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L-R: Mrs. Adebimpe Banjo; Olori Aderonke Erinle; Chairman, Women for SWAGA, Hon. Omobolanle Akinyemi-Obe; Executive Chairman, Coker-Aguda LCDA, Hon Rasaq Ibrahim Olamilekan; Lagos Coordinator, Women for SWAGA, Chief Hajiya Fatima Bello; Yeye Yinka Olaiya; National PRO, Women for SWAGA, Aarebinrin Folashade Olabanji-Oba and Treasurer, Women for SWAGA, Deaconess Nkem Sofela during the Press Conference



The Chairman of Coker-Aguda LCDA, Hon. Ibrahim Rasaq Lekan has declared his support for the great job that a sociopolitical group, Women for SWAGA is doing for the presidency project of the National Leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The women’s group which has vowed to give five million votes from the women population to Asiwaju held a press conference covered by Trek Africa Newspaper yesterday.

During the press conference, the Chairman, Hon. Lekan said: ‘I really appreciate the efforts of WOMEN FOR SWAGA on this move for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. They are set. They are ready for the task. I support them to do this.’


Speaking at the event the  Chairman, Women for SWAGA, Hon. Omobolanle Akinyemi-Obe,said in her remark that, ”  They have to make sure that the home is smooth, that’s what women in politics first of all stands for because you must manage your hoke before you manage outside.
Now, women in politics outside the political fields, in the political theatres in any wire in the world. Women are supposed to be seen and be felt. How will they be seen and be felt? It is when they participate in the politics of what is happening within their environment and outside their environment. We cannot sit hoke and complain that Nigeria is not good that there is nothing happening in the world when we are not involved. We have to be involved to let them know the kind of education we want for our children, the kind of medical, maternal and child care that we want for our children. Not all of us are illiterate, those of us that are learned, we must be heard, we must be seen to lake a change, we must be seen to kane sure that every woman feels the impact of the wealth that is being derived from Nigeria that is why we are out here to let them know that it is time for women to come out but thank God we have somebody that has a listening ear, that is passionate about women because when you see the antecedents of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu from when I got to really know him, that was in 1998/99, he has always involved women, he took as along as his babies to make sure that we learn, we went to his school of hard nobs, letting us know that we have to excel, we have to lake sure that people speak well of us. Women are not meant to just clap hands, to just sing chorus songs along with the men and to uplift them. Women are meant to be seen, to be heard and to work and to produce, we just be productive and that is what Bola Ahmed Tinubu is meant for. That is his mantra that women should be involved in politics, women should make sure that Nigeria becomes a better place. If he is not someone that is passionate about women, he will not have allowed his wife to participate in politics, he is a liberal person, he would not have allowed young people like us to be involved in politics, he would just say we are just ordinary women.But since 1999, I have been involved in the runnings of the governance in Lagos state in my own little capacity and other women too, he is passionate that we should be heard, we should be felt, we should be seen to be working and to make sure that Nigeria excels, that Lagos state excels, he did it in Lagos state and after leaving as governor of Lagos state l, see all his mentees, should we talk about Babatunde Fashola, see the deputy governor, she’s a female, she did very well and also to Ambode too, the deputy governor did very well and we know more women, we have SSGs as women, we have women that are high positions, we have DGs, we have them in agencies and parastatals, we have them as the headdid medical hospitals, we have competent consultants at the hospital that are women, we have judges, we have those that are local because sometimes politics is local, we have market women, they are the ones mobilizing other people in the market to make sure that people vote. As women, we are going tibbe delegates in this Congress and this primaries that we are going to have l, we are going to make sure that we select and nominate and appoint and vote for women to be relevant structure in all the stratas or positions in politics. We are going to make sure that people see is as serious and not just clapping hands and see us that we are mothers to all these men, we are their mentors, they are our mentee. We know how to maneuver them, we know how to turn them around, we know how to change their minds and we are going to make sure that 500 women in Lagos state are going to change the minds of 5 million men towards Bola Ahmed Tinubu

As a civil servant, we are not mandated to speak to the press that is why I may not want to appear on camera.
As for our mission here is one of our mandate and this is not the first time we have been going round for this type of assignment so after our visit, we will go to Lab, carry out test, make our recommendations and submit to the institute so the institute will know take further necessary action on it. As for this now, you can see that we are just collecting samples so we can not say exactly what is the main problem but if it get to the office, we carry out all necessary test, that is only when we can actually say this is the main reason why the building collapsed but we have been going around all like the Ikoyi Building collapse, we have submitted our report, the institute is still working on it so it has not been made public.
We are collecting irons, samples of the…so those are the things we are collecting now for Laboratory test.

Within two weeks, we will be able to submit our report to the Institute, Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute.


On the strength and capacity of the women group to deliver, he told Town Crier News Nigeria , ‘Women are critical component in politics. They are the highest population who vote, they are the highest population who canvass. So we have to look at them and rub minds with them to be able to have a successful government.”

