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2024 New Year Message: Showunmi prays for Nigerians, Frown at Jos Killings

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2024 New Year Message: Showunmi prays for Nigerians, Frown at Jos Killings














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Thank you the owner of everything. Thank you sovereign over nations. Thank you for the spirit of the 4th man in the fire. Thank you the One who speaks and it is done.

The peace of a nation is the peace for everyone within and around the nation.
Come through for Nigeria and cause us your people to see the manifestation of the prayers of the saints.

I pray for the territorial commanders of this nation that there will be an alignment of visions, plans and actions to bring about speedy recovery on all sides for this blessed nation.

To President Bola Ahmed Tinubu it is time to bring the structural issues of the country to the front burner, no nation can keep having unknown organized killings of large numbers in villages and communities the type we have been experiencing in the Middlebelt of Nigeria without considering what must be structurally done to find a lasting solution.

We have circled this mountain for too long, enough is enough.

On the economy, money has only been stolen and hoarded, if you squeeze them they will return what belongs to the country, you need to understand that the poor cannot keep carrying the burden of abuse of office cum abuse of privileges from years past.

Mr President this nation requires comprehensive and deliberate reimagining and reorientation. It cannot be the dream of our founding fathers nor the hope of the future to have a country where no one is good enough to serve us.

I encourage you to pay attention to the police force, once we have a fit-for-purpose, well-funded and motivated police force we will begin to deal with criminality which simply put is at the heart of most of our challenges.

Greatest of the greatest Nigerians you are the forever heroes of our nation. Do not give us on our country. Tomorrow promises to be better if we work very hard at nationhood. I pray the elements favour us all as Nigerians.

Happy New Year to us all. Nigeria Arise for your glory is come.


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