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Home » Breaking News:WAEC Officially Launch The WAEC Digital Certificate Platform.

Breaking News:WAEC Officially Launch The WAEC Digital Certificate Platform.

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Breaking News:WAEC Officially Launch The WAEC Digital Certificate Platform.


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Breaking News:WAEC Officially Launch The WAEC Digital Certificate Platform.


The West African Examinations Council was this morning Officially Launched The WAEC Digital Certificate Platform.

The exercise which was carried out at the Academic Inn Guest House ,and Event Hall, situated at Plot 6 Lateef Jakande ,
Agidingbi ,Ikeja ,a suburb of Lagos State Southwest Nigeria.


” It is my pleasure and honour to welcome you all to the official launch of the much awaited WAEC Digital Certificate Access and Confirmation Platform.


” Today, we are here to witness a revolution in the assessment and certification industry.

” The West African Examinations Council is committed to its mission of encouraging academic and moral excellence, promoting sustainable human resource development and international cooperation. It is committed to prompt service delivery, and today, it has taken an important step further with the development of the digital certificate platform.

A staff of Botosoft Technologies Mr. Demola Alimi displaying how you can get your WAEC Certificate Printed out

” We are evolving to meet the demands of a changing world. We have migrated from physical registration of candidates to online registration; online verification of results and online result printouts, etc. The development of the new digital certificate platform is in line with WAEC’s continuous record of meeting global needs by using cutting-edge technology to improve candidates’ experiences as they seek to continue their education. Their mobility is of utmost importance to the West African Examinations Council.

MR. PATRICK EHIDIAMEN AREGHAN CG, HEAD OF NATIONAL OFFICE, WAEC, NIGERIA, presenting the printed Certificate to a Staff of Botosoft Technologies Mr. Demola Alimi

” Ladies and Gentlemen, our new digital platform, developed in conjunction with one of the world’s foremost security technology providers, is being implemented to streamline the issuance and verification of certificates from all over the world. The platform involves mobile and web-based application that is designed specifically for candidates, individuals, institutions and organizations. It holds powerful features that enable users to access, share, request and confirm certificates. It is also used to recover candidates’ forgotten/lost examination numbers.


” Since the commencement of assessment, certificates have been issued to represent students’ performance in examinations. Such certificates help them to advance their educational development or get involved in the world of work. So, for centuries, academic certificates have been issued as physical paper certificates. This is the traditional certificate.

” However, with the advent of technology, there is the need to integrate technology with students’ lifestyles. Today, we live in a digital world where instant satisfaction and accessibility are the ultimate. The process of receiving, retrieving, sharing, verifying or confirming academic certificates is rother cumbersome and morbund: The whole process is costly, and could be frustrating, and the only answer can be found in Digital Certificates!

” A Digital Certificate is the electronic version of academic or physical paper certificate It is hosted on a dedicated credential page with options to share and embed. If presents the same information with paper certificates but it has numerous advantages over and above poper certificates, with special focus on the elimination of fraud and easy accessibility.”


The benefits of the Digital Certificate platform are far-reaching and it provides users the opportunity to:

” Generate and Share Certificates: Candidates will no longer share photocopies of their certificates with institutions and organizations. But instead, access and share copies of their original certificates, delivered straight from WAEC data base. These records are instantly confirmed and validated.

” Security/Data Protection: The digital certificate platform gives certificate holders the power to prevent unauthorized users from accessing their data. The Platform is compliant with global best practices by ensuring that the data of candidates are protected securely and cannot be accessed by third parties without the consent of certificate owners. Thus, it provides security for certificates.

” Shareability/Instant Delivery: Individuals can now share their digital certificates from a WAEC source instantly, regardless of the person’s location. This eliminates institutional administration delays and backlog of requests. It provides instant verification and credibility.

” Portability: With the mobile application accompanying the web platform. certificates are accessible via a mobile device and can be used and shared safely from anywhere at the candidates’ discretion, from their mobile devices. And so. certificates are now easy to carry about without any fear of loss or theft.

” Authenticity: Institutions and organizations can confirm with ease the reliability and authenticity of individuals’ certificates on the digital certificate platform. This eliminates fraud and will definitely send fakers out of the market. It has many security doors that makes it impossible to hack.

” Improved Confirmation Processes: Universities, institutions and organizations can
now enjoy a seamless, secure and fast confirmation process with the digital platform. The platform also allows for bulk confirmation of certificates at once. This saves valuable administration costs and time.

” Recovery of Lost Certificate: Limitation experienced with the paper certificates is that it cannot be replaced as original certificates are only issued once. Going digital, your original certificate is now available on demand. And the risk of loss or damage is now eliminated!

” Printability: Certificate owners can print their Digital Certificates in high quality to have a physical copy. if they so desire.. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are excited to release this new product to the public as we move into a new era with the Digital Certificate Platform.

” We are very confident that this ground-breaking digital certificate platform will revolutionize the way people interact with the WAEC certificate and drastically improve the mobility of our talented students as they move forward in life, all over the world.

” The digital certificate platform, which is currently available to those who have taken the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) as far back as 1999 till date. will enable over 30 million certificate holders to access and share the original copies of their certificates from anywhere in the world. Those of 1970-1998 will be attended to shortly.

” Gentlemen of the Media, I am glad to also announce that effective from December 2022, certificates for WASSCE for School Candidates, 2022 will be available on the digital platform, and subsequently, from next year, 2023 candidates no longer have to wait for months before getting access to their certificates as they will be available on the digital immediately after the results are released.

” The WAEC Digital Certificate Platform is available via www.waec.org.The application can be accessed on mobile and web platforms.

” Ladies and Gentlemen, what we have done today is in line with the WAEC mission of being Africa’s (and indeed the whole world’s) foremost examining body. It is also a deliberate attempt to maintain and promote its core value of excellence.

” We thank the Registrar to Council for approving this pilot project for WAEC, Nigeria, and for supporting us all the way through. I thank our technical partners and the WAEC Digital Certificate Committee for working assiduously and committedly to make the project a reality. Above all, all thanks belong to God.

” Very shortly, a team from our Technical Partners, Botosoft Technologies, will show us how it works, and thereafter, I shall officially launch the new product in the assessment and certification industry.

” Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a new world in educational assessment and certification, even as I once again welcome you all to the official unveiling of the WAEC Digital Certificate platform.

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