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Nigerians are getting more narratives on the ugly Nigeria-Biafra war

This time, a blockbuster written by Chudy Otigba, has hit the books and and has magnetised book lovers with its suspenseful delivery.

About 50 years after Nigeria’s painful civil war, this new book has thrown new insights into the crisis, motedo when the author, who was a child then write his accounts by divine inspiration.

The new book, ‘I Remember: The Nigeria-Biafra War – Graphic Recollections of a Child’ left nothing to the imagination. It captured most of the low moments of the time, through the eyes of. child (the author), who was about six years old at the time of hostilities.

Indeed, Otigba deserves plaudits for his gripping recollections of the ugly episode. He believes that war should not be an option while resolving knotty issues, considering the brutality of that horrific chapter in the history of this country.

‘I Remember: The Nigeria-Biafra War – Graphic Recollections of a Child’ is Otigba’s maiden book but he has proved to be an engaging writer and has the gift of weaving words together like a skillful craftsman at his best.

The book is outstanding because it tells the story of the war through the recollections of a child, as children are major victims of the atrocious acts of adults. This marks the book out as a cautionary appeal to leaders, especially those in politics, who toy with the destinies of men in their quest for power and ceremonies to dominate.

Otigba is a widely travelled man and has also traversed the corporate world and ended up a successful businessman.

Nevertheless, he has now showcased another side of his persona through his passion for writing, hence the epic novel.

The author’s possesses an awesome ability to paint graphic details of his discourse and hold his readers spellbound with an unmitigated suspense that climaxes with great relish.

The book, ‘I Remember: The Nigerian-Biafran War – Graphic Recollections of a Child’ traces the cause of the avoidable bloodbath through the scorching and ruthless brutality between the federal forces and the breakaway Republic of Biafra; the savagery unleashed on the people, especially the Igbo and holds that war is evil personified.

Otigba narrates that it was as a result of this mass killing that the Igbo seceded because they felt that the safest step to take was to have their own country, Biafra.

However, sadly, against all expectations, the war brought more pain and worse sorrow to the people, resulting in the death of over three million of Igbo people apart from the harsh, punitive policies that are still prevalent and they are yet to recover fully from.

Otigba, though a child, experienced the raw atrocious bestiality of man. However, instead of being broken, he has been enthused to chronicle his experiences during the war.

Perhaps, there is no better time than now for this kind of book when angry youths, particularly, are agitating for one thing or another.

Otigba believes Nigeria is better off together even as he calls for more involved leadership, who are interested in the welfare of the people rather than their kleptomaniac and divisive inclinations.

Nevertheless, the author’s aim in writing this book is to convince his readers that there must always be alternative ways to resolve conflicts without needless bloodshed and that such savagery must never be allowed on the shores of this country again.

Currently in Ebook format, ‘I Remember: The Nigerian-Biafran War – Graphic Recollections of a Child’ is available and selling fast on Amazon and Sellar Books.

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