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By Dedeigbo Ayodeji

The world appeared to have moved to the home of one of the amiable and adorable gallant woman police officer , SUPOL Abe Tomide, as she marked her Golden jubilee in grand style , in an exclusive all white dress code party

Infact the exclusive but colorful ceremony witnessed the creme de la creme of the society, including some Nigerian  Security Stakeholders, famous Nollywood Actresses and Actors , Journalists, adherents  of the Muslim, Christian and traditional religions.

Tributes poured in like torrents , at her No.  2 Ayeni street, Akesan, igando, Lagos State residence, which was the venue of the occasion , as everyone extolled the virtues of the woman of substance.

As she takes the center stage,  every guests appreciated her stunning flowing white outfit,  reminiscent of a wedding ceremony,  that left all in great admiration. Her  gorgeous apparels it  was learnt, came from the  collections of a notable designer named Mrs Abigail Anuoluwapo Gbabigo of Krystal Clothing.

Indeed , the event was all full of emotions, fun, thrills and  paparazzi,  as one of the best adorable, kind hearted woman leader,  socialite and lovable lady of substance,  pulled crowd of dignitaries and bigwigs to her humble abode, in rare Thanksgiving to God Almighty that spared her life  in 2020.

The occasion was in tandem with the philosophical words of a great writer, late  Paul Anueyiagu , that  “It is more glorious to celebrate achievers while alife, so that they will  witness, than when they are dead.”

Little wonder friends, families and well wishers deemed it pertinent last weekend,  being precisely September 18th, 2021, to honor Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP Abe Tomide , the great ‘lioness’ as she is fondly called by her inner circle friends and admirers.

She was celebrated in a highly electrifying carnival of some sort, where many high ranking police officers, such as Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Taiwo Kasumu, Officer In charge of Zonal Intelligence Bureau, O/C ZIB,  Zone 2 Police Command,Chief Superintendent Of Police, CSP  Vera Ameh Akpa   , Divisional Police Officer,  Anthony Police Division, DPO Patricia Ikponmwosa  Amadin , O/C Gender,  Area ‘M’ Command,  ASP Grace Harrison, amongst others thronged to the venue in a show of solid amity.

Top on the list of other front line friends, bigwigs,  guests and Organizations that graced the occasion to celebrate the amiable SUPOL Abe , were popular Nollywood Actress,  Anne Njemanze, His Highness, Honourable Henry Olawoyin Gbabijo , the Adele Oba of Ayede Ikale kingdom, Chief Famuyantan Yusuf A.K A BADA, Comedian Igwe kenneth chinedu A.K.A Akpors MOG, Pastor Olorunfemi,  Pastor   Savage,  Mr. Tony Obot, Olori Adefunke Gbabijo, Officer Abdullahi  Rashidat, Publisher of News Planet International Newspaper,  Mr. Emmanuel Edom  and others.

The All White Dress Code adorned and adhered by guests,  created a pious and heavenly atmosphere at  the event that commenced by 12 noon with an opening prayer by Pastor Tolu Olorunfemi of the Redeem Church.

One remarkable thing behind this party , is that it was  majorly sponsored by her 25 years old First Son and HND 1,  Computer Engineering Student of Lagos State Polytechnic, Mr. Oluwatimileyin , who  the  Ever smiling, Charming,  Elegant and beautiful SUPOL Abe, described as ” My backbone.”

Abe who is a descendant of Gbabijo Lineage in Ayede Ikale of Ondo State ,  cheated death in 2020, after surviving a strange ailment that almost stopped  her from attaining her golden jubilee year.

With her remarkable quality of  resilience, determination and boldness,  she weathered all storms of life and surmounted trials,  to become a successful mother and envy of her  compatriots.

Truly,  her life story of success from grass to grace, has been a turning point and reason her friends gets endeared and magnetized to her, which was evident at the event.

She was said to have followed her heart when she got married 30 years ago to her heart thromb, also a police officer, Mr. Akinwale Abe , a Deputy Superintendent of Police DSP, and Personal Assistant to the  Commandant, Police College,  ikeja, Commissioner of Police, CP  Adekunle Asafa Rafiu  .

Blessed with both Male and female children, Viz : Oluwaseun , Oluwatimileyin, Oluwafumilayo and  Oluwagbemileke . she has a life style that is rooted in Christianity,  as she  constantly insisted that her life and family depended on God in all their activities.