The council boss, Hon. Ibrahim Razaq Lekan, who just came back from the lesser Hajj was able to join other Muslim faithfuls and Jagaban of Borgu in the Holy Land.

” National leader, women for SWAGA. Like we said, we didn’t just start our work today and in so many local governments we have gone, we have gone as far as even training and helping both the formal and informal sector, I’m talking women that have not even sewn into it to teach them how to update their records and with their PVC and we have also given out mobile phones in different areas to make it easy for access you know it’s not every community you have so many computers and all that so giving some of those women the mobile phones, I believe will help in increasing the numbers and also teaching them that is very important we must occupy places as women knowing that we want to change.

It starts with every mindset, now if we were able to get together women definitely our numbers will grow.

People don’t know the importance of the power that they have in their hands and who is a better teacher than a woman even the president was birthed by a woman so I believe that as mothers, nation builders, the job, the task really is on all of us women to occupy our place and just make a difference especially in this forthcoming election.”


Also Speaking Nkem Shofela , said, ”  today we are advocating for women in politics. why are we advocating for women in politics?, Women are builders, in every home, we know the responsibility of every women, women multi task, science has shown that women multi task more than men and as builders, women should take their place and to build.


We want this nation to change for the jest and women have the power, they should exercise that God given power God has given to them to be thinkers, to be builders, moulders. they should mould the economy and the time is now.

For this upcoming event, I appeal for every woman out there to join us for this event.


They will have a lot to learn, they should join us and know that this is not just sitting down and talking, this is a case of getting involved in politics and making a change for our grandchildren, for our unborn children and the time is now. we must take our place in the politics.


Also Speaking at the event Aarebirin Hon. Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba, the National PRO for Women in SWAGA and as my Chairman said,  ” we all know the importance of women in the society and for all of us to be here to say there is no other choice other than His Excellency, Dr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu come 2023, he is our national leader, a quintessential leader, second to none and based on his antecedents, we believe in him, we trust him.

” when he was governor, when he was a senator, I’m going to digress a bit, he would be the only person at this time that has his wife in the Senate to tell you that he is not afraid of women leading. You know, sometimes, you wanna show something, you will show it by acting it and if you see all the things he did with Lagos state since 1999, everybody knows Lagos leads, other states follow.

His footprints, touch prints, it’s all over the place and so we didn’t just start now, I think I want us to know that. For almost two years now, we have been in line please, Nigeria needs no other person than you. Your experience and all that, you will know that the job of leasing a great country like ours cannot be left in somebody that is going to be a trial and error so we want someone that is got the wealth of experience that we know can take Nigeria to really greater greater heights and I know come 2023, victory assured for his Excellency

Also Speaking Chief Hajia Fatimah Bello, Lagos state coordinator for Women for SWAGA, Lagos, said that,
” Asiwaju Bola Ahmed, we believe in him so much because he has so much passion for women and in that, the love he has for his mother, he is going to pass when he become the president of Nigeria so that’s why we are out canvassing for him for president.

Also Speaking at the event ,Olori Aderonke , a member of Lagos state Women for SWAGA, said that,

” The purpose of our gathering is to support our father, our mentor, the person that we believe can take Nigeria to the greener land. He has been tested and trusted, not just by talking, we have seen actions in all he has done in the past while he was the Lagos state governor and even after he did not sit hack, he is monitoring the affairs if Lagos state and Lagos state has now set a standard for other states to follow and all these are his footprint so he is somebody we trust so much and we believe he can do it, that is why we come together as a Southwest women in South west agenda for Tinubu . Again, we are group of women which we feel we can send more messages to other women to join us so that we can come out enmass  and vote for who we think can do it. Women have to be involved, we are not meant to be in the other room, we have come out this time and PVC is our voice.

” By 2023 by God’s grace BAT is the answer.

Also Speaking Honorable Adetoro Bayewu, simply Tori said, “The man Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, he’s a role model to a lot of us, he has really touched lives, he has made people. He is somebody we so much believe in and from this seating, I can tell that he has touched lives, different lives, one way or the other.


” He must have touched somebody that you know, that I know and then he’s somebody we have tested and trusted.


” With little or nothing during his tenure as Lagos state governor, he singlehandedly raised Lagos state IGR and then we all know what happened hat period while former president Obasanjo was trying to take Lagos state, he didn’t relent in his effort so somebody that can do that, if given the opportunity, I’m sure he’s going to do the bid of the Nigerians.

Also Speaking Adebimpe Banjo ,said,” We are all gathered here today to propagate aspirant, our father Bola Ahmed Tinubu and our message for 2023 is simple, we want women to he duly represented in the government of Nigeria.

” Time has come that women has to be in fore front, we no longer want to be on the background, we want our voices to be heard.

” Personally, I see him as a role model, he’s someone that I admire a lot, I can see he is diligent, he’s hardworking, he is God fearing and above all he has the heart of the masses at heart. She Concluded

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