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It will take God’s grace for a northerner to hand over power to a southerner in 2023 Says Primate Ayodele

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By Dedeigbo Ayodeji, Onwuemene Judith,and Onafowokan Funmi

Popular seer, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church headquarters in Lagos, during an exclusive interview by Dedeigbo Ayodeji, Onwuemene Judith,Onafowokan Funmi speaks of what the world and Nigeria should expect in the years to come.


In the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 editions of your book ‘Warning to the Nations: Collection of Divine Signals’, you warned that the Nigerian military must be watchful of terrorists’ attacks on their bases.

How did you feel when the NDA was attacked?


The attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy was an embarrassment on security.


Do you know that I once called one of the most senior army officers to discuss the mind of God on the security of the nation? I will not mention the name of this army chief.


He is one of the serving military chiefs.

I told him that I wanted to inform of the prophecies of things to expect.


I spoke with him over the phone.


But do you know his response? He told me that he would call me soon to discuss with me.


But till today, he is yet to call me. I am not against Buhari’s government.


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I pray for Buhari’s government to succeed.


But those who surround this administration are hell-bent on destroying this government. There are terrorists in this government.

The government must identify these people and push them out.

Without this government identifying these people, there will be total collapse of the government.

The service chiefs are belittling God.

They cannot use their technology to win the war against terrorism.


Our leaders have refused to recognise God.

Mind you, a bigger terrorist organisation is coming. Boko Haram will go; a bigger one is coming.

The United States of America will be attacked by terrorists; Israel will also be attacked.

The United Kingdom will be attacked.

Iraq, Iran, Libya and Afghanistan will witness a coalition of terrorist organisations that will fight the United States of America.

These attacks will be very serious. It will be worse than 9/11.

In Nigeria, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders’ Association (MACBAN), kidnappers and herdsmen should no longer be tagged bandits.

The Federal Government should declare them as terrorists immediately.

The government is not doing enough in addressing the situation.

And if care is not taken, it will go out of hand. We need God’s divine intervention.

Our leaders have tried many means but they have failed.

What is left which they have not tried is prayers and dependence on God.

The Nigerian government can win the war against terrorism; all that is needed is for the right thing to be done, including prayers.

When we speak privately to those in authority and power, they refuse to listen.

But when we go to the media and raise alarm, then they begin to condemn both the message and the messenger.

More places will be attacked in the North.

The Southern Kaduna issue is not yet over.


We are going to be battling with the problem of insecurity till the election period in 2023.

If care is not taken, elections in 2023 as arranged by INEC may be postponed.

Are the service chiefs committed; are they loyal? I don’t think so.

I believe that the Department of State Security (DSS) must have
had prior knowledge of the NDA attack.

There is supremacy battle among the security agencies in Nigeria.

The DSS is very formidable. As prophets, we have assisted a lot of DSS operations in this country.

We have given them a lot of information.

The DSS is well informed and should be listened to by the government.

Plateau State has been in the spotlight for bloody reasons: killings.

Earlier this year, you warned during the public presentation of the 2021/2022 edition of ‘Warnings to the Nations…’ that Plateau will come under heavy attacks.

What really happened?

I warned about that bloodshed in Plateau.

But they refused to listen; perhaps they felt I was looking for money.

What money: is it to build a house, buy a car, or feed my children? God has blessed me.

I sponsor the printing and publication of this book every year.

After this, I send it both within and outside Nigeria to those in authority and to those who should be concerned.

I have done my bit, whether you take it or not is none of my business.

This government does not want to listen to the truth. They hate people who say the truth.

Whoever fights the truth never succeeds.

Those who surround the president are deceiving him.

Mark my words: there will be scarcity of petroleum.

Let’s pray against pipeline explosion.

We should pray that no aircraft will be bombed by any of these bandits.

The government should be ready to use mercenaries. Our country needs prayers to survive and succeed. Our unity needs prayers.

