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Annual New Yam Festival :Dr. Okechukwu Emenyonu Oguzie,Wife and 5 Others Gets Chieftaincy Title

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Newly Awarded Chiefs in a Photo section withe HRH Uchechukwu Nwachukwu JP Eze

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Dedeigbo Ayodeji

His Royal Highness ,Eze (Dr) Christian Uchechukwu Nwachukwu JP ,Eze Ndigbo Lagos,was yesterday awarded Dr..Okechukwu Nwachukwu Emenyonu ,wife and five others Chieftaincy title ,during the Annual New Yam Festival celebration in his palace at 17/19 Nwachukwu Drive Okota,area of Oshodi-Isolo Local Government, a suburb of Lagos State Southwest Nigeria.

Dr Okechukwu Emenyonu Oguzie receiving his Chieftaincy Bead


The event was a colourful event with different types of varieties like Igbo’s Masquerades, Life Band Performed, Cultural group Dancer also displayed their talent with Atilogwu dance to entertained the guest.

Chief Mrs. Lolo Nonye Oguzie receiving her  Bead crown

The dignitaries at the event are Seriki of Agege,Eze John -Greg Okey Ezebuadi ,(Ezeani Ugwudike ,I chida,Ogboroagha) Chairman Association of Eze Ndigbo Lagos State Chapter, Eze Apostle P.C Uhuegbu (Odoziobodo)Ezeudo Ndigbo of Ikorodu Secretary Association of Eze Ndigbo Lagos State Chapter, Eze Sunny White Obiakor Ezeudo Ndigbo 2 of Ojo LGA ,Eze Chukwukadibia Umenwekwe ,

EzecMicheal Ezekwobi Ezeudo Ndigbo of Ifako-Ijaye ,Eze Augustine. S. Ojukwu Ndigbo ll of Amuwo Odofin LGA and others.

The Newly Awarded Chiefs with the HRH Eze Nwachukwu



His Royal Highness Eze (Dr) Christian Uchechukwu Nwachukwu JP, told the newsmen, that, ” It was with a hearth full of joy that we welcome you to the 2021 Igbo Annual Yam and Cultural Festival ,this is wonderful day .

Arrival of Seriki Agege


Dr. Okechukwu Emenyonu Oguzie ,which was awarded with the Chieftaincy title Ozo Igbo Ndu 1 of Lagos State.

HRH Nwachukwu JP Eze cutting the yam


Chief Dr. Okechukwu Emenyonu Oguzie ,is a Medical Doctor in one of the government hospitals.

The year 2021 ,has been very eventful for us and for our great country , Nigeria.

” In all of these events ,we must send our first appreciation to God almighty for keeping us alive.

We must appreciate him for granting us the opportunity to gather once again to celebrate and socialized after the height of the covid 19 pandemic of the previous year .

May his name be forever glorified in the name of Jesus.

” the Yam Crop distinguished Guests ,is regarded as the king of Crops in the traditional Igbo Society.

” Yam Represents ” Peace ,Unity ,Love and Harmony.

” Yam also Represents equity, Justice, Fair-Play ,good Governance, and Productivity.

” Our celebration of Yam every year is to constantly remind ourselves of these ethos without which the society can not march forward.

” Igbo Populations in Lagos is huge,Igbo’s are everywhere in Lagos State, we work very hard everyday ,with other Nigerians to contribute to the peace and to the progress and to the prosperity of the State .

” We are happy that the Government of Lagos State appreciates this and hold the Igbo Community in high regards.

” We are also proud that ,in reciprocity ,Igbos has dutifully avoided every act and behavior that will diminish this trust and confidence.


Lolo Nonye Oguzie,said that,

” I am here today firstly because Ndigbo is celebrating their New year Festivals and today my husband, Chief Dr. Okechukwu Emenyonu Oguzie  receives the title Likewise you lolo.

Cultural Group Dancers displaying Atilogwu Dance

” Firstly, am am igbo woman, so am part of them, I

love everything about us.