Her Neighbors adjudged her as a down to earth woman, who would not contribute to anything that will cause problems and she also gladly participated in their neighborhood activities, while many other people testified of her advisory capabilities once contacted.

Speaking while welcoming her guests,  SUPOL Abe who was full of excitement, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to God while kneeling down at the green carpet spot. She also expressed her candid appreciation to her guests.

In her words : “I give God Almighty who said that I will be alive today all the  glory.I thank my husband, families, friends and well wishers, who stood by me during my illness and the difficult times,  especially my Son, Oluwatimileyin, who is my backbone. ”

Earlier the Celebrants Elder brother and High Chief representing  Ondo Monarch of Ikale Community,  Honourable Henry Gbabijo,   stated  thus  : “I came all the way from Ondo State for this my younger sister’s golden jubilee celebration.

I glorify God for sparing her life .She is precious to me and special to the entire family, being a financial backbone to the family ,very supportive, hence we  rallied round to celebrate her and pray that she sees her 70th birthday”.

Appreciating his wife on her golden jubilee celebration,  SUPOL Abe’s husband,  DSP Akinwale praised his wife’s supportive role and care for his family.

“I  thank God for giving me a woman who tolerates my excesses, a  financial piller, a good support and caring mother. I thank God for keeping her alife to see today, May she celebrate her 78 birthday in good health. I also sincerely appreciate all who honored my wife today on her golden jubilee Thanksgiving. It is not easy, with your tight schedules to spare such time. I can’t appreciate you people enough”, Akinwale stated .

For Oluwatimileyin, in his own words,  appreciated his mother and gave  God  glory ” If not for God’s intervention,  this event will not be  possible. My mother is always there for me hence I  decided to sponsor the event even when she was reluctant to celebrate her golden jubilee ”

Her 27 years old first daughter, Oluwaseun, an International Relations graduate of Odegbe International University,  Republic of Benin  and a certified Caterer,  was full of praises for her mother who she said ” Iam fond of my mum and we are very close ”

Collaborating her family position, Celebrants Younger Sister ,Pastor (mrs) Olabisi Olorunfemi   said ” Today is a special day for me because iam attached to my sister and the whole 9 children of our late parents are United. We thank God that God revived her to life after hospital rejected her ”

Most of the guests who thronged the occasion, did not only celebrate SUPOL Abe, but they joined the rest of the family members to dance and exhibit exotic dance steps.

For instance, Chief Alloy and Lolo Patsy Ezugwu,  who are immediate Neighbors to the  Celebrant, praised her  and husband .” she is lovely,  friendly, always  willing to help , taking your problems as hers. They  are good neighbors and hardly behave like police officers ”

In an interview with our Correspondent,  hard working and Gallant O/C ZIB , CSP Vera Ameh  Akpa,who is SUPOL Abe’s immediate Boss  stated thus:  ” its important that this event is given a limelight because last year was turbulent for her and family ,we never knew she will see today, We thank God for her revival. she has been working with me for over six years .she is open  minded,  examplary officer, dedicated and hardworking and that is why iam here today with my entire family ”

Abe’s Colleagues represented by SUPOL Grace Harrison , Thanked God for her life and prayed God to continue to keep her healthy.”Iam overwhelmed”,she  said.

However, about 7. 40 pm,  DPO Patricia Ikponmwosa Amadin  of Anthony Police Division, caused a stir, as she stormed the venue with her entourage, exhibiting her latest dance styles to the admiration of other guests.

She was joined by other celebrities , such as CSP Vera Akpa, Supol Grace Harrison,  Nollywood Actresses , Actors led by Anne Njemanze, PA to O/C ZIB, Officer Abdullahi Rashidat and  the excited celebrant, to an electrifying,  scintillating dance session.

Indeed,  it was a big bash,  food and drinks of various descriptions were not in short supply , as the ever smiling celebrant ensured that every guest had enough to eat and drink, while some had take away food packages .

Infact, unexpected of a day party, Many  Guests were seen relaxed as at 10 pm, without any sign or  willingness to go home or better put,  they were not in hurry to disperse.

