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All Primate Ayodele Prophesied About Nigeria’s Woeful Economy That Have Come To Pass

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All Primate Ayodele Prophesied About Nigeria’s Woeful Economy That Have Come To Pass


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The economic situation of Nigeria has continued to collapse since the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari began, especially his second term.

Since his second term administration that started in 2019, Nigeria has been experiencing tough times that have affected every sector of the country including economy, education, politics, governance, security and several others. Unfortunately, it keeps on getting worse by the day and this makes it difficult for many Nigerians to live comfortably.

Sadly, all that has been happening since President Buhari emerged for his second term in office were foretold by popular prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele as far back as 2018.

In an interview which he granted on Tribune newspapers in 2018 before the presidential election held, Primate Ayodele stated that president Buhari’s second term in office will be a total waste of time for the country. He mentioned that Nigeria will have a 40-year set back and that God is not with President Buhari to rule the country for a second term.

These were his words

“President Buhari’s declaration to contest for a second term in office is a waste of time. God is not with Buhari any longer to rule Nigeria. He should vacate the presidency. His followers may be telling him a lot of things, but Buhari’s second term in office will cause Nigeria another 40 years’ setback. I am not his enemy but I am talking as a prophet. They may take it or leave it. I have no apologies. Nigeria will collapse under him. They are deceiving him. In fact, the international community will fight against him. Buhari is just going to waste Nigeria’s resources if voted in again. The bloodshed will continue. (https://tribuneonlineng.com/buharis-second-term-will-cause-nigeria-40-years-setback-primate-ayodele/).

When Primate Ayodele made this statement, many who didn’t see beyond the present situation thought the man of God hated the president but little did they know that they were being warned against a future calamity. Unfortunately, the second term of President Buhari has taken Nigeria backward, there is nothing working in the country and all that Primate Ayodele said in 2018 have manifested already.

Again in a later interview still on Tribune Newspaper in 2021, Primate Ayodele revealed that more economic hardship will face Nigeria in 2022. These were his words ‘’ “Nigerians will face more hardship in 2022. There will be more austerity. Nigeria’s economy will continue to somersault’’ (https://tribuneonlineng.com/more-economic-hardship-awaits-nigerians-in-2022-primate-ayodele/).

As it stands, even the blind knows that the economic situation of Nigeria is nothing to write home about. Just as the man of God has said, the economy of Nigeria has continued to somersault.

Furthermore, in March 2022, Primate Ayodele was quoted on punch newspapers talking more precisely on the economic woes that will face Nigeria. Primate Ayodele noted that there will be an economy disaster that will make Nigerians revert back to the days of austerity measures. He revealed that diesel will sell for N800 and petrol will become scarce and will sell for N300/Litre at the end of the day. He also said the country will be in debt and in a financial mess that will make some state government unable to pay salaries.

These were his words

“An economic disaster is coming very soon, before the end of this year. It will be so grave that we will revert back to the days of austerity measures. Diesel will sell for as high as N800 to N1000 per litre. Petrol will become scarce and, at the end of the day, it will move up to N300 per litre. Things will become extremely difficult for Nigerians. The truth is that Nigeria’s reserve’’

“The country will be in such a big financial mess that some state governments will not be able to pay their workers. Governors and Honourables will be stoned and there will be several protests.Even the police will go on strike if care is not taken. Things will get so bad that they will not be able to pay those protecting us their stipends.’’ (https://punchng.com/economic-hardship-therell-be-protests-govs-will-be-stoned-primate-ayodele-prophesies/)

It is not even news that diesel now sells as high as N850/Ltr, there is still fuel scarcity and in some places, it sells between N250-N300/Ltr. The economic disaster in the country is so evident that Nigeria now borrows money to pay for debt. Things have become extremely difficult for Nigerians and it’s becoming unrealistic to feed well. The essential commodities like food have become unaffordable for the common Nigerian, all of these fulfil the prophecy of Primate Ayodele which he has been saying since 2018.

Again in March 2022, Primate Ayodele spoke again and called the government to immediately work on the economy of Nigeria as he foresees a dollar exchanging for N650 soon.

These were his words

“I see CBN rushing to print more money to salvage the economic situation of Nigeria, it will be very serious if the government doesn’t act now. The dollar cannot go back to 200 or N350 again, it will soon rise to N650.” (https://dailypost.ng/2022/03/07/dollarll-soon-rise-to-n650-primate-ayodele-warns-of-impending-economic-challenges/)

Just three months after this prophecy, the naira has crashed so much that it now exchanges for N710 as Primate Ayodele prophesied. It has never been this bad in Nigeria and it doesn’t look like this will subside anytime soon.

Of course, Prophetic warnings always come with prophetic solutions and this is why Primate Ayodele has never given the government a warning without telling them what to do to salvage the situation but do they listen? The answer is NO and that’s why Nigeria has become unbearable for the common man.

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