“Secondly, my husband got the chieftaincy title.

” I tell you because Ndigbo is eating new yam today.

” It is me and my husband that is getting the title together today.

” Today’s occasion is something in picture, very spectacular.
What advice do you have for the Igbos?
Well, the advice i have for the igbos is that we should always come together like this. We should always aspire to love one another on all that we do.

” We should imbibe unity because where there’s love and unity there’s always progress.

The Royal Highness,Eze (Dr)Christian Uchechukwu Nwachukwu (JP) Ochiagha of Obodoukwu,Eze Ndigbo Lagos State ,said,that,

” It’s a normal event, and i thank God for this wonderful day.

” We are expected to see mercy of God and progress because what we are doing is that we are preserving our culture and heritage.

” We pray our ancestors raise up and help us.

Mrs Onyekachi Isaac Okosun,said that,

” This is my first time of attending this new yam festival,and from what I have seen so far i dont think i will miss subsequent ones. Its really culturally endowed. This event has allowed me to meet my fellow Igbo people in this state. I see is a ceremony worth attending!

” What actually inspired me here today is that
I got an invitation from my cousin oge Chukwuma chigozie of ohia Imo State that she was going to be recognised with a chieftaincy title as ozo undunde, so i decided this is an occasion to witness and participate also. That is why I am here.

patience Akenite… Am chief anersinoko 1 of Amuwo odofin. We are the women cabinet of chief Odumodu of Amuwo. And then, we are here because, we have our stand at Alaba International for good health and today is iwuji of Ndigbo, in Nwachukwu’s place.

Iwuji is very important in igbo land. So that’s why all of us are here. We pray that everything will go well in Jesus name.

Chief Aselem Njoku, the chairman Ndigbo in Apc lagos state.

Yam is the king of all crops and in those days, any man in Igbo land, who does not have crop land of yam is not regarded as a man. Hence, there some situations that, there are numbers of tents of yam that you woll accumulate before you can become members of Ezeji.

This is because, yam is a very important in igbo land and we celebrate it. After harvesting, we celebrate the new yam before we can eat it.

Today, Eze Ndigbo, Eze Nwachukwu is celebrating the festival, showing that he has now open road for everybody to eat the new yam and be blessed.

This means that next year more yarn will grow and the harvest will become more and people will become less hungry.

Hunger will go because if you don’t celebrate it, it means we don’t appreciate the work of God. What God has done, keeping us alive and making us to have abundant harvest. So we pray that next year will be greater than what we harvest this year.

It’s been very very wonderful people from all walks of life
are here.

The government is represented.

People came from Abuja, oyo, osun, ogun everywhere to celebrate with us.

That shows thatEze Nwachukwu is a popular Eze in Lagos and we believe in him.

High chief Kingsley The Akeweje in lagos state
My name is chief Sunday Osai.

By the special grace of God, i am Contesting for that poster and i will win.

The Igbo knows that i have them in mind.

What are you bringing in bringing in love, unity and progress.

This is done every year and so we can call it a new year to show our appreciation to God Almighty and still preserve our cultural heritage.

Speaking with Dr. Okechukwu Nwachukwu Emenyonu ,said that ,” I will do more and more..
Is a very good one is more or less like and appreciation to the good work that has been done.

I never knew that people were behind and looking at me thereby watching the good work that has been committed into my hands.

I thank God for everything. To me, this phase, is more of a motivation to do more and i promise to do more.

I feel elated and extremely good…
How can you discribe today?
Hmmm, is a great one, seeing people around from different parts of the world, it really overwhelming, i am almost being emotional but i wouldn’t want to go that way.

Advice to other people.
Yes! Other people should endeavour to be truthful to themselves, whatever you do, you do it well. Dont do things to impress anybody just do it to the best of your ability! Somewhere along the line, you will be appreciated.

In fact I’m overwhelmed, and give God the grace for me to be part of this great event.

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