Thanks to the lovely and enjoyable  music vibes from the  DJ and hilarious comedies ,  dance steps of the MC, Akpors

His Highness Henry Gbabijo of Ayede Ikale .
I’m here all the way for the birthday of Supol Abe.
She is my sister, we are from the same mother , she is my younger sister, I gave God the glory for spearing her life till this moment, that she is celebrating her golden jubilee 50 years anniversary and there are lots to celebrate.

There is a very big reason to thank almighty God.
Supol Abe is a very special child to the family, especially to myself she is so special precious to me.
She has been a financial vacuum to the family.

She had been very supportive as she is celebrating her Golden Jubilee today their ia a need for all of us to rally round and celebrate her.

I wish her happy birthday, a prosperous day and many more years to come, she leave her grand children, her children children to meet her.

We will all wish her till she celebrates 70th birthday we will all be there
Both parents are no more but I’m representing her father today.

I’m giving the blessing on behalf of the whole family and a Royal blessing, so that scan perform much better from what she had performed today.

I have been acting as the Kabiyesi for a long period of time, I have been representing kabiyesi since September, 17 2017.

Now I’m the traditional prime minister, I was elected since 2017 september 2017 which I have been ruling that kingdom.

DSP Akinwale Abe Husband of the celebrant of today Mrs. Olatmide Afolake Akinwale Abe
I am the Deputy Superintendent of police BAAKAIPTCUNN4.

I’m the personal assistant to the Commandant Police College Ikeja.

I’m the personal Assistant to the commissioner of police in charge of police college (Commandant) CP Adeunle Asafa Rafiu FLC Dagger.

We are expecting him to celebrate with us by the grace of God almighty.

I feel very happy because I’m excited and overwhelmed, because my best friend, my wife, my sweetheart, my supporter, mother of my children, my mother because I no longer have a mother, she is celebrating her 50th years today, though it has been easy, but we thank God for everything she had been so supportive, friendly, nice, accommodating of my excesses as a man, we men we have our ego, but she had been able to tolerate me, she had been able to accommodate me, that is why I’m very happy today.

We have gone through a lot of challenges in life but together we have been able to scale through that is why I’m happy celebrating today.

My prayer for her is to ask God almighty to grant her long life so that we both enjoy what we have labored for we must when we were very young, bringing these children up had been highly challenging, I pray long life for her, so that by the time our children will start producing children we will not be found wanting so that is why I pray long life for her by the special grace of God, Good health more money in her account.


I also prayed that God should grant her all the goodies.

The marriage is 30 years old by April, 2021.

Some years back I fell sick seriously sick to the point f death and she stood by me, she never said If he want to die let him die.

This is a sickness that had almost claimed my life to the extent that if I should walk a pole, I will have to sit down and rest and she is always by my side she never leaves me to walk alone, she stood firmly by me during that period of sickness.


When I get up to continue my movement she will hold me, because I was shivering, I wasn’t will enough stamina to move this is memorable day which can never be forgettable in my life.

For her been my side is highly memorable for me.
In this relationship we are blessed with children because in Yoruba land we don’t count
We have male and female children, we are blessed.

There is nothing ugly about it, what others will see as ugly to me is a propelling force, to me is ugly because for a pole to supply light you must have positive and negative.

Those things others considered as ugly to me it is negative and if for a purpose and it works together for the positive aspect of it to me there is no ugly moment.

My eldest child is over 27 years
She is a graduate, She graduated two years 1go.
She studied international relation and she is also a certified caterer.

She graduated at Odegbe international university in the republic of Benin , cotonou.
No bad moment for me.

My people are here but not all of them, that to tell you that my in-laws are so wonderful, kind and articulate, they are so good because some of them had been here for the past two days planning ahead of us.

They are always like that, without people outside my in-laws are enough to celebrate together with me, so I thank God for that because they are every ready.

Celebrate – I feel happy , I’m so happy I gave God the glory, I thank God for everything as I told you earlier, I’m so young I’m 50 years today , I’m above 35 years old in their service.

I’m a member of Nigeria Police force, I have husband, I have my office people, I have my neighbors, I have siblings, my estate people and my well wishers are also here to celebrate with me as I’m celebrating my golden jubilee today.

I’m grateful particularly because last year I have lost hope because I don’t think I will be alive today to celebrate the golden jubilee. It is not that I have the money to spend because God gave me another chance to leave, because by this time last year people thought I was already dead, to the extent of people asking my husband what is wrong with your wife but when they see my son, they will ask what is actually wrong with your mother.

