: Old Students Plan Biggest Get-together In Jos

to elect new executives






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The 2023 AGM/Reunion of Old Students Association, Command Day Secondary School, (CDSSJ) Maxwell Khobe Cantonment, Rukuba, Jos, Plateau State popularly called “Ex-Commandos,” has reached its apogee as the event promises to be the biggest and best event of the year.

The barracks, which was formally called Rukuba Military Cantonment, the Old Students will be having its Annual General Meeting and Reunion in September 2023.

According to the President of the Association, Mr. Ibrahim Uduans, in an exclusive interview with GATMASH NEWS, said the reunion would enable the association to elect new executives that will run the affairs of the association in the next three years.

Explaining the present economic predicament in the country which has greatly affected the activities of the association, added that despite that, the executives have been able to come up with invaluable ideas that would get the body running smoothly.

“I want to appeal to all Ex-Commandos to register on or before the 31st July, 2023 as registration guarantees every member a place and a voice during the AGM. Your presence matters; come elect your next set of leaders,” he said.

Uduans uses the opportunity to call on eligible candidates to contest for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary-General, Auditor, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Assistant Financial Secretary, Legal Adviser, Public Relations Officer, Assistant Secretary, Provost, and Director of Socials.

While making clarifications on positions available to be contested for added, “The offices of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Financial Secretary, and Auditor are strictly for members of the first generation sets (1985–1989), Second generation sets (1991–1995), and third generation sets (1996–2000).

Also, he added that other offices to be contested for by other members are from the fourth generation sets (2001–2005), fifth generation sets (2006–2010), sixth generation sets (2011–2015), seventh generation sets (2016–2020), or eighth generation sets (2021–2023).

However, it was disclosed that the election shall be conducted through a secret ballot system. All sets or generations must vouch for each candidate’s good character, and all contestants must have registered to attend the reunion.

Before the election, every candidate shall have the opportunity to physically address the Congress to sell his/her manifesto.

To ensure a creditable election, Ibrahim Udauns urged every member of the electoral committee: Mike Ahidjo (Chairman), Josiah Benjamin, Michael Oteikwu (Secretary), Michael Hosea, Lucas John, Eke Chibuike Sidney, and Philomena Sunday, to put in their best in order to have the next crop of leaders.

He remarked that Command Day Secondary School, Jos, popularly called CDSSJ, have produced many students that are making great marks in their chosen fields such as the military, academics, sports, administration, media, engineering, politics, and other spheres of life as a result of quality of education received in the School.

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