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Shameful act: how 12 year old boy was abused by wicked lawyer, aunt, Pastor

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Written By Dedeigbo Ayodeji

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Will Nigeria ever have an end to incessant cases of children suffering pure brutality and sadism with cruel humans who hide under the cover of ‘guardians’ for the bright, young future of our country? If beating using cane is child abuse, then what is using hot knife to pierce a child’s body? What can a child possibly do which will warrant you to tie another human like you, though younger, inside the house without ventilation? The intention must be murder, nothing more!

This is the case of child molestation reported in the Oko-Oba axis of Lagos last weekend.

According to report gathered by Town Crier News Nigeria gathered that the 12-year-old Gbolahan Hart was tied by his ‘aunty’ to the window of the first floor of their residence in Green Hill Estate, Oko-Oba, Lagos.

The Aunt who took guardianship of the boy from his family because they cannot afford his education said she meted out the treatment to correct the boy for stealing NGN 500 meant to purchase cooking gas.

But for sheer courage and strength of the boy who jumped down from the storey building, other residents of the estate would not have known what transpired.

They immediately alerted the Nigeria Police in Pen Cinema Police Station and some NGOs.

Mrs. Aina Odetayo; the alleged child molester


The aunt, Mrs. Aina Odetayo allegedly used hot knife on the boy, then tied the boy to the window at the first floor of that building.

Then, she locked him up without ventilation. Gbolahan Hart had to jump from the storey building to evade molestation from his aunt when he loosen the tied rope with his teeth, entered the ceiling and jumped down from the first floor of the building.

Instead of taking the boy to the hospital after much pressure by the neighbours and the NGOs, the aunt refused. Rather, he took the boy to a Redeemed Church close to the house to hide the boy. One of the church members, name unknown, attacked and slapped the President of the NGO simply because one of the Associate Pastors of the church is an Assistant Commissioner of Police serving at Ogun state, known simply as ACP Folashade.



Odetayo’s neighbors upon seeing the little boy jump and crying out for help, raised alarm and called on a Police Officer and some NGOs called Distinguished Ladies Initiative and The Projectors who quickly rushed down to the scene of the incident and thereafter arrested the woman.

When the case was reported at Pen Cinema Police Station, the DPO gave an immediate intervention and the boy was retrieved from the church.

At the Pen Cinema Police station in Agege, where she’s held, Mrs. Aina Odetayo, a legal practitioner (who claimed to be working with Muiz Banire Chambers) confessed to the crime but maintained she was pushed to the wall by the little boy’s stubborn and demonic behaviors.

She said that the mother of Gbolahan who is her sister knew about the behavior of the little boy.

She said his father could not condone his attitudes and could not even send him to school.

It was upon the sad news that she decided to take care of him and send him to school but that the boy’s stubborn attitude was beyond ordinary reasons she was pushed to the wall.



Mrs Odetayo said: ‘God sees me.

I acted out of my love for the boy.

I wanted him to have a better life but I accepted my mistakes that I crossed the line in punishing him.

I could not think of what to do again. I was pushed to the wall.

I’m really sorry for my actions but, I acted out of love.’

On his part, Gbolahan who noted that he was dying because of lack of ventilation told Town Crier News Nigeria , ‘I held the ropes with my teeth, cut the rope, removed the ones I could, climbed the ceiling and jumped down from the story building.’ The visibly shaken and unkempt Master Gbolahan, however, sustained a broken leg, broken teeth and a deep cut to his jaw.

the storey building where 12 years old Gbolahan Hart was tied to allegedly by Mrs Aina Odetayo.


Not satisfied with the attitude of the woman whom they claim is not sober and does not understand the gravity of the act, the NGOs have decided to press charges against her.

Her case has been moved to Lagos Zone 2 Police Command.

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