I thank the almighty God for giving me the second chance to leave.

I want everybody to join me praising God as God spared my life.

I thought I will not be able to celebrate the 50th birthday but God said you will not die, you will leave to celebrate the 50th Birthday in the presents of my family, my husband, my in-laws, siblings friend, well wishers, I thank everybody that are present in my occasions today.

I thank my son Timileyin, another son of my, I have 2 Boys two Girls why won’t I glorified God, I have my husband behind me.

My husband is the type of a man a woman should be proud to marry as I’m happy in the marriage
Akinwale Oluwatimileyin November I will be 25 years.

A student of lagos state polytechnic Ikoro du Campus.

I studied computer engineering HND I
Well we give God all the glory because if not God this event cannot happen, because my mum is always there for me, my friends are also there for me anytime any day.

I don’t need to contact anybody
3 years ago we celebrated by Dad’s golden jubilee, because the way things was then was different from the way things are now.

I gave God the glory that with the prayers and everything we scale through
My mum never wanted to celebrate the birthday, but I told her I will celebrate it for her and I made it, so I’m celebrating my mum.

Pastor Mrs. Olabisi Olorunfemi I’m the immediate sister eldest sister.

Today been a special day is very very great, because I’m overwhealmed because I feel I’m ontop of the world because of my relationship with her is a special one because we were very close is a unique one, one I’m very happy to be alive today and for her also to be alive.

We are about 9 of us from the same mother celebrating with my sister today.

We are from the same mother
Right from onset we are united.

United in such a way that we cannot separate
As you see us we do family meeting every month
We are from the same mother, we were together in everything even the one that is in United kingdom, that is not in Nigeria we all hold meeting together, likewise the one that followed her directly not also in Nigeria, she is the second to the last while that is the last born.

I want to thank God for making it a reality because by this time last year we almost lost hope on her, she is almost gone.

This sickness just came from on where
She couldn’t talk, she couldn’t walk we thank God for her life today she survived the sickness, because I particularly was in the hospital where she was admitted and later rejected.

With God on our side enough prayers God revive her back to life.

It is not just to come and sit and eat to come and celebrate with her because people did not gathered together to bury her.

It is a thing of joy that is why we gathered together to celebrate her.

Supol Grace – she is my colleague in the office
I feel overwhelmed she is a friend to the core
She is a mother indeed.
Whenever you called her she is always be there for you.

I’m so happy been her clocking 50 years today and I pray may the good Lord continued to wax her strong in the mighty name of Jesus .

O/C ZIB ACP VERA It is very important for her to have gave this event a lime light because last year it was a troublence for her and her family even though for all of us especially we police officers then specifically she has her personal challenges.

we never knew she will see today, we really thank God, for God to have revived her, beyond today
She is working with me .

She had been working with me for over six years
She is a very open person, dedicated, honest and hardworking, that is why I’m here together with my entire family she is a very very exemplary police officer very very dedicated to her job and that is why I’m associated with her.

The event is so beautiful their is nothing so glorious as all of us are done in all white just to thank God on her behalf .

Ozor Chinechendu my neighbor Good neighbor and a very good friend and family celebrating today her 50th birthday to also welcome her unto our Club of over 50s so that’s why I’m here.

She had been so friendly lovely, always willing to help, she take your problem as hers,
Similarly her husband too is very good person, in fact is a very good neighbor.

The very first day they meet you they have started associating themselves with you .

Whenever you call them for a meeting that will bring development to the community they are always there
I’m very happy at least to celebrate with them
It is a privilege too to celebrate a couple that are both 50s.

I want to draw the inspiration that kept been together for all this years to attain the golden age.
Very good, I’m not surprised to have the group o policemen here today, also good neighbors that all come to be part of history of today occasion .

It was a very good event and it was well organized
The white cloth symbolize spirit, love, peace, spotless
It show whoever is coming here is coming with good intentions .

These are the police family who like to take the family as their own .

These are the people that are like to be identified with the community.

If you take a case for resolution they take the case as their own and they settled it and whoever you are as long as you are in this community you must encountered them, to have witness in one way or the other.


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They behave like civilian they are down to earth
Because the way they behave we have abducted them
Chief Akinwale is now an Nchie in the community while the wife is the Lohloh despite that they are Yoruba.

Giving them that title show they are good neighbours.

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