Let me warn that high caliber individuals will be kidnapped. If care is not taken, commissioners, ministers will be kidnapped.

These kidnappers will break into their homes. I tag these bandits as Talibans.

Earlier this year, you warned President Joe Biden of the USA to be careful in decision making. Did you see the Afghanistan saga?

Joe Biden will still make decisions that will discredit his government.

The powerful countries in the world will fight against the US soon.


Biden should change his strategies if he doesn’t want to weaken the efforts of the US in the fight against terrorism.



Only when the US plans strategically will it be able to avert the terror attack that is coming on it.

I fear no one.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been enmeshed in a crisis involving the party chairman, Uche Secondus.

You warned earlier this year in your book: “only free and fair election will make PDP realise their expectations as the party will source for new party chairman.” Is there any hope of resolving the crisis?

I said a long time ago in that book that Secondus would be out. If at all he takes any injunction, he is out of the way.

There is no court process that will bring Secondus back.

Governor Wike should take things easy because all his moves to be relevant in the politics of Nigeria should not be counterproductive for him.

He should be careful not to shoot himself in the foot.

He should not walk against the will of God which may boomerang. PDP can only be recognised through unity because a bigger decampee will emerge.

More people will leave the party f care is not taken.

Anambra, Ekiti, Osun will be having elections. Any call for caution on the part of the politicians?

In the Anambra election coming soon, PDP is out of it.

The aspirants surrounding the governor there will not perform.

PDP will not be reckoned with in that election.

Also, nobody wants to vote for the APC. APC will only get relevance by rigging.

APC is responsible for most of the problems in Anambra.

The APC is using court proceedings to cause problems in APGA and PDP.

The PDP candidate cannot fight this cause; the people surrounding him are sycophants.

They will sell him out. APGA should put their house together.

If the APC gets to the government house, no court will be able to remove them. APC government will not work well in Anambra.


I am not against the man.


I have no candidate. YPP should strategise; that party has traits of victory; it should take drastic steps.

Those who have decamped should form coalition. It will be an edge.


It will be a tough election in Anambra. APC can only win through rigging; it is ready to rig and engage in misconducts; it is the most desperate party.


The election will be very rough.


In Ekiti, Abiodun Olujimi will work out some miracles in Ekiti PDP.


That person, if given the chance, will spring surprises.


Oni will not be allowed unless he goes to Olujimi.



Olujimi cannot be governor but will occupy a major leadership slot in Ekiti. Fayemi must consult properly and bring out a popular candidate.


The popular candidate will bring victory to APC but will break APC.

In Osun, let there be peace between Aregbesola and Oyetola. If APC wants to win, Aregbesola’s faction is very important.

Sanwoolu’s second term is under threat. He should be careful. If Jonathan decides to contest for a second term in office, he will be messed up.


God has already honored him; he must not allow anyone to use him for selfish goals.


He must not contest even if Buhari wants him to. It will take God’s grace for a northerner to hand over to a southerner.


There will be chaos, killings ahead 2023. Nigeria’s problem is from the North, yet a northerner will be used to resolve it.

The Malami factor will come up in Nigeria. Nobody should underrate Malami (AGF).


The EFCC chairman will do a lot but he will be rubbished out of office. He must watch his back.

Let’s pray against the death of a prominent politician; let’s pray against the death of general, senior police officer.


Not all senators and House of Reps members will finish their terms. Lawan and Gbajabiamila will face challenges.

Those visiting Tinubu are deceiving him. Tinubu’s political boys will be his undoing.


A new leadership will take over Lagos State.


If Nigeria does not break up, there will be restructuring.


Buhari’s government cannot realise restructuring and his government cannot break Nigeria.


But something of such will happen between 2035 and 2040. There is danger ahead.


Atiku should forget about the presidency.


Should we expect any improvement on the economy?

Nigeria cannot survive at this moment except on borrowing. We will borrow more.



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